Always Chasing Rainbows / Siempre Persiguiendo Arcoiris

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

WINTER WEATHER IS making its appearance here on the Costa del Sol. It rained. One night recently. Maybe it was last week or the week before. I can’t remember. But it rained a lot that night. Temperatures have dropped to a frigid 18C (64F) during the day and sometimes even to 13C (55F) before sunrise. Brrr.

Fine, if those tempereatures don’t impress you, the winds have been blowing. And believe me, they do blow here. Trees come down, windows whistle and shake, and people hold onto each other as they walk along the Paseo.

I try staying inside during the worst windstorms because the winds wreak havoc with my allergies. Or maybe it’s a cold; I can never tell. San Geraldo had the same symptoms two days before me. He was better for a day and they kicked in again. He seemed to be mostly better yesterday. After a day off, my symptoms kicked in again yesterday. I took some cold medicine, which knocked me out. This all does wonders for my mood. Hence the song that comes to mind today. (Although my life has been filled with rainbows, sometimes I forget.) Despite my whining (whinging), I did get out Wednesday afternoon to add two more stamps to my erotic tapas passport. More on those tomorrow.

Although the sky has threatened and the clouds have been dark, we’ve had no more rain and, therefore, no more rainbows (click here). Except on Dudo (the rainbow, not the rain).


EL TIEMPO DE invierno está haciendo su aparición aquí en la Costa del Sol. Llovió. Una noche recientemente. Tal vez fue la semana pasada o la semana anterior. No me acuerdo. Pero llovió mucho esa noche. Las temperaturas han caído a una fría 18°C (64F) durante el día y, a veces, a 13°C (55F) antes del amanecer. Brrr.

Bien, si esas temperaturas no te impresionan, los vientos han estado soplando. Y créeme, ellos soplan aquí. Los árboles caen, las ventanas silban y tiemblan, y las personas se agarran mientras caminan por el Paseo.

Intento quedarme adentro durante las peores tormentas de viento porque los vientos causan estragos en mis alergias. O tal vez es un resfriado; nunca puedo decirlo. San Geraldo tuvo los mismos síntomas dos días antes que yo. Estuvo mejor por un día y patearon de nuevo. Parecía estar mayormente mejor ayer. Después de un día libre, mis síntomas comenzaron de nuevo ayer. Tomé algunos medicamentos para el resfriado, lo que me dejó inconsciente. Todo esto hace maravillas para mi estado de ánimo. De ahí la canción que me viene a la mente hoy. (Aunque mi vida ha estado llena de arcoíris, a veces lo olvido). A pesar de mis quejidos, salí el miércoles por la tarde para agregar dos sellos más a mi pasaporte de la tapa erótica. Más sobre esos mañana.

Aunque el cielo ha amenazado y las nubes han estado oscuras, no hemos tenido más lluvia y, por lo tanto, no más arcoiris (haz clic aquí). Excepto en Dudo (el arcoiris, no la lluvia).

Dudo caught the rainbow. Now he’s waiting to find a little bluebird (in vain, I hope, like the song says).
Dudo atrapó el arcoíris. Ahora está esperando encontrar un pequeño pájaro azul (en vano, espero, como dice la canción).


Siempre estoy persiguiendo arcoiris
Mirando las nubes a la deriva
Mis planes son como todos mis sueños
Terminando en el cielo
Algunas personas miran y encuentran la luz del sol
Siempre miro y encuentro la lluvia
Algunas personas ganan en algún momento
Ni siquiera hago una ganancia, créeme
Siempre estoy persiguiendo arcoiris
Esperando encontrar un pequeño pájaro azul en vano

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Always Chasing Rainbows / Siempre Persiguiendo Arcoiris”

  1. yayz, dudo’s gay!

    yesterday morning the temp at 6a was 23F. let THAT sink in. the high for yesterday was 30F. yeah.

    1. Anne Marie,
      Moose is gay, too. He wore a rainbow a while back.

      We froze coming here to the cafe this morning. 56F and real feel was 53! Poor us!

  2. Dudo rules! Ah Jane Oliver – the singer of choice when you’d been dumped in the 70s and you wanted everyone in the bar to know – as if you sobbing into your sixth Harvey Wallbanger wasn’t hint enough!

    1. Willym,
      I loved Jane Olivor! And loved crying in the car to her cassettes… I have NEVER had a Harvey Wallbanger. Is it worth trying?

      1. It was a popular drink back when you were far too young to drink anything but mother’s milk. And from what I remember it was cloying, and very intoxicating.

      2. Willym:
        Well, although the drink MAY have been INVENTED in 1952, 2 years before I was born, I don’t think you were in a much better position to order one at that time. Vodka, orange juice, and Galliano… no, I don’t think I’ll try it.

      3. For some reason it was a popular at The Quest – a gay bar on Yonge St in Toronto – in the 1970s and at parties in selected households. And I was legal – for so many things!!!!!!

      4. Willym:
        I, too, was legal for so many things by the 1970s… although most of what I did at that time was not [legal].

  3. I suppose ‘winter’ is a relative term for everyone. Season/time changes take their tolls at the beginning. Then we all get ‘used’ to it and another switch happens!! Gotta LOVE it! arg
    There is a certain beauty that ‘grayness’ displays to us. You have captured that very well.
    Hoping you and SG feel better soon.
    Haven’t heard anything by Jane Olivor in a very long time. Thanks.

    1. Jim,
      I have t listened to Jane Olivor for ages. What a voice. It’s amazing how my body has changed over the years. 50F is Arctic now!

  4. Jane Oliver ~ 1980 ~ Orpheum ~ Vancouver….. give it a google…that is where we heard Jane.
    Thanks for the memory burp!

  5. Rainbow Kitty is real!!!!!

    We had a loooooong hot summer here in Smallville and then yesterday it dropped into the 20s and everyone’s complaining about the cold. Seriosusy, two weeks ago they were saying it was too hot.

    Makes me wanna hit someone … with an icicle.

    1. Bob,
      We’re supposed to have several consecutive days of ran next week. I love rain. I miss rainy days. I’ll be complaining after 2 days, I’m sure.

  6. I love Dudo’s rainbow! And I had a nice chuckle about your frigid 18 degrees. That’s a nice summer day in Canada.

    1. Debra,
      Our blood has gotten SO thin after years of living in climates like this. To think we met in Boston… and SG grew up in South Dakota.

  7. Oh, cut it out already with the whining about the cold. It’s already been down in the teens (Fahrenheit) here in Upstate NY. But all is forgiven because of Dudo and his rainbow. Tell him from his Aunt A. Marie that he’s a lovely boy–as if he didn’t already know it.

  8. That rainbow picture of Dudo! Very cool shot. We have the grey rainy skies now every day, unfortunately the one flaw of Vancouver Island

    1. Cheapchick:
      Oh, but Vancouver Island has everything else! We’re supposed to have 3 or 4 days of rain beginning Tuesday evening. I’m elated (but I’ll probably be whining come Thursday).

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