I won’t do that / No, ya no lo haré

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While out and about Saturday, I caught a couple of guys doing aerial maneuvers on the beach. So much fun to watch. I say “aerial maneuvers,” but it required a willingness to spend time in the sand. While they maneuvered, a friend arrived with his dog. The dog had a rock. She repeatedly buried it, dug it up, and snarled at it. And that’s all she needed, as you can see below.

As for me, I paid too much to have my teeth straightened so I won’t be biting rocks. And I had enough trouble with somersaults when I was a kid. So, no, I won’t do that either. How about you? Were you (or are you) acrobatic?


Mientras estaba fuera el sábado, atrapé a un par de tipos haciendo maniobras aéreas en la playa. Muy divertido para ver. Digo “maniobras aéreas”, pero requería la voluntad de pasar tiempo en la arena. Mientras maniobraban, llegó un amigo con su perro. El perro tenía una roca. Ella lo enterró repetidamente, lo desenterró y le gruñó. Y eso es todo lo que necesitaba, como puedes ver a continuación.

En cuanto a mí, pagué demasiado para que me enderezaran los dientes para no estar mordiendo rocas. Y tuve suficientes problemas con los saltos mortales cuando era niño. Entonces, no, tampoco lo haré. ¿Y tú? ¿Eras (o eres) acrobático?

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30 thoughts on “I won’t do that / No, ya no lo haré”

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      We’re having temps in the 70s and even over 80 a couple of days. Great beach weather. I wish I could have caught a shot of the dog when he would fling the rock and then chase it.

  1. I could do a back flip.
    That’s all.
    PS Hard to tell who is having more fun, the dog or the acrobats. I’m kinda leaning dog.

    1. Bob,
      I never even attempted a back flip. I’m in awe! Acrobats or dog? Definitely dog.

      1. Bob:
        My life choices have I think been daring. My athletics. Never.

  2. Life’s too short to waste time flinging yerself around on a beach! Beaches are for looking at from the vantage point of a beach bar. Jx

    1. Jon,
      I wish I hadn’t been such a coward when I was a kid. The thought of flying through the air like that.

  3. If I could make my body move like that, I would. Graceful is a term I have seldom used.

    1. David,
      I had good coordination. I wish I hadn’t been afraid to try things like that when I was a kid.

  4. The dog is likely training for an event in the canine Olympics. Spain was always strong in the Burying Objects event. 🇪🇸🐕🇪🇸🐕🇪🇸🐕

  5. Was I acrobatic? No. But I wish I was back in the day.
    Dogs can be SO entertaining to watch. And most are easily satisfied.
    Great photos by the way!

    1. Jim,
      I wish I hadn’t been such a coward when I was young. That dog was a riot and she terrified that rock.

  6. I managed to do a very bad “forward roll” on the gym class mat, but that was it. No cartwheels, no flips off the pommel horse, nothing like that. When I took swimming lessons, I couldn’t master a simple dive so they just let me crouch on the edge, stick my arms out to a point, and do a forward roll into the water and then called it a day.

    1. Debra:
      I did forward rolls, too, and probably badly. A forward roll into the water would be cool.

  7. Great action shots. Men and dog.

    I could do the splits (can almost still do them in my 70s–except for the getting up part :). Also could do cartwheels, as well as high kicks (nose high) and hitch-kicks (you tube has examples), but anything involving gym equipment like the pommel horse meant a guaranteed injury.

  8. You got some great photos, especially that first one!! Cartwheels were my specialty as a child.

    I knew of a Cocker Spaniel who had a stillbirth and ended up carrying around a rock like it was her puppy. It was kinda pitiful, actually.

    1. Kelly:
      I was too long and spindly for cartwheels… They were a mess. That’s a heartbreaking story about the cocker spaniel.

  9. That dog is hilarious! I love a dog that can entertain itself. I was never much of an acrobat — part of my brain was always saying, “Yeah, but WHY?”

    1. Steve,
      The dog entertained a few people along with me. I wasn’t an acrobat because I was afraid I’d hurt myself. And I didn’t like making a fool of myself. If I didn’t know I’d be naturally good immediately, I tended to avoid doing it. I would have loved it. A lot of missed opportunities.

  10. Less acrobat and more of a daredevil… I still have no fear of heights, speed or water. In fact, I’ve always LOVED to be in, on or near water. At 15, I tried water-skiing for the first time and I’ve never forgotten the thrill!

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