Lockdown Day 49: Bobby Van, Damn! / Encierro Día 49: Bobby Van, Baile Callejero

THINGS ARE IMPROVING, ALTHOUGH SLOWLY, around Spain. Some of our restrictions have been adjusted. Today is a very special day. San Geraldo and I are allowed to go for walks and exercise between the hours of 6 and 10 in the morning, and 8 and 11 at night. Together if we want! At other times, we can still go out alone to do our shopping, trash-dumping, and the other things we’ve been permitted to do all along.

Early this morning, people were already out on the Paseo and the beach enjoying this bit of freedom. I’m about to join them while keeping my distance. An added bonus is that the sky is clear and the sun is shining.

Soon I’ll be able to share some different views around town. Today, except for the above photo taken from the terrace before I head out, the photos are what I’ve seen in recent weeks. The monk parakeets are much less cautious with fewer people around. The gulls aren’t as common a sight on shore, but they still follow the fishing boats home. There are a couple of views from the other side of the penthouse across the way (click here) and its sunroom. There are images of a youngster and an oldster enjoying the Paseo. Of course, there are flowers. And now, I’m off. See you later!

An added bonus: San Geraldo was out early this morning (no he wasn’t) and I managed to capture his excitement on video. OK, I lie. But it’s what San Geraldo would do if I asked. Or at least it’s what I’d do if I weren’t always responsible for the camera (and don’t forget my ankle).


LAS COSAS ESTÁN MEJORANDO, AUNQUE lentamente, en España. Algunas de nuestras restricciones han sido ajustadas. Hoy es un dia muy especial. A San Geraldo y a mí se nos permite salir a caminar y hacer ejercicio entre las 6 y las 10 de la mañana y las 8 y 11 de la noche. ¡Juntos si queremos! En otras ocasiones, aún podemos salir solos para hacer nuestras compras, botar basura, y las otras cosas que nos han permitido hacer todo el tiempo.

Hemos leído que debemos quedarnos a 1 kilómetro (.62 millas) de la casa, y eso no es mucho. Por si acaso, ya lo he mapeado 1 km en todas las direcciones (bueno, excepto la dirección del mar Mediterráneo, que solo nos permitiría caminar aproximadamente un minuto y medio; no se nos permite nadar).

Pronto podré compartir diferentes puntos de vista de la ciudad. Hoy, a excepción de la foto de arriba tomada desde la terraza antes de salir, las fotos son las que he visto en las últimas semanas. Los pericos monjes son mucho menos cautelosos con menos personas alrededor. Las gaviotas no son tan comunes en la costa, pero aún siguen a los barcos de pesca a casa. Hay un par de vistas desde el otro lado del ático al otro lado del camino (haz clic aquí) y su terraza acristalada. Hay imágenes de un joven y un viejo disfrutando del Paseo. Por supuesto que hay flores. Y ahora me voy. ¡Nos vemos más tarde!

Una ventaja adicional: San Geraldo salió temprano esta mañana (no, no lo estaba) y logré capturar su emoción en video. OK, miento. Pero es lo que haría San Geraldo si se lo pidiera. O al menos es lo que haría si no fuera siempre responsable de la cámara (y no olvide mi tobillo).


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 49: Bobby Van, Damn! / Encierro Día 49: Bobby Van, Baile Callejero”

  1. How nice the weather was most perfect for the festive occasion !! I have taken a walk most days…but my scenery is most different. I wonder if ill even see a beach this summer.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      It’s another beautiful day today. I can’t believe I’m actually looking for places to walk so I’ll see something OTHER than the beach. Of course, everyone is making a beeline for the Paseo right now, so it’s a lot more serene away from the water.

  2. How civilized. And you say you didn’t have armed asshats storm the capitol?

    Oh … that’s America. Where Freedumb rings.

    1. Bob:
      We have our rule-breakers and arguers but they’re rare around here. I can’t believe what’s going on around the US (well, sadly, I can).

  3. OMG! How did he do that?! Or else they had great editors for that movie.
    Now don’t try to imitate Bobby Van…..take it a day at a time. lol

    We can now walk the trails and parks once again…..practicing social distancing of course.
    I hope this ‘loosening of the protocols’ doesn’t backfire…….humans will be humans.
    enjoy your freedom!

    1. Jim:
      I’ve read that the number was done in five segments which were spliced together. Still.. only five segments! People around here are mostly behaving and following the rules. Here’s hoping. This is such a huge relief. It would difficult to reverse course.

  4. My legs are worn out – tell SG to take it easy! And you, too. Your bright sunny photos definitely are spirit-lifting.

    1. Wilma:
      It’s not easy to hold SG down. That video always energizes me.

    1. Judy:
      It’s so funny when you comment on the banners (I love it). They’re completely random so I don’t always know which one you’ve seen. I added a number of Coney Island banners. Coney Island is an experience worth having. I have friends from England who go to NYC every year. They never miss a chance to visit Coney Island, even in winter when all the rides are shut down. (Nathan’s is always open!)

  5. Enjoy your walk and new-found freedom! I counted only 5 shots in that Bobby Van video — very cool!

    1. Cheapchick:
      Ankle was more swollen when I removed my shoe last night! I plan to do a barefoot walk on the beach tomorrow.

    1. anne marie:
      It was exhilarating. But, still, my jail must not be as bad as Ellen’s.

  6. I’m so glad you guys are finally able to get out and about. It must feel great.

    I’ve never heard of Bobby Van before in my life. That video just makes my ankles ache!

    1. Steve:
      Bobby Van didn’t have a huge career, but did very well. He died fairly young.

      Yes, getting out to simply walk and roam is a great feeling and it sure is nice to see people out and about again.

    1. Michelle D:
      Most of us take way too much for granted. Hope you’re doing well!

  7. Happy that you can go out and about. So lucky you live by the ocean. Nice ocean air to breath.

  8. I just past ‘400 days in a row’ of Spanish lessons. I missed Baile Callejero as damn. Is that the local expression or the proper Spanish translation?

    1. Urspo:
      Oops. Baile callejero simply means “street dancer” and there might even be a better way to say it than that. Often you’ll find the Spanish version is different from the English because the joke would be lost in translation. In this case, I dropped the Van Damme reference completely when I wrote the title in Spanish. I do that a lot… or I try to explain it in the Spanish text, which I’m sure often goes over like a lead balloon.

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