Taking my case to court / Llevando mi caso a los tribunales

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THE KID BROTHER WAS IN rare form this week. After being elated last week by a gift and “funny pink pig” card he received from my friend Susan, whom he has never met, he just received a postcard from David the Travel Penguin (click here), my blogging friend (also, whom he has never met). He said it was a “really funny” card of a “volleyball net.” (I’ll have to get clarification from David.)

He asked, “Who’s the guy?” I told him a bit about Travel Penguin and that he’s a lawyer from Washington DC.

The Kid Brother said, “Uh oh. A lawyer? Better watch out.” And then it began: “Where ya goin’ with that case?” he asked [pretending I’m carrying a suitcase].

“I’m taking my case to court,” I knew to respond.

Then he cued me. “Your turn: Where ya goin’ with that ladder?”

So, I repeated, “Where ya goin’ with that ladder?”

He replied, “I’m takin’ my case to a higher court.”

We laughed and I began to ask about his week, but he interrupted, “Hey, you forgot one!”

“What did I forget?”

He asked one more question: “What are ya doin’ with that coat hanger?” And he followed with the punchline: “It’s a hung jury!”

IF YOU’RE WONDERING HOW The Kid Brother is doing during the pandemic, I can tell you he’s doing as well as anyone can. Since there’s no bowling league this year, he goes bowling by himself every Saturday. He continues to go to work. And he follows all guidelines set out for everyone’s safety (not just his own). As he put it so succinctly: “What’s with these jerks who don’t wear masks?!? Are they stupid?!?”

Kindness abounds. Thanks David and Susan!


EL HERMANITO ESTUVO EN FORMA rara esta semana. Después de estar eufórico la semana pasada por un regalo y una tarjeta de “cerdo rosa gracioso” que recibió de mi amiga Susan, a quien nunca conoció, acaba de recibir una postal de David the Travel Penguin (haz clic aquí), mi amigo bloguero (a quien nunca ha conocido tampoco). Dijo que era una tarjeta “realmente divertida” de una “red de voleibol”. (Tendré que obtener una aclaración de David).

Él preguntó: “¿Quién es el tipo?”

Le hablé un poco sobre Travel Penguin y que es un abogado de Washington DC.

El Hermanito dijo: “Uh oh. ¿Un abogado? Mejor ten cuidado.” Y luego comenzó: “¿Adónde vas con ese caso?” preguntó [fingiendo que llevo una maleta].

“Llevando mi caso a los tribunales”, supe responder.

Luego me dio una señal. “Tu turno: ¿Adónde vas con esa escalera?”

Entonces, repetí, “¿Adónde vas con esa escalera?”

Él respondió: “Voy a llevar mi caso a un tribunal superior”.

Nos reímos y comencé a preguntarle sobre su semana, pero me interrumpió: “¡Oye, te olvidaste una!”.

“¿Qué olvidé?”

Hizo una pregunta más: “¿Qué estás haciendo con esa percha?” Y siguió con el remate: “¡Es un jurado colgado!”

SI SE ESTÁ PREGUNTANDO cómo le va a The Kid Brother durante la pandemia, puedo decirle que lo está haciendo tan bien como cualquiera. Como no hay una liga de bolos este año, juega a los bolos solo todos los sábados. Sigue yendo a trabajar. Y sigue todas las pautas establecidas para la seguridad de todos (no solo para la suya). Como lo expresó de manera tan sucinta: “¿Qué pasa con estos idiotas que no usan máscaras?!? ¿¡¿Son estúpidos?!?

La bondad abunda. ¡Gracias David y Susan!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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37 thoughts on “Taking my case to court / Llevando mi caso a los tribunales”

    1. David:
      Yes he has. And he constantly tests me. Thanks again, David. You made his week… and mine!

    1. Bob:
      You’re a sweetheart… even if you didn’t get your email address right either time!

  1. He sounds like he was in a real good mood this week!!!!!!! The comedy never stops with you two.

  2. KB: A man after my own heart. Humor always wins the day. Would be happy to send KB a card, too. You already have my email address.

    1. Wilma:
      SG took that our first morning in New York. I hadn’t slept a minute, but we had a wonderful time. I love when he can’t control his smile. I’m pretty sure that was another time he called me wise guy.

  3. So glad your brother is in good form and spirits – an totally gets the mask thing. So many don’t. Cheers

    1. Cheapchick:
      He likes having rules to follow and at those times, he listens very carefully. It sure makes me worry less.

  4. Some people might see Kid Brother and think, What’s wrong with this guy? What’s wrong is that he has common sense, something so many people seem to lack. Yes, Kid Brother. The people who don’t wear masks are indeed stupid. Please add me to the list of people who will send cute cards to Kid Brother. dumpedfirstwife@gmail.com


    1. Janie:
      Thanks so much. He at times makes a lot more sense than the “normal” people around him.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Oh, you and Chuck would have such fun conversations. Although, this Diana Ross joke might be too high-brow for him.

    1. Steve:
      He seems sometimes to be doing better than I am, as well. Often though he’s sounded low and lacking energy. It’s amazing what a postcard — and bowling — does for his mood.

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