Southwest Footwear / Calzado Southwest

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THE OTHER DAY, WHILE BROWSING the windows of a clothing shop called Emblems, I was surprised by what I found. First, I had always thought it was an expensive shop, but given the sales prices (and the before prices), clearly it’s not. The other thing didn’t so much surprise me as seem odd. There was a sign saying Southwest footware was only 19.99 €.

I looked at the shoes and wondered what it was about them that made them Southwest in design. They didn’t look like anything one might find in a trendy shop in Santa Fe or Taos, New Mexico. These were clearly not Navajo or Hopi originals — nor even cheap imitations. But then I noticed two of the shoes displayed were imprinted SOUTHWEST. It was a brand. Eventually I catch on.

When I decided to share photos of our fine feathered friends yesterday, I considered including the two swan/shell sculptures we have in the house. Dudo was asleep around the corner on the terrace, but I swear that cat has radar. He heard me inside at the dresser so he came running to the bedroom window to give me some help (actually to demand some attention), which is something he does every time I walk over to the dresser. Then he expects me to stop whatever I’m doing and cuddle with him while he plays coy on the window sill. Yes, that’s what he expects.

Obviously, I had to stop taking pictures of the swans.


EL OTRO DÍA, MIENTRAS NAVEGABA por los escaparates de una tienda de ropa llamada Emblems, me sorprendió lo que encontré. Primero, siempre había pensado que era una tienda cara, pero dados los precios de venta (y los precios anteriores), claramente no lo es. La otra cosa no me sorprendió tanto como me pareció extraño. Había un letrero que decía que el calzado del Southwest (suroeste) costaba solo 19,99 €. 

Miré los zapatos y me pregunté qué tenían los que los convertía en diseños del suroeste. No se parecían a nada que se pueda encontrar en una tienda de moda en Santa Fe o Taos, Nuevo México. Claramente, no se trataba de originales navajos o hopi, ni siquiera imitaciones baratas. Pero luego noté que dos de los zapatos exhibidos estaban impresos con la palabra SOUTHWEST. Era una marca. Eventualmente me doy cuenta.

Cuando ayer decidí compartir fotos de los pájaros, consideré incluir las dos esculturas de cisne que tenemos en la casa. Dudo estaba dormido a la vuelta de la esquina de la terraza, pero juro que ese gato tiene radar. Me escuchó dentro de la cómoda, así que vino corriendo a la ventana del dormitorio para ayudarme (en realidad, para exigir algo de atención), que es algo que hace cada vez que me acerco a la cómoda. Luego espera que deje de hacer lo que esté haciendo y lo abrace mientras él juega tímido en el alféizar de la ventana. Sí, eso es lo que espera.

Obviamente, tuve que dejar de fotografiar a los cisnes.

A dazzling hibiscus on the street.
Un hibisco deslumbrante en la calle.
This is not Southwest style.
Este no es el estilo del suroeste.
Plaza de la Constitución and the fountain with the pigeon statues and real pigeons (from yesterday).
Plaza de la Constitución y la fuente con las estatuas de palomas y palomas reales (de ayer).
This morning’s sunrise.
El amanecer de esta mañana.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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40 thoughts on “Southwest Footwear / Calzado Southwest”

  1. That hibiscus made me happy. Those shoes are ugly, no matter what they’re called. Dudo and the swan/shell thingy tickled me to no end 🙂 Thank you, Scoot. My endocrinologist hollered at, I mean chastised me yesterday over my high levels of glucose. I teared up, and felt like squishing the little five foot nothing twelve year old girl into the ground. Made me want a donut. Higher levels of insulin and a psychiatrist seem to be in my near future. ARRRGGHHH! I need the happy today. Hugs.

      1. Mistress Borghese,
        Oh, there’s a shop with the hugest collection of IMITATION Crocs. I think of you every time I pass.

    1. Deedles,
      I hope I send you happy every day I can. We all need it. Want me to give that 12-year-old a talking to?

      1. No, Scoot. I want you to stay safe. She’s a little Indian girl (okay woman) from Texas who will rip you to shreds! I’m assuming she’s Indian from her name. Doesn’t matter, she’s a cutie who cares. I’m trying to stay positive 🙂

      2. Deedles:
        Just give it your some; you’ll get there. And thanks for the warning about the 12-year-old.

    1. Frank,
      Well… EEE will probably be a problem. That must be so hard to find anywhere! SG is 14 and sometimes E. When he asks in shops people laugh, look at his feet, and then apologize. But at 19.99, unless you’ve got custom orthotics, I wouldn’t count on comfort.

  2. Beautiful sunrise shots. Cats and dogs are great at begging for attention – but they are also great for our mental health. Buddy gets loads of pets all day then demands our attention when we get up or come into a room no matter how many pets had already been given.

    1. Cheapchick,
      Trying to TRAIN them to not wake Jerry up at 1:30 a.m. for treats. But they are a joy and usually lower our blood pressure.

    1. Jim,
      I should share photos of the unhappy hibiscus. More of those than happy ones on the terrace! I had so many sunrise photos, it was hard to choose. Thanks!

  3. Love the juxtaposition of colors and textures in the hibiscus photo. Always appreciate sunrise photos. Moose clearly appreciates a good sunrise.

    1. Mary:
      Moose likes watching the birds wake up. That hibiscus was amazing, taken with my phone.

  4. Those cats live in paradise, you know. You’re lucky they let you stay with them in their condo.

    1. Debra,
      We ARE grateful. Dudo sometimes even shares his office chair with SG, and they sometimes let us squeeze into a space on the bed.

  5. The hibiscus made me happy, too, Deedles! It looks quite psychedelic.
    I like the shoes, but I always go for comfort over style, especially in footwear.
    Sunrise, cats, and swan are fabulous.

    1. Wilma, I too, am all for comfort over style. Most of my shoes fall into the comfort catagory. Size elevens are hard to find in stylish shoes anyway. But, these things don’t look comfortable to me at all. I probably shouldn’t judge from a picture, though. To quote one of my various spirit animals (Maddie) “at least they aren’t crocs”!

      1. Deedles,
        SG has the same problem with shoes. He now simply says, just show me whatever you have in a 14. If he’s lucky, they’ll bring one or two options. Did I tell you we have a Croc outlet shop at the premium outlet mall? So unfortunate I can’t go there now … it’s in the next municipality.

    2. Wilma,
      That hibiscus was incredible. A city planting. Sometimes they get it right (sometimes they’re lucky). I used to go for shoe style. Now, comfort is part of the equation.

  6. Your colorful dressers haves some competition in Perth – today’s posting on Perth Daily Photo!

    1. Sillygirl:
      Is Perth Daily Photo you? Did I know that? Just glanced and will go back now.!

    1. Bob,
      Thanks for loving the cats… and the sunrises. I didn’t watch today’s although I was awake. Will do better.

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