The Let-Down / La Decepción

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AFTER THE GLORIOUS uplift of San Geraldo’s birthday dinner Monday, I’ve spent a few days feeling let down. That’s the way my brain works. We’re going to Mesón Salvador tonight for their special Valentine’s dinner, which will give me another uplift. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, which I find simply another way to make children and adults feel unloved or left out, but I am a fan of Mesón Salvador’s specialty dinners.

Meanwhile, we continue to try to administer Moose’s antiseptic and antibiotic twice a day. We try. We haven’t done it yet today because he’s gotten too savvy. The little shit. If San Geraldo and I are both in the house and both awake and active, he makes himself scarce. Otherwise, he’s as affectionate as ever. Right now, he’s rubbing his head against my leg (San Geraldo is out shopping). He does sometimes let his guard down, however, and that’s when I grab him. And, unlike Dudo, he hasn’t learned the art of the grudge.

DESPUÉS DEL IMPRESIONANTE levantamiento de la cena de cumpleaños de San Geraldo el lunes, pasé unos días sintiéndome decepcionado. Así es como funciona mi cerebro. Iremos a Mesón Salvador esta noche para su cena especial de San Valentín, que me dará otra elevación. No soy un fanático del Día de San Valentín, que me parece simplemente otra forma de hacer que los niños y adultos se sientan no amados o excluidos, pero soy un fanático de las cenas especiales de Mesón Salvador.

Mientras tanto, seguimos tratando de administrar el antiséptico y el antibiótico a Moose dos veces al día. Intentamos. Aún no lo hemos hecho hoy porque se ha vuelto demasiado inteligente. El mierdito. Si San Geraldo y yo estamos en la casa y ambos estamos despiertos y activos, él se hace escaso. De lo contrario, es tan cariñoso como siempre. Ahora mismo, él está frotando su cabeza contra mi pierna (San Geraldo está de compras). Sin embargo, a veces baja la guardia y eso es cuando lo agarro. Y, a diferencia de Dudo, no ha aprendido el arte del rencor.

Maybe Moose was made nervous by the condition of the veterinarian’s previous patient. (San Geraldo told me he liked the “dinosaur model kit.”)
Tal vez la condición del paciente anterior del veterinario hizo que Moose se preocupara. (San Geraldo me dijo que le gusta el “kit de modelo de dinosaurio”).

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36 thoughts on “The Let-Down / La Decepción”

  1. Moose, don’t believe a word these two say!! Keep those eyes open! lol
    Cats are SO different than dogs…….Sophie LOvES any and all attention no matter what it is. When it’s time to have her nails clipped….BAM!!!…she can’t wait to get on the deck!!
    Happy Valentine’s you two.

  2. “You can’t catch ME, copper!” Enjoy your Valentines dinner tonight, even if you don’t like Valentines Day!

  3. I could never imagine giving medicine to a cat. Giving one to a dog is hard enough, and they’re easy to hold down (cats often are wily and not afraid to bite) and are gullible for food.

  4. I think every vet I have ever been to has that same model. It is a bit bizarre, how would we feel if there was a skeleton at every doctors surgery we go to?

    I do have a skeleton in my lounge room but that is a different kettle of fish. 🙂

  5. Nora’s willingness to swallow anything – can’t imagine where she got that trait from – and Nicky’s artful isolating and spitting out pills led to a slight overdose problem last week. Of course the fact that papa wasn’t full caffinated when these events happened didn’t exactly help.

  6. Poor Moose! You can’t blame him for hating it.

    As to how your brain works…”the letdown”….sigh. I know a little something about that stuff myself. I hope your dinner out lifted you up from the doldrums. After all, you and San Geraldo have two weeks left of birthday month celebrations, right? 🙂

    I hope you’re having a better day today. xx

      1. Jennifer,
        It’s not me I swear. WordPress for some reason sometimes has a delay. All three comments arrived within less than a minute. Thanks for sticking with me. I really do love when you visit! Despite some frustrations, I have had much less trouble … for myself and others … since switching from Blogger. Hope WordPress works things out soon!!! I’m writing today!

    1. Jennifer,
      By the way, thanks fo this! Doing fine today despite he post Valentine’s dinner let-down. Less than a week before another major birthday celebration… the birthday Trip! More to come on that.

  7. Cats are so savvy about knowing when “something” is afoot! Ours are the same as yours…they suddenly vanish, though we have learned that at least Consuelo can be lured out of hiding by the sound of a treats bag opening!

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