Lockdown Day 88: We Can Work it Out / Encierro Día 88: Lo Podemos Resolver

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I WENT BACK TO BED at 10:30 this morning after my first round of breakfast. During my delicious leftover pizza from last night’s dinner at Primavera, I [stupidly] scanned the news sites, CNN, The Guardian, BBC, El País, HuffPost, and then couldn’t face the day.

San Geraldo had already been back in bed for an hour. He left for coffee just before noon at which time I got back out of bed and did a resistance band workout followed by stretches for my f#@%!≤ sciatica. It’s better than it was — I haven’t been awakened by pain for several days — but rolling out of bed still hurts and I’m not feeling physically fit (which I usually do). Also, I’m tired of making old man noises when I bend down, lean over, or get on the floor to pet Moose.

The workout felt great, especially mentally, although some of the stretches weren’t very comfortable. And now, after this break and before it’s time for lunch, I’ll have breakfast round 2 — yogurt, fruit, and cereal. I’ll leave you with some musical inspiration (I hope) and pictures of last night’s dinner.


REGRESÉ A LA CAMA A la cama a las 10:30 de la mañana después de mi primera ronda de desayuno. Durante mi deliciosa pizza sobrante de la cena de anoche en Primavera, [estúpidamente] escaneé los sitios de noticias, CNN, The Guardian, BBC, El País, HuffPost, y luego no pude enfrentar el día.

San Geraldo ya había vuelto a la cama por una hora. Se fue a tomar un café justo antes del mediodía, momento en el que me levanté de la cama e hice un entrenamiento de banda de resistencia seguido de estiramientos para mi f#@%!≤ ciática. Es mejor de lo que era (no me ha despertado el dolor durante varios días), pero salir de la cama todavía me duele y no me siento físicamente en forma (lo que generalmente hago). Además, estoy cansado de hacer los ruidos de un viejo cuando me agacho, me inclino, o me tiro al suelo para acariciar a Moose.

El entrenamiento se sintió genial, especialmente mentalmente, aunque algunos de los estiramientos no fueron muy cómodos. Y ahora, después de este descanso y antes de la hora del almuerzo, desayunaré en la ronda 2: yogur, fruta y cereal. Te dejo con un poco de inspiración musical (espero) y fotos de la cena de anoche.

SG’s tuna salad. / La ensalada de atun de SG.
Another night of pizza with prosciutto and Buffalo mozzarella for me.
Para mí, otra noche de pizza con prosciutto y mozzarella búfala.
For SG, two scoops of housemade chocolate ice cream. (He regretted the second scoop, but it was worth it at the time.)
Para SG, dos bolas de helado chocolate, hecho en casa. (Lamentó la segunda bola, pero valió la pena en ese momento).
My scoops of housemade straciatella and turrón. ¡Heaven!
Mis bolas de straciatella y turrón, hecho en casa. ¡Cielo!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 88: We Can Work it Out / Encierro Día 88: Lo Podemos Resolver”

    1. James,
      I’m sorry to hear that. So, no, it doesn’t make me feel any better! If I find the cure, I’m promise to share it.

  1. Hey, you managed to do those stretches and this alone deserves a pat on the back, Mitch. I know when we feel like crap and we have to force ourselves to get out for our daily hike, we always feel better than we did on the return home ……..physically and emotionally.
    Haven’t heard that tune for years. They ruled back in the day!
    Keep movin’……

    1. Jim,
      I DO feel stronger and more fit with just one day of workout and stretching. Now I need to get in the habit of stretching 5 or 6 times a day. Maybe THAT will do it.

  2. I used to take ballet classes three times a week into my late 40’s at least. Now in my 70’s I sometimes have to push myself to take my daily 1 hour walk and I question if I could run at all. Keep moving so you can keep moving!

    1. Judy,
      I discovered she had just died when I went looking for a version of the song. I do love the Pointer Sisters.

  3. I loved seeing you guys’ sets of ice cream balls!!!!!

    I know the feeling of sleeping…especially since the news is getting grim here again too.

