Yeah, Baby, She’s Got It / Sí, Bebé, Ella Lo Tiene

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

THE FIRST PHOTO below was taken in early May of 2013, less than three months after our arrival in Fuengirola. She was the subject of my first Fuengirola Fashion blog post (click here). Little did I know how much more was to come. I was told at the time that she was from Finland. I don’t think she lives here year-round, but I have seen her again over the years. Well, I’m pleased to report she’s back again. And she’s still got it.


LA PRIMERA FOTO a continuación fue tomada a principios de mayo de 2013, menos de tres meses después de nuestra llegada aquí a Fuengirola. Ella fue el tema de mi primera entrada sobre la Moda Fuengirola (haz clic aquí). Poco sabía cuánto más vendría. En ese momento me dijeron que era de Finlandia. No creo que viva aquí todo el año, pero la he vuelto a ver a lo largo de los años. Bueno, me complace informar que ha vuelto otra vez. Y ella todavía lo tiene.

May 2013 / mayo 2013
November 2019 / noviembre 2019


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Yeah, Baby, She’s Got It / Sí, Bebé, Ella Lo Tiene”

  1. She’s quite colorful, and quite lyered.
    It must take her hours to pick out an outit and hours to remove all the parts!

    1. Bob,
      I was thinking the same thing. Sometimes just kicking off my shoes, jeans, and T-shirt seems too much effort.

    1. Jim,
      Oh yeah, it IS cold there. And this is apparently a very traditional style of dress — my city friend says “in the countryside”!

  2. Maybe she hasn’t heard the Spanish equivalent of “When in Rome…”
    I recall that when I was in Rome, in my very early 20’s I did as the Romans and I bought a pair of low rise, tight fitting, black velour pants and a very tailored, Italian camicia (shirt). Wore that outfit to the school’s elegant end-of-school-year dinner-dance. Sorry, I can’t help the stream of consciousness at my age.

    1. Frank,
      I could never help the stream of consciousness… and I love it. Yeah, I dressed Italian when in Italy and after, too. It worked fine in NYC in the ‘70s. Oh those skin tight pants!

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      And flowers. And patterns. And layers. And billows. And… I mean, even her tote bag!

    1. Kirk,
      It is funny that someone from Finland would need so much clothing in our climate. She must be as cold as SG. He wears so many layers and a knit cap that he doesn’t even have room to add a scarf. And that’s when it’s 58F!

  3. Some people are just BORN with fashion sense, lol! Seriously, though, I would much rather see an older woman festooned in joyful colours like her than draped all in black or, even worse, beige and pastels. LIVE, BABY, LIVE! I hate the “little brown wren” look on women.

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