Like Bunnies / Como Conejitos

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, I stopped at two more places on the Ruta de la Tapa Erótica (the Route of the Erotic Tapa). Click here if you missed the first ones. I’ve now got four stamps in my “Passport” and need six more by 19 November if I hope to win a €2,000 vacation, or anything else. Our neighbors, Jean and Ray, joined me this time around and our second stop was a restaurant serving a dessert “tapa.” I should have ordered coffee. It didn’t go well with beer.

WHEN KATHLEEN AND PEDRO SUGGESTED we meet the first time, last week, for erotic tapas, I threw one of my on-hand gifts for Luke into my bag. I have a stockpile. I don’t give him something every time I see him; I want the gifts to be appreciated but not expected. It’s kind of working. Kind of.


MIÉRCOLES POR LA tarde, me detuve en dos lugares más en la Ruta de la Tapa Erótica. Haz clic aquí si se perdió los primeros. Ahora tengo cuatro sellos en mi “Pasaporte” y necesito seis más antes del 19 de noviembre si espero ganar unas vacaciones de € 2,000, o cualquier otra cosa. Nuestros vecinos, Jean y Ray, se unieron a mí esta vez y nuestra segunda parada fue en un restaurante que servía una “tapa” de postre. Debería haber pedido café. No fue bien con la cerveza.

CUANDO KATHLEEN Y PEDRO SUGIRIERON que nos veamos por primera vez, la semana pasada, para tapas eróticas, tiré uno de mis regalos para Luke en mi bolso. Tengo un arsenal. No le doy algo cada vez que lo veo; Quiero que los regalos sean apreciados pero no esperados. Está funcionando. Más o menos.

Bar Lizarrón Boliches: El Cañón de Sohail / Sohail Castle Cannon (our local 10th century castle)
Flamenquín (roulade of pork loin, ham, cheese, and pepper)

I don’t know what the balls (the CANNON balls) were filled with, but they were delicious.
No sé con qué se llenaron las bolas (las bolas de CAÑÓN), pero estaban deliciosas.
Embrujo Café Bar: ¿Jugamos? / ¿We play?
Tortitas con crema dulce y mermelada de naranja. / Pancakes with sweet cream and orange marmalade.
Everyone’s a critic!
Todos son críticos.
Beckett’s onesie said “Awesome like daddy.” It’s the truth. (And mommy, too.)
El mono de Beckett dijo “Impresionante como papá”. Es la verdad. (Y su mamá, también.)
Engrossed / Absorto
Multi-tasking mama.
Multitarea mamá.
I said: “It’s a ‘colorsauris’! Luke said: “It’s a STEGOsaurus!” Kids!
Dije: “¡Es un ‘colorsaurio’! Luke dijo: “Es un ESTEGOsaurio!” ¡Niños!

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22 thoughts on “Like Bunnies / Como Conejitos”

    1. anne marie:
      Beckett’s hair is coming in quite auburn (Kathleen’s family). Apparently Luke looked just like Pedro did as a baby.

    1. Jim:
      The flamenquin was excellent (as were those balls). The pancakes were a cute idea but could have been better. Not a place I’d probably visit again.

    1. David:
      He’s usually smiling and laughing. An adorable baby. Wonder what he was thinking.

  1. That first desert took the challenge quite literally!
    Sounds like a fun way to get people out and trying new things, though.

    1. Bob:
      I think it’s a great annual event. Some places take the very obvious route, while others are a bit more subtle and poetic. (Some are so literal that they’re a bit difficult to cut into.)

    1. Parsnip:
      This family makes me so happy. Luke is adorable and already a kind and thoughtful person. All you have to do is talk to Beckett and he smiles.

    1. Kirk:
      I don’t think I did. But I can’t tell you what I DID eat first. I never know where to begin with a chocolate bunny.

    1. Adam:
      He does. Jerry made him a dinosaur cake for his birthday last year and it’s the theme for this year.

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