    I heading to sit outside today with some ice tea and a book and my radio for classical music…gorgeous and to be 92 degrees…beats being indoors

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      Glad you’re at least enjoying some sunshine… and that heat. Oh our [ice cream] balls are scrumptious. And thanks for yesterday. I’m STILL laughing about my “Sister” name!

  4. As always the food looks great, and how can one not be inspired by the Pointer sisters? I hope your health improves.

    1. Kirk,
      It is so good to enjoy these meals again… and for SG to not have to cook … and for me to not have to wash dishes. Still spending most evenings at home. I do love the Pointer Sisters. I Got Steam Heat is playing in my head. Thanks for the good wishes. The health is fine… the joints need to keep up!

  5. I don’t know which is more depressing, the news or most of the morons on Facebook. I am largely avoiding both. I had an 8:30 AM call this morning, so I had to be ready to face the world. Work calls, even if it is sans trousers.

    1. David,
      A good friend And exceptional human being went to a protest and told off a moron. I was so proud of her! I work sans trousers often now. So does SG, which has gotten him into trouble when his sister surprises him on FaceTime… and he forgets mid-call that he’s not wearing any pants.

  6. NEVER regret a second scoop of ice cream! Also, “physically fit” — WTF is THAT?

    1. Debra,
      SG has lost more than 20 pounds. When he eats just a bit too much, he regrets it physically. Guilt plays no part. I LOVE exercise, was even a certified personal trainer for a short time. SG finds me very disturbing.

  7. That looks like a healthy tuna salad — the pizza maybe not so much. 🙂 Glad the workouts felt good. That must indeed mean you’re improving, even if there’s still a bit of pain now and then.

    1. Steve,
      When I asked SG how the salad was, his first response was, with a pathetic look, “Healthy.” But he admitted it was very good. Their pizza surprises me. All organic. All fresh. I love pizza but it always gives me heartburn. Their pizza does not. Amazing. And thanks for reminding me that standing up was more than I could handle just a few weeks ago.

  8. I’m sorry about your pain but glad to hear the stretches help some. Your food always looks so wonderful! I’d have a hard time deciding between the pizza and the tuna salad. They both look scrumptious. I care nothing for ice cream so that wouldn’t be very tempting to me!

    1. Jennifer,
      Feeling great today… except for the frickin hip. All it takes is one day of working out. I’ll keep at it now that my attitude is a bit improved. I have not had a single dish at Primavera that I haven’t liked. Makes it really hard to choose. But I missed their pizza.

  9. Your dinners look amazing – especially the ice cream! I am making pineapple sorbet for dessert tonight. Goodonya for persisting with your workouts – good for body and soul.

    I have had to minimize my exposure to news since George Floyd’s murder. I normally keep on top of real news – The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC news, CNN, NYT, WaPo. Now I will read the headlines, but not much else – it is too heavy for my soul to bear the full load. Exercise is my go to balm, but the weather has been too hot even to take the dogs on their full-length walks. For now, I am indulging in some good fiction promoted by StoryBundle to support pride month, authors of color, and African speculative fiction under the revolving blades of ceiling fan with a glass of iced tea at hand.

    1. Wilma,
      I can just picture that setting under the ceiling fan. A safe haven. Pineapple sorbet makes it even better! Ishould make a jar of sun tea!

    1. Wilma,
      Thanks. I’ve got over 50 now and they’re on a randomizer. I’m having a ball with that.

  10. New sciatica cure – straciatella and turrón (plus exercise). Glad it is a little better. Supper looks amazing but I am all about the dessert (especially now since I can barely have anything)

    1. Cheapchick,
      Wouldn’t it be amazing if a doctor would just say, “Ulcer? Sciatica? Depression? Toothache? You must have 2 scoops of homemade ice cream every day. If you miss a dose, double up.”

  11. keep on stretching; your muscles will get stronger and more flexible. now I want ice cream. it’s 5:12p here wednesday and I have dinner in the oven for us. cats have already been fed.

    1. Anne Marie,
      It’s not easy. Primavera has incredible housemade ice creams. And there’s a new artisan ice cream shop a few doors down that I’m told is also incredible. All made on premises. (Of course, the cats were already fed before you had dinner. Those are the rules.)

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