A blowout / Un soplado

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The winds haven’t eased even for a moment. I couldn’t resist and finally went out for a walk Friday afternoon. It was exhilarating and I received free microdermabrasion. I had to pull my hood across my face at times to protect myself from the stinging sand. Thinking I might avoid some of the worst of the winds on my way home, I turned off the beach and took one of the small streets running parallel. It didn’t do much good because the cross-winds raging down each alley were even more intense. At one point, I heard something smash on the street behind me. I turned to see a flower pot had been blown off a balcony and crashed right where I had just been walking. Nope, not a great day for a walk.

Today is San Geraldo’s birthday. We’re going out for dinner tonight on the Paseo. The wind has been blowing in that direction. Instead of the usual five minutes to get there, it should take us about a minute and a half. Maybe a half hour to get home.

I’m letting my beard grow with the plan to have it professionally trimmed and shaped (sculpted) next week. It was quite puffy when I got home.

The top photo was shot through the bedroom window this morning. The four videos that follow total less than 3 minutes.


Los vientos no han amainado ni por un momento. No pude resistirme y finalmente salí a caminar el viernes por la tarde. Fue emocionante y recibí microdermoabrasión gratis. A veces tenía que ponerme la capucha sobre la cara para protegerme de la arena punzante. Pensando que podría evitar algunos de los peores vientos de camino a casa, salí de la playa y tomé una de las pequeñas calles paralelas. No sirvió de mucho porque los vientos cruzados que azotaban cada callejón eran aún más intensos. En un momento, escuché algo romperse en la calle detrás de mí. Me giré para ver que una maceta había volado de un balcón y se había estrellado justo donde había estado caminando. No, no es un gran día para caminar.

Hoy es el cumpleaños de San Geraldo. Saldremos a cenar esta noche al Paseo. El viento ha estado soplando en esa dirección. En lugar de los habituales cinco minutos para llegar allí, deberíamos tardar alrededor de un minuto y medio. Tal vez una media hora para llegar a casa.

Me estoy dejando crecer la barba con el plan de tenerla recortada y moldeada profesionalmente (esculpida) la próxima semana. Estaba bastante hinchado cuando llegué a casa.

La foto superior fue tomada a través de la ventana del dormitorio esta mañana. Los cuatro videos que siguen suman menos de 3 minutos.

• A view from the terrace. I have no idea what he was raking. That area was under water when I returned home.
• Una vista desde la terraza. No tengo idea de lo que estaba rastrillando. Esa área estaba bajo el agua cuando regresé a casa.
• A wayward jellyfish.
• Una medusa descarriada.
• These paths are now completely buried.
• Estos paseos ahora están completamente enterrados.
Dune / Duna
• Check out the lumpy, greenish-yellow bridge of my nose.
• Fíjese en el puente amarillo verdoso y abultado de mi nariz.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “A blowout / Un soplado”

  1. The videos are most dramatic; Love the sound of the wind in the one of the pool. I consider the man bobbing in the waves to be most unwise. I simply adore the still pic of the waves.

    1. Wicked Hamster:
      SG and I were shocked to see that guy in the water. I don’t care how good a swimmer he is, that was dangerous. All entrances to the beach have since been cordoned off.

  2. Certainly not the time to have your camera outside! All that sand must really create a lot of work for cleanup…….that swimming pool must have/get its own ‘beach’ after the blowing sands settles?
    I have tried to grow my beard but never get beyond around day five or so…..too itchy!!

    1. Jim:
      Thankfully, the iPhone’s lenses are well sealed. After a week my beard doesn’t itch.

  3. Happiest of days to SG! And cheers to many more.
    Maybe they could sculpt that lump on your nose into something while they’re doing your beard???

    1. Bob:
      Mistress Maddie would know how to camouflage the bump(s) on my nose. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. I finally did my geography lesson and now know that’s the Mediterranean. I’m not a sea/ocean person, but I sure do love seeing the photos and videos you share. It’s a beautiful location. As for walking in that wind, I think the sand in the air would make me fear for my eyes.

    Happy birthday to SG! I hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight in celebration!

    1. Kelly:
      And sections of the Mediterranean have different names. We’re on the part called the Alborán Sea, although you’ll never hear anyone call it that. I prefer living by the sea. And, yes, I was very careful of my eyes with that wind. Thanks from SG.

  5. Many happy returns, SG! Hope you had a lovely dinner.

    PS for M–Next time you take a walk in the wind, bring along one of your covid masks. Would spare you the unintended dermabrasion. I still use mine on cold winter days to keep my lungs/face from freezing.

  6. Happy Birthday San Geraldo. I will buy you one order of Nathan’s french fries (small) the next time you are here.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen whitecaps in a swimming pool! And that guy in the last vid looks foolhardy.

    I never knew “olas” means “waves.” In Fort Lauderdale, the main drag is called Las Olas Boulevard. Suddenly I understand!

    1. Steve:
      We’ve had white caps and even tsunamis before in our pool. It’s wild. Yes, the swimmer was not very bright. I’m always surprised when I realize place names I’ve known forever actually mean something.

  8. About the same speed on the wind that we had some places on Wednesday.And we also had snow/slush . Hope you had a great birthday party. By the way,you looks great 🥰 give Jerry a big hugs from me ❤️❤️

    1. Elin:
      Yes, I’d rather be here… Although being there with you would warm us up. I just gave Jerry a big hug from you.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We’ve got the new Dune on our list. Need to watch it. Thanks from Jerry!

  9. Ironically, our last day in Spain was beautiful, sunny and warm. Dammit. Never mind, eh? The storms didn’t stop us having a great holiday! Jx

    PS Happy birhday, SG.

    1. Jon:
      We had a holiday like that in Key West. Six days of rain and cold. The day we left was glorious for our flight to Miami and north. But the guest house in Key West had no heat and no warm blankets. We slept in the winter clothes we wore to the airport in Connecticut.

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