Like a spa day / Como un día de spa

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My 35 minutes at La Barbería Dimitri Patrick was like a day at a spa, not that I’ve ever had a day at a spa. I went beyond the “Beard Ritual” and had a facial and more. Nico asked if I wanted my nose hair trimmed. Blech. I never talk about nose hair. But I said “sure”. He placed something warm in my nostrils. It was a pleasure. A while later, he yanked. Yow! Of course it was wax. How did I not realize? I said, “That was surprise.” Nico laughed and said it tends to go better that way.

I had compresses on my eyes, hot towels, ice-cold towels. I felt like a new man when I left, although I may not look like one. What luxury. I love the shape of my beard and can now let it grow longer and have it sculpted into the form I imagine. Nico has skills.

I felt so good when we went to Mesón Salvador for Valentine’s Dinner last night. Photos of that beautiful, creative, and delicious meal will come tomorrow. I called The Kid Brother from the restaurant (we didn’t get home until midnight) and he loved saying “hi” to everyone before I took him outside — where I froze. I told him I’d call him again Thursday. He loves when I’m out for our calls. He beams when he’s introduced to everyone and, of course, he got to say “hi” to San Geraldo.

You may remember that I took photos through the glass curtain on the terrace several days ago (click here). Well, that’s no longer possible. After days of dust and sand being whipped around, the windows are no longer transparent. Even worse, there’s a calima today — desert winds carrying sand and dust from the Sahara. Fortunately, it’s mild and nothing like what we experienced last March (click here). The cloudy glass makes the view kind of dreary. If the gusting winds ease, I may open the glass curtain and simply brush off the dust until it’s time for a washing.


Mis 35 minutos en La Barbería Dimitri Patrick fueron como un día en un spa, no es que haya tenido un día en un spa. Fui más allá del “Ritual de la barba” y me hice un tratamiento facial y más. Nico me preguntó si quería que me cortaran el vello de la nariz. Blech. Nunca hablo del vello de la nariz. Pero dije seguro. Puso algo tibio en mis fosas nasales. Fue un placer. Un rato después, tiró. ¡Oye! Por supuesto que era cera. Como no me di cuenta. Dije: “Eso fue una sorpresa”. Nico dijo que tiende a ir mejor de esa manera.

Tenía compresas en los ojos, toallas calientes, toallas heladas. Me sentí como un hombre nuevo cuando me fui, aunque puede que no lo parezca. que lujo. Me encanta la forma de mi barba y ahora puedo dejarla crecer y esculpirla en la forma que imagino. Nico tiene habilidades.

Me sentí tan bien cuando fuimos a Mesón Salvador para la cena de San Valentín anoche. Las fotos de esa hermosa, creativa y deliciosa comida llegarán mañana. Llamé a The Kid Brother desde el restaurante (no llegamos a casa hasta la medianoche) y le encantaba saludar a todo el mundo antes de llevarlo afuera, donde me congelé. Le dije que lo llamaría de nuevo el jueves. Le encanta cuando estoy fuera para nuestras llamadas. Sonríe cuando le presentan a todos y, por supuesto, tuvo que saludar a San Geraldo.

Tal vez recuerdes que tomé fotos a través de la cortina de vidrio en la terraza hace varios días (haz clic aquí). Bueno, eso ya no es posible. Después de días de polvo y arena, las ventanas ya no son transparentes. Peor aún, hoy hay una calima: vientos del desierto que transportan arena y polvo del Sahara. Afortunadamente, es leve y no se parece en nada a lo que experimentamos en marzo pasado. (haz clic aquí). El vidrio nublado hace que la vista sea un poco lúgubre. Si las ráfagas de viento amainan, puedo abrir la cortina de vidrio y simplemente sacudir el polvo hasta que sea hora de lavar.

• Nico the Barber.
• Nico el Peluquero.
• Still a bumpier nose, but the bruise colors are fading. Great edges.
• Aún tiene la nariz más protuberante, pero los colores de los moretones se están desvaneciendo. Grandes bordes.
• As the beard grows, I’ll have the chin more squared. I want it to look geometric.
• A medida que crezca la barba, tendré el mentón más cuadrado. Quiero que se vea geométrico.
• On my way home, I picked up ranunculus for San Geraldo.
• De camino a casa, recogí ranunculus para San Gerardo.
• SG with his mother in the ranunculus fields of Carlsbad, California, north of San Diego. 1998.
• SG con su madre en los campos de ranunculus de Carlsbad, California, al norte de San Diego. 1998.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Like a spa day / Como un día de spa”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture of San Geraldo with his mother. I love ranunculus, it’s one of my all-time favorite flowers by far. And also is one of the most expensive flowers to get for cut flowers. But if you change the water daily or every two days and trim the tips of the stems they usually last much longer.

    And if you enjoyed that you really should get a whole spa day. I usually have a whole spa day once a season. I have a gift certificate my mother got me for Christmas that I have to use…for my winter visit… and I was trying to squeeze it in before my trip but I don’t think that’s going to happen. But a whole day at the spa is Heavenly … hour and a half full body massage , body wrap , facial manicure pedicure, and hand paraffin dip.. when I come out of there I’m so relaxed and just want to sleep.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I paid 14 euros for the two bunches. Could have gotten by with one, but … plots of blooming today. I’ve never done the whole spa thing. Just facials a while back. Easy to get hooked… if it’s the right place.

    1. Debra,
      I’d never thought of a nose wax. Kind of a nice feeling after the fact. I wonder if the nose will ever go back to its semi-original state.

  2. Lookin’ cute, Scoot! Ranuncula is a lousy name for such a beautiful flower. It sounds like some kind of alien lifeform in a horror movie.

  3. I’d rather like to experience Nico’s “skills”…

    Yes, Ranunculus (giant cousin to the wild native European Buttercup) is a beautiful flower – but to my mind, looks better as a cut flower than it does in a border.


  4. I had to look up Ranuncula. I’m familiar with buttercups, but not flowers like you’ve shown.

    The beard looks great! You are very handsome – SG is a lucky man.

  5. I’m sure I’d yelp over a nose wax. The beard looks great after some pampering. I think you should give it a name.


    1. Janiejunebug:
      I think the beard needs to grow some more and find itself before I name it. Maybe there should be a vote.

    1. Unspo:
      Where do they come from. You check and there’s nothing. 10 minutes later and another glance in the mirror introduces one hair 2 inches long.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      He had a different machine for every move. No wonder it looks so messy when I do it myself.

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