Missed it! / ¡Lo perdimos!

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We had a delicious new year’s eve in the best of company at Elena and Tynan’s home with our Christmas Eve dinner gang (click here), Isa, Alexander, and Paula. But San Geraldo and I only lasted until 11:50 p.m. before walking back home, so the new year was rung in without us.

Isa made her world-famous croquetas. One burst in the cooking and looked like a biology experiment (something you might find preserved in formaldehyde). Elena stuffed it back inside the “shell” and ate it herself. Elena made her world-famous tuna canapés and served an exceptional meal you can see below. She’s an excellent cook who makes it all look easy.

San Geraldo made brownies and lemon-raspberry bars. Heaven. SG cut off the outer edge of the brownies, so they’d look more regular. That means we have that outer edge to enjoy after lunch. We already finished off after breakfast the two pieces of lemon-raspberry bars we kept for ourselves.

Although we didn’t stay up very late, we remained in bed until after 10 this morning. The photo above is the last sunrise of 2022. Did Earth really make it all the way around the sun to 2023? May it be a better year.


Tuvimos una deliciosa Nochevieja en la mejor compañía en la casa de Elena y Tynan con nuestra pandilla de cena de Nochebuena (haz clic aquí), Isa, Alexander y Paula. Pero San Geraldo y yo solo duramos hasta las 23:50 antes de caminar de regreso a casa, así que el año nuevo comenzó sin nosotros.

Isa hizo sus famosas croquetas. Uno estalló en la cocina y parecía un experimento de biología (algo que podrías encontrar conservado en formaldehído). Elena lo metió de nuevo dentro del “caparazón” y se lo comió ella misma. Elena hizo sus mundialmente famosos canapés de atún y sirvió una comida excepcional que puedes ver a continuación. Es una excelente cocinera que hace que todo parezca fácil.

San Geraldo hizo brownies y barras de limón y frambuesa. Cielo. SG cortó el borde exterior de los brownies para que se vieran más regulares. Eso significa que tenemos ese borde exterior para disfrutar después del almuerzo. Ya terminamos después del desayuno las dos barritas de limón y frambuesa que nos reservamos.

Aunque no nos quedamos despiertos hasta muy tarde, nos quedamos en la cama hasta después de las 10 de la mañana. La foto de arriba es el último amanecer de 2022. ¿Realmente la Tierra dio la vuelta completa al sol hasta 2023? Que sea un año mejor.

• Friday. Another city sponsored pop-up street performance.
• Viernes. Otra ciudad patrocinó una actuación callejera emergente.
• Alexander always manages to sneak a Star Wars figure (or four) into Elena’s Belén. I wonder how things would have turned out had they actually been there.
• Alexander siempre logra colar una figura de Star Wars (o cuatro) en el Belén de Elena. Me pregunto cómo habrían resultado las cosas si realmente hubieran estado allí.
• What vital organ is that?
¿Qué órgano vital es ese?
• Isa leads biology class.
• Isa dirige la clase de biología.
• We cleaned the plates — just to be polite.
• Limpiamos los platos — solo por cortesía.
• I never liked fish soup until I had Elena’s Christmas 2014. Still the best.
• Nunca me gustó la sopa de pescado hasta que tuve la sopa de Elena la Navidad de 2014. Sigue siendo la mejor.
• Elena sat down to her soup and couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t see it. She had forgotten to remove her reading (i.e., cooking) glasses — and her apron.
• Elena se sentó a comer su sopa y no podía entender por qué no podía verla. Se había olvidado de quitarse los anteojos para leer (es decir, para cocinar) — y el delantal.
• My mouth waters just thinking about this meal.
• Se me hace agua la boca solo de pensar en esta comida.

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20 thoughts on “Missed it! / ¡Lo perdimos!”

  1. I wish you both a very Happy New Year ~ our world is snowless the 1st time ever, so I feel like Spring is here already. With that I hope 2023 is so very good for the both of you! Cheers + chocolate brownie ends ~ YUM!!!

    1. Ron:
      We spoke to SG’s sister in South Dakota yesterday. She showed us the enormous snow drifts in the neighborhood and said they were supposed to get another 10 inches of snow today. Here’s to chocolate brownie ends!

  2. Oh, had you only managed to stay the course for those last ten minutes… Mind, you, with all that food I’m surprised you weren’t having a “Nana nap” in an armchair 😌. Happy 2023, boys! Jx

    1. Jon:
      Oddly, we’re always up well past midnight but couldn’t manage it on New Year’s Eve. SG usually has a nanna nap in an armchair. I think I even have a photo of him doing just that at their house some years past.

  3. I went to bed at 11PM local time and slept in – it was a good night’s sleep. This isn’t exciting but it feels a good way to start a year.

  4. We were in bed by 10:30pm but it was already New Year in Times Square, so it was official. Please share your secret for eating and not gaining weight. Do you just take pictures of food and not eat it? Happy New Year!

    1. Frank:
      I do now get thicker around the middle than I like. To keep that under control, however, I walk miles and miles every week and regularly go to the gym. I don’t tend to eat until I’m bursting either.

    1. Kirk:
      I forgot to take photos of the flyers Alexander hung from the ceiling. Imagine how shocked they were in old Bethlehem.

  5. That exploded croqueta looks scary, though I imagine it tested just fine!

    We had drinks and nibbles with the Round The Way gays and were home before midnight and up until after 1AM; we slept in until 8:30 at which time Consuelo began her March Across The Daddies because she wanted breakfast!

    1. Bob:
      I told Isa there was no way I could eat that thing. But, Elena saved us all. She used her fingers to stuff it back together so said she wouldn’t expect anyone else to eat it. I think I’d prefer Consuelo’s March Across The Daddies to Moose’s non-stop yowling.

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