As snug as a bug / Tan cómodo como un bicho

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WE PICKED UP OUR NEW rugs last night. The cats are pleased. So are we. I’ll share better photos of the rooms probably tomorrow. Meanwhile, Dudo didn’t hesitate to inspect the rolled up, plastic- and cardboard-wrapped new arrivals. It’s odd how he won’t walk into a room if a pair of shoes are sitting where they weren’t sitting earlier, but a giant tube of something unidentifiable doesn’t phase him. When Moose saw the tube hadn’t blown up in his brother’s face, he joined in.

Once we rolled out both carpets, Moose laid himself down under the dining room table while Dudo gave the sniff test to every square inch in the living room. Once that was complete, he dragged his butt across several areas just to make it his own. Nice, Dudo. Really nice.

By 9:51 this morning, neither cat had whined for his treats. I’d tell you I’ve trained them but I think they’re just exhausted from last night’s adventure. Besides, Dudo woke up San Geraldo at 2:01 in the morning for their 3:00 treats and fresh dry food, which used to be their 6:00 treats and fresh dry food. San Geraldo, however, is no pushover. He made Dudo wait until 2:09. I got out of bed in time to catch the tail end of the sunrise and some better photos of crag martins.


ANOCHE RECOGIMOS NUESTRA NUEVAS ALFOMBRAS. Los gatos están contentos. Así somos nosotros. Probablemente mañana compartiré mejores fotos del salón. Mientras tanto, Dudo no dudó en inspeccionar a los recién llegados enrollados, envueltos en plástico y cartón. Es extraño cómo no entra a un espacio si hay un par de zapatos en el lugar donde no estaban antes, pero un tubo gigante de algo no identificable no lo perturba. Cuando Moose vio que el tubo no había explotado en la cara de su hermano, se unió.

Una vez que enrollamos ambas alfombras, Moose se acostó debajo de la mesa del comedor mientras Dudo realizaba la prueba de olfateo en cada centímetro cuadrado de la sala de estar. Una vez que estuvo completo, arrastró su trasero por varias áreas solo para hacerlo suyo. Bien, Dudo. Muy bien.

A las 9:51 de esta mañana, ninguno de los gatos había llorado por sus golosinas. Te diría que los he entrenado, pero creo que están agotados por la aventura de anoche. Además, Dudo se despertó en San Geraldo a las 2:01 de la mañana para sus bocadillos a las 3:00 y comida seca fresca, que solían ser sus golosinas a las 6:00 y comida seca fresca. San Geraldo, sin embargo, no es fácil de convencer. Hizo que Dudo esperara hasta las 2:09. Me levanté de la cama a tiempo para ver el final del amanecer y para hacer algunas mejores fotos de raqueros

NOTA: El título es de una rima en inglés que dice: “As snug as a bug in a rug” [Tan cómodo como un bicho en una alfombra.] No hay bichos en nuestras alfombras.

Nice, Dudo. Really nice.
Bien, Dudo. Muy bien.
Moose knows if he only waits long enough one of those birds is going to squeeze himself through that drain hole.
Moose sabe que si solo espera el tiempo suficiente, una de esos pájaros se va a meter por ese agujero de drenaje.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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31 thoughts on “As snug as a bug / Tan cómodo como un bicho”

  1. Nice of Dudo to ‘christen’ the rugs. Congratulations on not breaking my record for a late delivery. 🙂

    Good job on capturing photos of the Martins swifting in the sunrise.

    1. Mary:
      I was at least relieved Dudo hadn’t just come from the litter box, but jeez! I kept thinking about you as the days dragged on and the owner of the shop gave me different stories. Had he simply said, “It’s going to take longer than I expected” and had he simply phoned Valencia in the first place to get an actual status report instead of making up random delivery dates off the top of his head, I would have had no problem. But we’re happy with the rugs.

    1. Judy C:
      They are in love with the new rugs. As Dudo christened them, I was at least thankful he hadn’t just come from the litter box.

  2. Rug day! I see it was ‘appreciated’ by all.
    What do you think Moose would really do if a Craig Martin really did come through that hole? have that camera ready!!

    1. Jim:
      Dudo caught a finch once. He listened to me when i told him to drop it, but it was too late for the poor finch. They’ve together cornered a couple of errant birds (one was a crag martin), but we’ve managed to get the cats inside and get the birds to safety. So, Moose would clearly do what his nature tells him to do. If a martin came through that hole, I’d be chasing cats!

  3. 2:09??????????
    If our cats woke me up at 2:09 because they were hungry, they’d find their little bags packed by the back door.

