A Royal Duck / Un Pato Real

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SAN GERALDO COOKED up a pot of chili Saturday afternoon and we took it to Pedro and Kathleen’s for dinner. He offered to make baked apples, but Kathleen said they’d take care of dessert. We arrived to find that Luke had gotten new birthday balloons and he kept telling me about surprises. If you want to keep a secret, don’t tell a 3-year-old. Of course, being a perpetual 3-year-old himself, San Geraldo never caught on.

After the chili dinner, Kathleen and Luke brought out a pan of brownies lit up with birthday candles. Luke was beside himself with glee. And then came the gifts. Four individually wrapped packages and each containing an IKEA dish towel — to match San Geraldo’s high-fashion IKEA dish-towel scarves, turbans, fly swatters, and sweat rags. But these were custom-printed with some of San Geraldo’s favorite expressions. So, now he will be truly chic.

EL SÁBADO POR la tarde, San Geraldo cocinó una olla de chili y nos la llevamos a Pedro y Kathleen para cenar. Se ofreció a hacer manzanas al horno, pero Kathleen dijo que se harían cargo del postre. Llegamos para descubrir que Luke había recibido nuevos globos de cumpleaños y él seguía contándome sorpresas. Si quiere guardar un secreto, no se lo cuente a un niño de 3 años. Afortunadamente, siendo un niño perpetuo de 3 años, San Geraldo nunca se dio cuenta.

Después de la cena de chili, Kathleen y Luke sacaron brownies encendida con velas de cumpleaños. Luke estaba fuera de sí con alegría. Y luego vinieron los regalos. Cuatro paquetes envueltos individualmente y cada uno con un paño de cocina IKEA — para combinar con los bufandas, los turbantes, los matamoscas, y las toallas de sudor — todo de alta costura (y todos panõs de cocina de IKEA) de San Geraldo. Pero estos fueron impresos a medida con algunas de las expresiones favoritas de San Geraldo. Entonces, ahora será verdaderamente chic.

Joda a un pato real.

¡Ay de mí!

Luke thought this was hilarious, although he had no clue what it meant. With SG’s usual pronunciation, it should be spelled “MOAN DO.”
Luke pensó que esto era hilaro aunque no había clave lo que significa. Con la pronunciación de SG, debería entregarse “MON DU.”

The video will explain the top image. A song that SG and I love to sing. RA DA DA DA DA.
El video explicará la imagen superior. Una canción que SG y yo amamos cantar. RA DA DA DA DA.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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18 thoughts on “A Royal Duck / Un Pato Real”

  1. What thoughtful, perfect gifts! I’ve often heard the expression “fuck a duck” but “fuck a ROYAL duck”? That’s an upgrade! And I adore Manhattan Transfer’s “Chanson d’Amour” too — one of my all-time faves!

  2. gracias for the explanation of the first towel saying. the rest are funny. bet luke had as much fun as SG at the party. when is kathleen due with #2?

  3. Oh, moan do! I read that one towel as Wide is Me 🙂 I was coming to SG’s defense until I reread it. Woe is my eyesight!

    1. I’m terrible when it comes to pronouncing foreign words and phrases. Next to me, San Geraldo would sound like a UN interpreter.

      I like that Manhattan Transfer song, too.

  4. Nothing as wonderful as a child’s joy.
    Luke must have been ‘in heaven’!
    Great gifts too!
    Who doesn’t LOVE Manhattan Transfer…….

  5. Awwww, ain’t love grand! I can just picture you and San Geraldo busting out with this song 🙂

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