Lockdown Day 41: Who’s Annette? / Encierro Día 41: ¿Quienes Annette?

FRIEND ONE: “BEING CAREFUL IS boring. If I see a chance for adventure, I jump.” Friend Two: “Yeah, and I’m always the one running around with a net!” Friend One: “Who’s Annette?”

I was finally able to get some photos of a local statue on the church square in Los Boliches without people walking into the frame. The statue is of a traditional local fisherman repairing his nets. And that’s what made me think of that old joke. Profound, no? OK, no. I apologize.

The day of the statue photos, under dreary skies, I had gone to the pharmacy. After the pharmacy, I made a quick dash across the street for the photos before heading directly home. It began to rain. And then it poured. I was wearing my hooded rain jacket, so I loved it.

Today started out dreary but is brightening up at the moment. We’re supposed to have clouds and sun. The rain returns tonight with more of the same tomorrow. So, I’ll muddle along with my new normal. I “cooked” up another batch of overnight oats as well as a fresh batch of my balls (click here) … because San Geraldo likes them so much.

My Mother the Dowager Duchess was 5’2″ (157cm) to my 6’2″ (188cm). She complained that when she washed dishes at the sink, her belly would get soaked with water. Well, given the difference in our heights, it’s not my belly that gets it. The last photo explains it all. I took it just before I stripped out of my jeans and put on dry underwear.


AMIGO UNO: “TENER CUIDADO ES aburrido. Si veo una oportunidad para la aventura, salto.” Amigo Dos: “Sí, ¡y yo siempre soy el que corre con una “net”! [net significa red en español] Amiga Uno: “¿Quién es Annette?” (Lo siento. ¡No creo que sea lo mismo en la traducción!)

Finalmente pude obtener algunas fotos de una estatua local en la plaza de la iglesia en Los Boliches, sin que la gente entrara al marco. La estatua es de un pescador local tradicional que repara sus redes. Y eso es lo que me hizo pensar en ese viejo chiste. Profundo, no? OK, no. Me disculpo.

El día de las fotos de la estatua, había ido a la farmacia. El clima era triste. Después de la farmacia, crucé rápidamente la calle para tomar las fotos antes de dirigirme directamente a casa. Empezó a llover. Y luego se derramó. Llevaba mi chaqueta de lluvia con capucha, así que me encantó.

Hoy comenzó triste pero se está alegrando en este momento. Se supone que tenemos nubes y sol. La lluvia vuelve esta noche con más de lo mismo mañana. Entonces, me confundiré con mi nueva normalidad. “Cociné” otro lote de avena durante la noche, así como un nuevo lote de mis pelotas (haz clic aquí) … porque a San Geraldo le gustan mucho.

Mi Madre La Duquesa Viuda medía 5’2″ (157cm) a mi 6’2″ (188cm). Se quejaba de que cuando lavaba los platos en el fregadero, su barriga se empaparía de agua. Bueno, dada la diferencia en nuestras alturas, no es mi barriga lo que lo entiende. La última foto lo explica todo. Lo tomé justo antes de quitarme los jeans y ponerme ropa interior seca.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

26 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 41: Who’s Annette? / Encierro Día 41: ¿Quienes Annette?”

  1. An apron may work to some extent……I think?
    So strange still seeing your photos and nobody in them……except for that fisherman.

    1. Jim:
      Yeah, aprons are marvelous inventions. We’ve had so many we never used. I wonder if there’s one in the drawer with kitchen linens.

  2. good to hear that SG loves your balls. my spouse is also not a big fan of peanut butter. I grew up on skippy chunky; these days, it’s all natural low sugar PB for me.

    your video sounds/looks like philly today – cold and damp and rainy. sunshine tomorrow!

    ewwwww, wet balls! 🙁

    1. anne marie:
      I only like creamy peanut butter when I was a kid. I thought chunky was an adult taste. So, I decided to like it as an adult… and I do. Hard enough to find peanut butter here, let alone chunky. Peanuts are cacahuetes. So peanut butter is usually crema de cachuetes — cream of peanuts. I love the name! Rainy again today (although there’s some sun right now). Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be sunny and it’s the first day kids will be allowed outside for an hour!

