Shake Your Maracas / Agita Tus Maracas

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I MANAGED TO GET OUT of the house this morning for a walk on the beach before the rush. It wasn’t quite early enough to avoid everyone, but I still enjoyed it. The sky has been overcast for a couple of days and the air has been warm, humid, and “close,” making it a bit unpleasant for walks. Even morning was a bit oppressive. But, as you can see, it’s still something beautiful.

Andalucía will put into effect Tuesday or Wednesday the rule that masks must be worn in public at all times, no matter the distance that can be maintained. Most people here have been very responsible, but not everyone. And with more and more visitors arriving, it’s been a concern. Given what has been learned about the effectiveness of masks (even beyond the effectiveness of hand-washing), it’s a huge relief.

I have no idea what it means for the beach and outdoor athletics (like volleyball) but we’ll find out. And if the regional government doesn’t make it clear, we always have our old friend Slushee (click here if you don’t know her) for correct information. She’s been an exceptional resource for the entire community through this pandemic.

If you’re wondering about the title of today’s post, you’ll understand when you see the last three photos.


SALÍ DE LA CASA ESTA esta mañana a dar un paseo por la playa antes de las prisas. No fue lo suficientemente temprano como para evitar a todos, pero aún así lo disfruté. El cielo ha estado nublado durante un par de días y el aire ha sido cálido, húmedo y “cercano”, lo que lo hace un poco desagradable para caminar. Incluso la mañana fue un poco opresiva. Pero, como puedes ver, sigue siendo algo hermoso.

Andalucía pondrá en vigencia el martes o miércoles la regla de que las mascarillas deben usarse en público en todo momento, sin importar la distancia que se pueda mantener. La mayoría de las personas aquí han sido muy responsables, pero no todos. Y con la llegada de más y más visitantes, ha sido una preocupación. Dado lo que se ha aprendido sobre la efectividad de las mascarillas (incluso más allá de la efectividad del lavado de manos), es un gran alivio.

No tengo idea de lo que eso significa para la playa y el atletismo al aire libre (como el voleibol), pero lo descubriremos. Y si el gobierno regional no lo deja claro, siempre tenemos a nuestra vieja amiga Slushee (haz clic aquí si no la conoce) para obtener información correcta. Ella ha sido un recurso excepcional para toda la comunidad a través de esta pandemia.

Si te preguntas sobre el título de la publicación de hoy, lo entenderás cuando veas las últimas tres fotos.

The surf regularly creates little “cliffs” on the shore.
He wasn’t plugged into anything external. He was simply shaking to the music in his head.
Did you notice his shorts?
¿Notaste sus pantalones cortos?


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28 thoughts on “Shake Your Maracas / Agita Tus Maracas”

  1. We were doing precisely the same thing yesterday……watching the surfers at the beach.
    That fellow was walking to his own beat. Great photos!

    1. Jim:
      I really enjoy people-watching. AND surfer-watching. Alexander was surfing yesterday on a smaller beach. His mother and his friends went to watch him (while enjoying a day at the beach), but it’s a drive from here, so I didn’t go. That would have been fun.

  2. May you always have a song in your head, marching to the beat of a distant drummer.

    1. David:
      I always have a song in my head. Sometimes, unfortunately, it’s not a very happy one. Right now, however, I’m singing “You Can’t Stop the Beat.”

  3. shake your groove thing! I love the wave cliff pix; they look frozen in time. and I enjoyed the video with the crashing waves. makes me wanna sing “under the boardwalk” and eat a nathan’s.

    1. anne marie:
      The Kid Brother took the subway to Coney Island last week just for something to do. Made me crave a Nathan’s hot dog and fries (OK, TWO hot dogs). I’m glad you like the “cliff” pix. I took time out of my exercise walk while waiting for those.

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, I think I’ll give mine a shake and see if it helps. I think you should avoid shaking yours.

      1. Deedles:
        My apologies to Balder Half for not making myself clear. Shake your maracas as much as you both want as long as he’s around to catch them!

  4. A wild morning at the beach! Macarina man also had the one up, one down thing going on. Great photos. Maybe you can add the one with the beach umbrellas to your header mix. Having to use my phone to read blogs and post comments because my laptop is having issues. I may have to resort to Mac surgery to fix it. Scary.

    1. Wilma:
      I have regular issues with my iMac. Argh. I too may have to resort to surgery. Fortunately, an Apple store opened in Plaza Mayor, so easy to get to. No problems with MacBook or iPad, thankfully. I’d love to know what music the guy shaking his maracas was hearing. Maybe he was shaking to the sounds of the surf.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I get hypnotized by the surf. I could sit in the sand and watch for hours.

    1. Urspo:
      Oh, the sea air on days like that. Still warm, though. (But, it’s not a dry heat.)

  5. At that close-up right at the end of the video, I want to tell those people, “Get back! The waves are going to get you!” Of course, I’m sure they can figure that out for themselves.

    1. Kirk:
      Well, some of us didn’t. Fortunately, my camera stayed dry. The guy shaking his maracas was taken by surprise, too.

  6. Ha! I did notice the shorts even before you remarked on it. You have us well-trained to look out for that particular quirk.

    Thanks for the video. Your beach is likely to be the only one I’ll “see and hear” this year. Just something special about listening to that sound and staring out over the water. Hypnotic.

    1. Mary:
      I love living by the beach, but I’m especially grateful these days. I didn’t even notice the shorts myself until I did the post. I guess I was focused on his maracas.

      1. When I saw the maracas, I immediately started humming La Cucaracha. Now I can’t get the damn song out of my head. 🙂

      2. Mary:
        I’m sorry. Not a great ear worm. Maybe you could change it up for KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty”… Maybe not.

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