Lockdown Day 16: Grow House / Encierro Día 16: Casa de Cultivo

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

IN AMERICAN ENGLISH, a “grow house” most commonly refers to a suburban home primarily used for the production of marijuana. The only reason I mention this is because I had originally planned to share photos of what’s blooming and growing around our house. No marijuana; we don’t live in the suburbs.

But my friend Susan sent me a meme this morning that sent my brain in a different direction momentarily. So along with just a taste of what’s thriving on our terrace and in our hallway during lockdown, I’ve shared the meme. The photo above is of Moose and Dudo enjoying the view from my office. To the left of the window (out of view) is the entrance to our apartment. I usually keep the blinds drawn, but privacy is not an issue with no one coming and going in the hall. The barred window seems appropriate right now.

Yesterday wasn’t as great a day as I had expected. The ankle was significantly improved but it started to ache within moments of lowering it from its elevated position. I sat briefly at my desk with my foot elevated, but it wasn’t the most comfortable position to work. I didn’t take a trip to the recycling bins yesterday and again spent another day lounging and being waited on by San Geraldo. I wish I had Bonbons. This morning, the ankle is significantly better than yesterday, so I’m not at all concerned. I’m just going to take things a bit more slowly than I usually would. And, yes, San Geraldo is a saint, just like his 22-greats grandfather King Ferdinand III.

Click the images for a closer look.


EN INGLÉS AMERICANO, una “casa de cultivo” se refiere más comúnmente a una casa suburbana utilizada principalmente para la producción de marihuana. (Un “green house” [“casa verde”] es una casa de cultivo como en España.) La única razón por la que menciono esto es porque originalmente había planeado compartir fotos de lo que está floreciendo y creciendo en nuestra casa. Sin marihuana; no vivimos en los suburbios.

Pero mi amiga Susan me envió un meme esta mañana que envió mi cerebro en una dirección diferente momentáneamente. Entonces, junto con una muestra de lo que está prosperando en nuestra terraza y en nuestro pasillo durante el cierre, he compartido el meme. La foto de arriba es de Moose y Dudo disfrutando de la vista desde mi oficina. A la izquierda de la ventana (fuera de la vista) está la entrada a nuestro apartamento. Por lo general, mantengo las persianas cerradas, pero la privacidad no es un problema ya que nadie entra y sale del pasillo. La ventana enrejada parece apropiada en este momento.

Ayer no fue tan bueno un día como esperaba. El tobillo mejoró significativamente, pero comenzó a doler a los pocos minutos de bajarlo de su posición elevada. Me senté brevemente en mi escritorio con el pie elevado, pero no era la posición más cómoda para trabajar. No hice un viaje a los contenedores de reciclaje ayer y nuevamente pasé otro día descansando y siendo atendido por San Geraldo. Desearía tener bombones. Esta mañana, el tobillo está significativamente mejor que ayer, así que no estoy preocupado en absoluto. Voy a tomar las cosas un poco más despacio de lo normal. Y sí, San Geraldo es un santo, al igual que su 22-bisabuelo (22-tatarabuelo? No sé que es correcto), el Rey Fernando III.

Haz clic en las imágenes para verlas más de cerca.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 16: Grow House / Encierro Día 16: Casa de Cultivo”

    1. anne marie:
      It really is quite a bit better every day. But it’s still pretty bad. I’m adjusting to lounging. I have my foot up on my desk right now. And it rained and blew the entire night and is still doing so. So, I don’t think I’ll worry about the recycling.

  1. Good that your ankle is a tad better than yesterday. Now….stay put!
    Great looking plants…..so healthy looking. What? No MJ?!
    We can legally grow up to 4 MJ plants here in Canada. Too bad it isn’t the 60’s…….

    1. Jim:
      I wonder if the cats would eat marijuana plants. My guess is they’d like them.

  2. Stay off of it.
    Keep it elevated.
    Pet a cat.
    Have SG bring snacks.

    That’s my medical advice.

    1. Bob:
      And I’lll take all your advice. I really have to stop SG from waiting on me, though. He’s way too attentive in these situations. What a guy!

  3. Ha ha, what a perfect meme your friend sent you! And I love those little pink cactus flowers. Take it easy again today!

    1. Debra:
      And again today, too! Much better. Still not great. And the weather is dismal.

  4. Nice cactus, how do the cats deal with cactus? Keep your feet up, this could be the start of a whole new way of life.

    1. David:
      I’ve actually seen the cats rub themselves against some of our cacti and they don’t seem to ever be bothered. Oh, I wouldn’t be happy with this as a way of life, but I’m doing what I have to right now. It’s not as “better” as I’d like it to be (although hugely better every day) and it’s kind of ugly. I took a photo this morning and then decided no one needed to see THAT.

  5. Oh that Susan is a card! Dudo and Moose, always a pleasure. I kind of like that plant that looks like an alien took a big, green, dump in your plant pot. Scoot, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do stuff because your ankle feels better that it did. I figured out that that’s the reason I stayed sicker longer than everybody else. Stay put until it is all better, or at least pain free (without drugs). Now is the time for truly guilt-free lounging. Hugs to you both.

    1. Deedles:
      The meme was sent to Susan by someone else whom she had told the story. So perfect. Susan is a true gift. Kind. Loving. Irreverent. Funny. She makes my days better. And, you’re right. I realize I need to kick back… well maybe not kick… and let my ankle heel. It keeps improving and i can walk without limping. But a walk across the apartment and it’s hurting again. So, I’m behaving myself.

  6. Lol love that meme. I am glad you are healing. Your cacti are beautiful. You have the most beautiful balcony. Can you open any of the glass panels?

    1. Cheapchick:
      The glass panels are called a glass curtain. The entire thing opens. You turn a panel in and then slide it to the end against the wall. Next panel, the same, until they’re all stacked flat against the end walls of the terrace.

  7. OK, that meme IS perfect. Your plants look great! I have one of those purple heart plants too — but yours looks much happier. I don’t think mine gets enough sun here in England!

    1. Steve:
      We actually get too much sun on the terrace for the purple heart, which why it sits against the wall in the back. It’s still usually very happy.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      SG and I like exotic, odd-looking plants. We’re not always successful with them on our terrace because it’s usually so sunny (although not lately) so the exotic cacti are the best options. And when they flower, wow!

    1. Wilma:
      We had planned to get a bunch of hibiscus again this year. That would be fun to see right now, but we’ll have to wait a season or two.

  8. Happy to hear that your ankle is getting better. Your plants are absolutely gorgeous, love all the luxuriating greenery. I also read with concern about the situation in Spain today. It appears to be getting worse by the day. You are already in lockdown but news report appear to indicate it could get more draconian in the days to come. Please stay safe and healthy. Here we still have lots of Covidiots who refuse to follow simple instructions. You really have to wonder about the Human race.

    1. larrymuffin:
      We’re hopeful that we’re about to peak here in Spain. They did pass new restrictions the other day, limiting who can continue going to work. We could have started this all sooner, but hindsight is always 20/20. We’re doing fine (well, except for the stupid ankle). And, yes, the Covidiots. I really don’t think you can count on everyone to follow guidelines… unless they’re hit over the head with them after they become law and are enforced.

  9. Someone in your house has a green thumb (and perhaps a black and blue ankle)! The plants are gorgeous, and it doesn’t hurt that it was beautifully sunny when you snapped the photos!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG and I both love gardening and house plants. But since we don’t have huge gardens here, he is our designated Mr. Greenjeans. And, yes, thanks for that sun. It’s back to dreary, gray, rainy, windy, chilly (well chilly to us).

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