  3. You deadly on stairs, with knives, with heat and now with water! I suggest moving into a plastic bubble!

    1. Bob:
      I’d probably suffocate inside that bubble or sweat so much I’d dehydrate!

  4. I’ve heard of ‘water on the knee’ but I’m pretty sure that’s not the leg that is referenced 😉 I’m disappointed that you have before pix and not after. You would probably manage to suffocate in one of those plastic bubble thingies. Beautiful outdoor pictures. I tried to take pictures of various weed….uh, plants in my back yard. I so suck at it! I managed to do a burst (had no idea that was a thing) accidently. I now have fifty-three pictures of a plant that I need to delete.
    It’s going to get to 85 F here today.

    1. Deedles:
      I love it. I just told Bob I’d probably suffocate! I hate that stupid burst setting. My old phone used to easily, accidentally switch to that. Mid-60s here today, 70-ish tomorrow. Not the greatest weather, but better than Antarctica I suppose.

  5. So….I found when I scrolled down to view the pictures, I was sitting. So when your crotch popped up, it was literally right at my face practically. I never thought us two would be in such a compromising position Mitchell.

    Beautiful town center pictures.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Oh, I have a feeling if you spend enough time with ANYONE, you could end up in a compromising position. And thanks. It was the best part of my day. More neighborhood pix to come. And probably crotch pics, too. But always tasteful.

  6. LOL — that is definitely a close-up! Why are you splashing around so much water when you do the dishes?! 😀

    Love the photo of the sculpture. It’s so weird that you’re getting all this rain and we’ve had NONE. It’s like we really did trade climates!

    1. Steve:
      It’s a small sink. I do things in a big way. But what usually happens is I go to dump water out of a bowl as I wash it and I aim it right in my direction. Fuengirola has few good examples of public sculpture, in my opinion. This one is I think charming. And it rained again overnight and this morning. It could continue throughout the day. Such strange weather. Of course we get dreary days, but never so many consecutively. We’re said to have 320 days of sunshine a year!

    1. Debra:
      I do too. It’s one of very few in Fuengirola I actually like. I don’t know why our city has always had such a difficult time selecting public art.

  7. So glad you got a walk in the rain (and glad you had your rain jacket, perhaps you should wear it in the kitchen?). Is it likely you don’t love to cook due to fear of the stove? You seem to do well with non-stove related cooking

    1. Cheapchick:
      I have regularly burned myself when cooking in the past. And cut myself. But I think I just prefer being fed and, being kind of obsessive-compulsive, clean-up is much more my style. And who wants to do both?

  8. OMG. I’m so jealous of your rain and gray skies. So wanting to get home. Starting to heat up in Phoenix….100-102 prediction for weekend. With your cooking expanding so amazingly are you interested in Baked Oatmeal? It’s easy and delish and SG could to the “oven thing.”

    1. Judy:
      It’s looked an awful lot like Seattle lately. You can have it! But I wouldn’t want 102 degrees either. Cooked oatmeal sounds good, but I’m not starting my day cooking. Besides, our oven is so hi-tech I have no idea how to use it! Jerry showed me the basics once. So, I think I could figure out how to use the traditional oven but there’s so much more cool stuff it can do… ANYWAY… no thanks to the cooked oatmeal recipe.

  9. I am sitting here with a wet belly just like DD. Wish it would rain here. We have had no rain in 40 days. It is hot and quite humid. Iced tea and ceiling fans are my friends. Great photos.

    1. Wilma:
      We had a very dry winter, so I’m grateful for all the rain we’ve had recently, but it sure is strange weather for the Costa del Sol. If we have 320 days of sunshine a year, we’ve had our complete ration of rain and gray just during this lockdown.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I always get a BIT wet, but some days… When we lived in San Diego, we had an amazing vintage kitchen. We added counters and cabinets where there had been none and installed a huge, deep sink, keeping the original cabinetry and tile. I loved that.

    1. Urspo:
      So sorry to disappoint. I suppose I could have shared a series of photos as I changed out of the wet pants.

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