Fat unicorn, pumpkin patch / Unicornio gordo, huerto de calabazas

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AS YOU KNOW, I LOVE to wander and explore. So, here are more photos from Friday’s ramble around town. These aren’t from the neighborhood but from other parts of the city of Fuengirola. The Port of Fuengirola is 1.5 km/1 mile from home. Two kilometres from home, I saw what I thought was a pumpkin patch. It was not. San Geraldo grew up calling them punkins. I, of course, did not. What do you say?

I also saw the native Mediterranean rhino (there’s no such thing). Maybe it was the famed, extinct, fat unicorn. I’ve shared a photo at bottom, so you can decide.

Speaking of fat unicorns, I stepped on the scale today. I haven’t done so for quite some time. I have never in my life had a weight problem (well, I have, but it was always that I was underweight). I assumed I was back at the weight I had been some months ago — the most I had ever weighed — when I decided it was time to get back in shape. I quickly lost that weight (just 6 pounds). And then came sciatica flare-ups, depression, and that overall bad attitude. I could tell I’d gotten thick around the middle and assumed I had gained back what I had lost. Hah! I now want to lose more than 12 pounds. San Geraldo said it’s all muscle. As our dear old friend Daisy would say, San Geraldo lies like a rug!

Oh, I woke up with almost no pain from the sciatica. I got out of bed without pain (and without any help) and could even tie my shoes without yowling. I don’t know how long it will last, but it sure does feel good.


COMO SABES, ME ENCANTA VAGAR y explorar. Entonces, aquí hay más fotos del paseo del viernes por la ciudad. No son del barrio, sino de otros puntos de la ciudad de Fuengirola. El puerto de Fuengirola está a 1,5 km de casa. A dos kilómetros de casa, vi lo que pensé que era un huerto de calabazas. No era. San Geraldo creció llamándolos “punkins”. Yo, por supuesto, yo no, porque “pumpkin” es correcto.

También vi el rinoceronte mediterráneo nativo (no existe tal cosa). O tal vez fue el famoso, extinto y gordo unicornio. Compartí una foto en la parte inferior, así que puedes decidir.

Hablando de unicornios gordos, hoy subí a la báscula. No lo he hecho desde hace bastante tiempo. Nunca en mi vida he tenido un problema de peso (bueno, sí, pero siempre estaba por debajo de mi peso). Supuse que había vuelto al peso que tenía hace algunos meses, lo más que había pesado en mi vida, cuando decidí que era hora de volver a estar en forma. Perdí rápidamente ese peso (solo 3 kilos). Y luego vinieron los brotes de ciática, la depresión y esa mala actitud en general. Me di cuenta de que me había engrosado por la mitad y asumí que había recuperado lo que había perdido. ¡Ja! Ahora quiero perder más de 6 libras. San Geraldo dijo que todo es músculo. ¡San Geraldo miente!

Oh, me desperté casi sin dolor de la ciática. Me levanté de la cama sin dolor (y sin ayuda) e incluso pude atarme los zapatos sin aullar. No sé cuánto durará, pero seguro que se siente bien.

• At first glance, I thought it was a pumpkin patch. It’s alongside a popular plaza and behind a sanitation building on the beach. I don’t know what’s being done or not being done. Except for the addition of foam sealer, it’s been like that for a very long time. How do you spell UGLY?
• A primera vista, pensé que era un huerto de calabazas. Está al lado de una plaza popular y detrás de un edificio de saneamiento en la playa. No sé qué se está haciendo o qué no se está haciendo. Excepto por la adición de sellador de espuma, ha sido así durante mucho tiempo. ¿Cómo se escribe FEO?
The sanitation building.
El edificio de saneamiento.
• The white building in background is the main post office.
• El edificio blanco al fondo es la oficina principal de correos.
• Orange blossoms and bee. I’m so brave. I was there first. I didn’t panic.
• Azahar y abeja. Soy tan valiente. Yo estuve allí primero. No entré en pánico.
• The native Mediterrean rhino (or the extinct, fat unicorn).
• El rinoceronte mediterráneo nativo (o el extinto, unicornio gordo).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “Fat unicorn, pumpkin patch / Unicornio gordo, huerto de calabazas”

  1. Your pumpkin patch looks like some form of clay pipe ? My Tangelo, Orange, Lemon trees are covered in a thick wet heavy snow right now. I am happy for the rain and snow I will have to have the Tree People out to try and save what ever they can. I haven’t been watching the news or the weather and this just snuck up on me.
    You live in such a beautiful place.

    1. Parsnip:
      The pumpkin patch is spray foam, which is usually used for thermal insulation. I don’t know if a building is supposed to be going up on that site, but nothing has happened for a long time. I hope all your plants survive the snow!

  2. So nice to see your flowering photos of Spring. Wish we could say the same here, it will be at least another month before all the little snow we have is gone and then the clean up after Winter. Lucky you to be always underweight, though as you get wiser with age, pounds to creep up, must something scientific about wisdom and weight. Well you can always say it’s not weight I am looking prosperous now.

    1. Laurent:
      Today was beautiful again, and it looks like it will remain pleasant until Friday at least. I used to always whine about the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I could hardly gain any weight. It’s only taken 60+ years to catch up with… a little bit. I don’t want to look “prosperous.”

  3. fat unicorn; bet it doesn’t have rainbow glitter farts!
    best pix – the bee and the orange blossoms.
    and kids chase pigeons all over the world.
    the lizarran restaurant looks good.

