Dust in the wind / Polvo en el viento

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We have severe wind warnings today. Gusts up to 90 kph / 55 mph. With all the palm fronds, tree branches, and debris flying around, I wouldn’t even chance a walk to the gym. I didn’t open a window for clear photos. I did, however, remember to open the glass door before trying to get onto the terrace. I have no new injuries to report. The top photo is what I awoke to this morning. It looks like the cats brought the rave inside last night.


Hoy tenemos avisos de vientos fuertes. Ráfagas de hasta 90 kph / 55 mph. Con todas las hojas de palma, las ramas de los árboles y los escombros volando, ni siquiera me arriesgaría a caminar hasta el gimnasio. No abrí una ventana para fotos claras. Sin embargo, me acordé de abrir la puerta de cristal antes de intentar salir a la terraza. No tengo nuevas lesiones que reportar. La foto superior es con lo que me desperté esta mañana. Parece que los gatos trajeron el delirio adentro anoche.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Dust in the wind / Polvo en el viento”

  1. Looks dark and gloomy but at least you still get to see the ocean. It’s gotten very warm and Mild here but we’re actually having some high winds ourselves today. I might have to make sure my coiffure is taped down good today!!!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      It’s spectacular. Much brighter right now, but the wind hasn’t eased for a minute. I went out yesterday. Wait until you see what happened to my beard.

  2. Smart that you don’t venture out there…..those a high winds!
    The ‘boys’ probably ‘felt’ those stormy winds coming.

    1. Jim:
      And still the boys insist on going out on the terrace… for 15 seconds at a time. I just sit by the door.

  3. Stay in and enjoy watching the ocean at a safe distance, Scoot. Please allow current injuries to heal before getting new ones to report. Just sayin’.

    1. Deedles:
      I couldn’t resist and went out yesterday afternoon. I survived… but there was a near miss.

  4. Wow! That looks very windy! I wouldn’t want to get out in it, either. It does look like someone had a good time overnight. I’m sure they’re not letting on to anything.

    1. Kelly:
      The cats have no clue what happened in the living room. Dudo was simply relieved when I put it back together so he could lie down.

  5. Your photos are fabulous. When we get the high winds it is dusty and the trees bend.
    The kitties were having fun last night. They knew the winds were coming.

    1. Parsnip:
      We have the benefit of microdermabrasion from the beach sand. The terrace windows are becoming opaque from salt and sand. The kitties were doing their damage while the winds raged. It’s been blowing since Wednesday night.

  6. Cyclonic winds? I have trouble with Bert getting him to fold the blankets when he’s done. Of course, he would say, “I’m never done.” Cats.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yes, cats! And, yes, los cyclonicos are back with a vengeance. Still going strong,

  7. The terrace at our apartment looked like an apocalypse by the time we left – chairs, sunbeds and everything upturned and all over the place! It was the worst storm we’ve ever encountered in Andalusia. It didn’t stop us having a great holiday, however (as my latest post will attest)! Jx

    1. Jon:
      The terraces can be so dangerous in these winds. Imagine the furniture flying over the railings.

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