Do you give it your all? / ¿Lo das todo?

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FELLOW BLOGGER BOHEMIAN VALHALLA RECENTLY shared something that I’ve decided to adopt as my new mantra.

“Today, I’m going to give it my some.”

That seems much more realistic than promising to give it my all. Isabel was here today and gave it her all, as she does every week, so we have a clean house. The photo above is Moose at midnight after having given it his all. Here’s a bit of my, and others’, “some” on this final Friday in January.


UNA COMPAÑERA BLOGUERA, BOHEMIAN VALHALLA, compartió recientemente algo que he decidido adoptar como mi nuevo mantra. 

“Hoy, voy a darlo mi algunos”. 

Eso parece mucho más realista que prometer darlo todo. Isabel estuvo aquí hoy y lo dio todo, como hace todas las semanas, para que tengamos la casa limpia. La foto de arriba es Moose a la medianoche después de haberlo dado todo. Aquí hay un poco de “algunos” (de mí y de otros) en este último viernes de enero.

“Put down the iPad!” Dudo demands my all for 10 minutes last night.

“¡Deja el iPad!” Dudo exige mi todo durante 10 minutos anoche.

San Geraldo, all over the tables at Mesón Salvador this morning.
San Geraldo, por todas partes de las mesas en Mesón Salvador esta mañana.
All of me, and more, in our new elevator last week (and my soaked-through and since-retired rain jacket).
Todo yo, y más, en nuestro nuevo ascensor la semana pasada (y mi chubasquero ya no impermeable).
Some of a recent late afternoon view from the terrace.
Alguna de la vista un tarde reciente desde la terraza.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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41 thoughts on “Do you give it your all? / ¿Lo das todo?”

  1. moose tongue! dudo demanding face! cute meson salvador servers! and too much mitchell! 🙂

  2. I give it my maybe. Lately I’m ‘Moose at Midnight’ all day long. Scoot, you look like a hippy! Get a haircut 🙂 Kidding, sweetie.

      1. Deedles:
        Oh, the images. The silk dressing gown. The hair wrapped in a turban.

      2. Mistress Maddie:
        Who’s sitting in a chair? Deedles reclines on her divan… like Moose.

    1. Deedles:
      I buzz-cut my head the next day. It’s due again. I’m not as diligent as I used to be. (Nobody sees me.)

      1. Yeah, it’s time for me to get the ol’ clippers out again. I look like a gray dandelion. Well past the dingy cotton swab stage!

      2. Deedles,
        I wish I could grow enough hair to look like a dandelion. I look like someone ran a lawn mower through the dandelions!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      They don’t do it often, but when they do… out comes the camera. Usually the tongue slips back in before I can snap.

  3. Sweet Moose sleeps with his tongue out! I am going to give it my some today. If I give it my all I will be hooped tomorrow 🙂

    1. Cheapchick:
      You should be delighted that you can give it your Some! Moose only sometimes sleeps with his tongue out, but usually he slips it back in before I can get a picture.

  4. Perfect POV for the elevator shot! That jacket sure gave its all. I wish I had SG’s ability to focus on work; he doesn’t seem to be distracted at all. I did focus on preparing a big batch of coquitos (Google them!) for our afternoon libations, but it was downhill after that.

    1. Wilma:
      At home, SG is distracted all the time. At Mesón Salvador, he zones out (and spreads out). Ooh, coquitos! I love them. SG hates coconut, so I rarely treat myself. What was downhill? Did you have too many libations before making the coquitos?

    1. Jim:
      USUALLY, SG leaves me enough room for my coffee and my iPad. Usually. Afterall, he only has four tables to work with.

  5. First off, thanks for the Lady Day!!!

    Secondly, giving it my ‘some’ sounds like something I can do.

    Thirdly, Dudo and Moose. That’s all.

    1. Bob:
      Thanks for never tiring of Dudo and Moose. They make me smile (and drive me nuts). Yeah, I really like the idea of promising to give it my Some. Billie Holiday … incredible.

  6. That lift ( elevator) would freak me out with all those reflections of the old lady I don’t think I am !

    1. Frances:
      Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Those mirrors aren’t even flattering, so they only make it worse. Mesón Salvador has lots of mirrors. If we sit at our corner booth, I make SG sit on the outside, so I’m not looking over his shoulder at myself in the mirror!

  7. Amazing elevator photo, how many Mitchels can you count? Cute kitties, and even a mention on Spo today!

    1. David:
      I’ve taken several of those elevator shots and haven’t been completely satisfied. Will keep trying until I get one I REALLY like. This one just gives the idea (with me needing haircut, sleep, and mask removal — and a shave).

    1. Judy C:
      And that’s exactly why I ran and grabbed the camera. I couldn’t believe he didn’t suck it back in before I snapped!

      1. Oh there was a minor matter of pillaging of photos of pussycats. TBDHSR has been on the high-alert for your people coming with all sorts of nasty weapons.

      2. Urspo:
        My legal team has only legally acceptable weapons (as far as I know). The millions I’ve lost in royalty fees is a concern, but I’ll get over it… and I’ll try to reign in the lawyers. Like your board of directors, they’re difficult to control.

  8. I have been practicing “Gambatte” Do your best in Japanese, but I add ” just for today I try my best”.
    I like your friends comment.
    When I play with the gud dugs they will stop and look around or and chew the toy and I think ok I can get back to work and I found out that they want me to sit and watch them not work or look at my phone….

    1. Parsnip:
      Dudo and Moose are the same. If Dudo’s in bed with me (as in the photo on this post) he requires BOTH my hands and my full attention when I’m petting him. Petting with one hand while holding the iPad in the other is NOT allowed.

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