    1. anne marie:
      Lizarran is a chain and it’s actually very good. And, yep, kids chase pigeons everywhere. Can you imagine the farts that would come from that unicorn?

  4. All these pictures made me happy today. Flowers will always win me over.

    I haven’t been on a scale in awhile. Who wants to watch the wheel go past 0 three times? And at least San Geraldo lies. My ex one time, during sex, while I was on top said, Are you gaining weight? You feel heavier?” Talk about a mood breaker. I did indeed gain weight though, he was right. It was all the soft drink I used to drink. I lost 13 lbs. by just cutting that out and exercise, and never did go back to drinking it much…maybe two sodas a week now. Last I checked I was almost 140, the most ever, but I also work out more now and daily exercise

    And I have a new follower I noticed and he seem to live in Segovia. Is that near you anywhere?

    1. Mistress “G” Borghese:
      Your ex, what a jerky thing to say. I prefer to be told I’ve put on 10 more pounds of muscle… even if it IS a lie. Segovia is only about 450 miles mostly north! It’s supposed to be a beautiful place.

  5. Extinct fat unicorn. You live in a very special place. Our citrus trees are blooming, too. The smell is intoxicating; as your absence of pain must be.

    1. Wilma:
      Yes, where else can you find Mediterranean rhinos? It’s been a great mostly pain-free day!

  6. Given the choice of landing on an orange blossom and landing on you, it would seem the bee made the right choice. Lucky for you. Not that you aren’t sweet :), but hey, as we all acknowledged yesterday, the scent of orange blossoms is just too scrumptious.

    So happy to hear that you are having a break from the sciatica. May the beast forever stay away.

    1. Mary:
      I’m very glad the bee chose the orange blossom. I’m allergic and I don’t have an epi-pen (note to self: get a new epi-pen).

      1. Me, too. Replaced my epi-pen in January in anticipation of the C jab. Have had anaphylactic reactions in the past–including one from a sting–but fortunately only had a sore arm from the first shot. Had my second jab earlier today and so far only have a sore arm and slight temp. Hope those continue to be my only issues.

      2. Mary:
        Great news about the second shot. Hope side effects got no worse. I REALLY need to get my epi-pen!

    1. Cheapchick:
      It is SO beautiful right now! And, yes, a pain-free day is a gift.

  7. Plaza tan feo.

    Id be careful calling that unicorn fat. I’ve heard it pisses them off.

    Loved the walk and the architecture and the open street cafes. Love.

    1. Bob:
      I actually changed “fat” to “husky” and then changed it back. The unicorn will forgive me. It’s so nice to see people enjoying meals and drinks at the cafes. They still have to close at 6 p.m. here in town, so lunch is the thing. Also, they look a bit too close for comfort in the photos, but the tables and people were all really well spread out.

  8. I am sure I grew up saying ‘pumkin’. Much later did I add that 2nd ‘p’.
    I can sense your relief waking up and getting up with no pain. Hope it continues pain-free.

    1. Jim:
      I hven’t had a pain-free morning in weeks, so I’m grateful for just one right now (although I wouldn’t mind having the same when I get up tomorrow).

  9. Hmmmmm…given that it’s behind the sanitation building, I might give that “pumpkin patch” a wide berth. Who knows what’s going on there?!

    1. Steve:
      It’s so strange that it’s visible all these years from the plaza filled with outdoor cafes. A picturesque location alongside the beach and below the statue of Mediterranea… and that eyesore.

    1. Debra:
      I really debated changing fat to something else, like husky. Hadn’t thought of fluffy! I know how I always felt about the word “skinny.”

  10. I looked up “galanga.” It’s a rhizome used interchangeably with ginger. Those *could* be galanga plants in the window, next to the rhino. What a rhino has to do with it, I’m not sure. Isn’t rhino horn reputed to be an aphrodisiac? Is that where the term “horny” comes from?

    I think I may have had too much coffee this morning.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      And I’ve cut out caffeine, so haven’t had ENOUGH coffee this morning. Thanks for looking up galanga. I had meant to, bud didn’t. I DO, however, know about horny (oh, stop). It goes back hundreds of years (I think more than 500). It started out to describe something made of horn; evolved to mean something hard; and the obvious connection was made.

    1. David:
      You are very kind. But I’ve got two problems: 1) Diabetes, genetic, so I don’t need to complicate things with extra weight; 2) All my shirts are slim fit and they’re all snug where the slim is supposed to be! As shallow as I am, I think the slim-fit shirts are more important to me! Besides, I have A LOT of shirts and I sure wouldn’t want to have to replace them all. Not to mention the 12 pairs of 32-inch waist Levis of all colors. THREE problems!

      1. Urspo:
        Fortunately, it takes little effort (still) for me to get back in shape. I’m already doing well.

  11. The second p in pumpkin goes unvoiced between the m and the k, so it’s barely noticeable. Even pronouncing with excruciating correctness, the word comes out as pumkin. That’s how my pronunciation comes out, at least. Try to voice that second p and see of you succeed; bet it’ll sound weird. Anywho… when I’m being cute (and when am I not cute???) and goofing around, I’ll say punkin. As a term of endearment, I always say punkin, as in “How’s my little punkin today?” or “Bless your little punkin haid!” How’s that for a lot of needless information?

    1. wickedhamster:
      Yes, I succeed. I seriously do say pumPkin. SG’s whole family says punkin. And, as long as we’re confessing, he’s been known to call me “punkin doots.” Sometimes, he just calls out “Punkin”? to which I respond, “Yeah, Doots?”

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