I Just Told Ya! / ¡Acabo de Decirte!

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Another weekly conversation with The Kid Brother. Another comedy routine. This week, he actually answered the phone. Last week I phoned about six times and his roommate Chris told me each time, “He just stepped out.” Chris is his secretary (as I am San Geraldo’s). This week, we started by talking about the weather (it was “nice but a little cold” in Brooklyn) and quickly moved onto his bowling scores.

“I’ve got two weeks of bowling scores to get from you, Chuck,” I said.
“117 and 145,” he said.
“Is that for last time?” I asked.
“Wow. Those are great scores! What about Saturday the 9th?”
“I just told ya, knucklehead!”
“Oh, I thought those were for the 16th. Sorry. OK, so 117 and 145 on the 9th.”
“That’s what I said!”
“OK, and what were your scores for the 16th, Chuck?”
“The 16th. Three days ago.”
“What are you talkin’ about?!?”
“The 16th. You just gave me the 9th, the week before.”
“I know.”
“Is this an Abbott and Costello routine?” I asked.
“Who’s on first?” he began.
“I don’t know.”
In unison: “Third base!”
“So, Chuck, do you have scores for the 16th?”
“Oh, wait; was that a holiday? Presidents’ Day?”
“Something like that… And I don’t give a darn!” he was back in the Abbott and Costello routine.
“What was that?” I asked on cue.
He repeated, “I said ‘I don’t give a darn!’”
“Oh, that’s our shortstop!”


Otra conversación semanal con The Kid Brother. Otra rutina de comedia. Esta semana, él realmente contestó el teléfono. La semana pasada, telefoneé unas seis veces y su compañero de habitación Chris me dijo cada vez: “Él se retiró”. Chris es su secretaria (como yo soy de San Geraldo). Esta semana, comenzamos hablando sobre el clima (fue “agradable pero un poco frío” en Brooklyn) y rápidamente pasamos a sus resultados de bolos.

“Tengo dos semanas de resultados de bolos para obtener de ti, Chuck”, le dije.
“117 y 145,” dijo
“¿Eso es la última vez?”, pregunté.
“Wow. ¡Esas son grandes resultados! ¿Qué pasa con sábado el 9? ”
“¡Te acabo de decir, nudillo!”
“Oh, pensé que eran para el día 16. Lo siento. De acuerdo, 117 y 145 para el 9”.
“¡Eso es lo que dije!”
“Está bien, ¿y cuáles fueron tus resultados para el 16, Chuck?”
“El día 16.”
“El 16. Hace tres días.”
“De qué estás hablando?!?”
“El 16. Me acabas de dar el 9, la semana anterior.”
“¡Lo sé!”
“¿Es esta una rutina de Abbott y Costello?” yo pregunté.
“¿Quién está en la primera?” el empezó.
“No lo sé.”
Al unísono: “¡Tercera base!”
“Entonces, Chuck, ¿tienes resultados para el 16?”
“Oh, espera, ¿fue un día de fiesta? ¿El día de los presidentes?”
“Algo así … ¡Y a mí me importa un bledo!” estaba de vuelta en la rutina de Abbott y Costello.
“¿Qué fue eso?” pregunté en el momento justo.
“Dije, ‘Y a mí me importa un bledo!’” respondió.
“¡Oh, ese es nuestro campocorto!”

IN 2010, OUR friend Judy, an avid Seattle Mariner’s (baseball) fan was in Southern California with her sister Joan to see a game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a stadium just 10 minutes from where we lived. The Kid Brother (a baseball fanatic) was visiting at the time, so we went to the game together. Judy brought an official major league baseball for the Kid Brother and took us into the stands above the dugout (only a privileged few were permitted to be there; all I had to say was “We’re with Judy”). Judy greeted every player, manager, and coach from the Seattle Mariners, introduced them to her “friend Chuck,” and every single one (except for Ichiro Suzuki who didn’t even nod his head in our direction) signed the ball for him. One of the happiest days in The Kid Brother’s life. He cherishes that ball and shows it to me every time I visit.

EN 2010, NUESTRA amiga Judy supo que un fanático ávido de los Mariners de Seattle (béisbol) estaba en el sur de California con su hermana Joan para ver un partido contra los Ángeles de Los Ángeles de Anaheim, un estadio a solo 10 minutos de donde vivíamos. El Kid Brother (un fanático del béisbol) estaba visitando en ese momento, así que fuimos al juego juntos. Judy trajo un béisbol oficial de Grandes Ligas para el Kid Brother y nos llevó a las gradas sobre el dugout (solo unos pocos privilegiados tenían permiso para estar allí; todo lo que tenía que decir era “Estamos con Judy”). Judy saludó a todos los jugadores, gerentes, y entrenadores de los Mariners de Seattle, les presentó a su “amigo Chuck” y a cada uno (excepto a Ichiro Suzuki, que ni siquiera asintió con la cabeza en nuestra dirección) firmó la bola por él. Uno de los días más felices de la vida de El Hermanito. Él aprecia esa bola y me la muestra cada vez que la visito.

Abbot y Costello con subtítulos en español!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

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  1. Your Kid brother is too funny. I have to say I am impressed with your blog writing in 2 languages. I suppose I could do that French English but it would get too long.

  2. What a bond you two bros have!! Makes me smile every time.
    I LOVE major league baseball! We used to go to Boston to catch games back in the day. The Red Sox are my favourite team. (Halifax and Boston have an historical bond)
    No wonder Chuck brings up that special day in Seattle……
    Have a good trip, Mitch.

  3. What a wonderful baseball day for your brother! I’m not surprised he cherishes that autographed baseball!

  4. I’m a Braves fan, but I did think it was neat that the Mariners were owned by Nintendo from the early 90’s until 2016, though they have about a 10% stake now.

  5. Used to have season tickets to the Angels before that crazy guy bought them and made that stupid name change. Saw them when they lost and then won The World Series.
    Good Times.

    You and your brother are a hoot !

    cheers, parsnip

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