    I do, however, love the looks on the boy’s faces as they lay down on the rugs: “Mine!”

    1. Bob:
      These cats are so spoiled, there would be no LITTLE bags to pack. I think it’s easier (for SG) to just get up and feed them.

  4. I know it will shock you to know… I love the bird pictures!!!!!!! Bit it cute how the cats have to approve and investigate everything.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Dudo especially has to inspect whatever comes in. We once came home from Mesón Salvador with a bottle of wine in a paper sack. I had to put it down on the floor so Dudo could check it out. The birds in the morning are spectacular. Only three are roosting in both entire lengths of our awnings. One usually right above the table. The cats sit on the table at night and just stare and stare.

  5. So glad your new RUGS finally arrived! And about the middle of the night treats — I hate to say “I told you so” but I DID tell you and it IS so.

    1. Debra:
      The middle-of-the-night treats have been going on for a long time now. We tried to “train” them, but to no avail. Dudo might have been trained. Moose will whine for four hours without stop (we know from experience).

  6. Well Dudo did add a spark of color to the rug. I didn’t know why I was expecting something more spectacular (read garish for my taste) until I figured out that I had your mom’s rug on my mind.
    It looks like Crag Martin was ready for his close-up, Mr. Scoot DeVille . Yep, that crash of mine is edging closer 😀

    1. Deedles:
      Thankfully, whatever Dudo added to the rug is not visible — and ignorance is bliss. We’ve been going more and more subtle in the apartment to open things up and to make the view what you focus on. It’s a big change. I hope the crash stays away. I had quite big one yesterday afternoon and evening. Surprisingly, I’m fine today. I won’t question.

  7. “When Moose saw the tube hadn’t blown up in his brother’s face, he joined in,” that cat is no fool. Why do I keep in reading “crag martinis” for crag martins???

    1. wickedhamster:
      Ooh, I wonder what would go in a crag martini. I LOVE specialty martinis. Espresso, chocolate, passion fruit … yum.

  8. I love to watch cats’ insatiable curiosity. Anything that’s different, most especially a new ‘arrival’, calls for an investigation. I suppose they’re just checking that what is new is not a themselves and their world.

    1. Raybeard:
      It’s fascinating to watch the cats when something new is introduced. Moose often doesn’t even notice. Dudo doesn’t miss anything. What I can’t figure out is why he seems unafraid of gigantic rolled up carpets and big furniture boxes, but is terrified of an errant sock on the floor.

      1. It’s also odd that when I have large cardboard boxes, big enough for them to fit into and sleep comfortably, some they are interested in but others they hardly take notice of. Haven’t worked out yet exactly what is the magic factor which gives them appeal.

  9. Great birdie action! No wonder Moose will watch and wait for ages.
    You must have picked your apartment based on the placement of that palm tree at dawn – beautiful photos.
    Enjoy those luxurious new rugs. They are perfect for letting your cherished pieces shine in their own glory.

    1. Wilma:
      The birds are months of entertainment for the cats. SO glad we have the glass curtain though. They used to fly around the terrace and the cats would go nuts. Thanks regarding the rugs. We’re very happy with our choice.

  10. Glad your rugs arrived and have been blessed (?) by the cats. I’m having the same trouble shifting time as they are.

    That’s a spectacular sunset, and I love the pictures of the crag martins! Excellent!

    1. Steve:
      This was the time change I didn’t mind so much when I was working. The cats DO seem to be adjusting. I’ll have to wash a couple of the panels of the glass curtain. The crag martin photos were through dirty glass. (But no reason to have the entire glass curtain cleaned this time of year.)

  11. Congratulations on finally getting the rugs. As for cats who wake you up in the middle of the night: San Geraldo, you are indeed a pushover. At least a little cat butt isn’t as big as my dogs’ butts. Franklin can probably rub his butt more in 10 minutes than a kitty can do in an hour. That’s why I don’t have pretty rugs. That and my propensity to pee on things (I’m taking that badge of honor because I don’t want to injure Franklin and Penelope’s gentle feelings.


    1. Janie:
      Dudo has wiped his butt on clean sheets a couple of times and forced me to strip the bed twice in one day. Thankfully, he hadn’t just come from the litter box when he marked the rug. We tried training the cats and ignoring their meowing for treats in the middle of the night. Dudo eventually stops bothering us. Moose would whine continuously for hours. He’s not as trainable and very vocal. We finally agreed, it was easier to give him what he wants than not sleep the entire night.

    1. Urspo:
      The cats have never NOT approved. I get the impression they don’t have very discerning taste.

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