The New Normal and Bleu Byzantin / La Nueva Normalidad y Bleu Byzantin

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AFTER 98 DAYS, SPAIN’S STATE of Alarm (sixth and final stage) is officially over. We are now in what is being called “The New Normal.” We’ll remain in the New Normal until a vaccine or effective treatment for Covid-19 has been found.

We have to wear masks inside public spaces at all times, and outdoors unless a safe distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet) can be assured. There are safety regulations regarding work and travel. In addition, each autonomous region can establish its own rules. Travel between regions is now permitted. And travel restrictions within the European Union and Schengen Countries have been lifted; although, the border with Portugal won’t reopen until 1 July.

Travel from other parts of the world, after evaluation, will begin to occur 1 July, as well. Opening back up makes us a bit nervous. We’ve only gone out for dinner a few times in Phase 3 and, come 1 July, I’ll probably be washing more dishes and maybe even “cooking” myself more cups of tea in the morning. It might be time to order that coffee maker with the steamed milk attachment.

MY SHOPPING EXPEDITION TO PLAZA Mayor went fine yesterday, although it wasn’t as relaxing as I’d hoped. The shopping center was busy but not crowded, and people kept their masks on — mostly. There were directional arrows on the pavement throughout the mall. They served no purpose.

I had been looking forward to a Starbucks treat, simply because it’s in a charming spot great for people watching. But the indoor seating was off limits, and outdoor seating is very limited and was occupied. Although there’s plenty of public seating in the round plaza, it was all in the warm sun. So, I came home with my Bleu Byzantin cologne from Rituals and I smell good!

The photos take you on my journey from Los Boliches train station to Plaza Mayor and back, finally, to Bleu Byzantin. The mask really makes a mess of my beard!


DESPUÉS DE 98 DÍAS, EL Estado de Alarma de España (sexta y última etapa) ha terminado oficialmente. Ahora estamos en lo que se llama “La Nueva Normalidad”. Permaneceremos en la Nueva Normalidad hasta que se encuentre una vacuna o un tratamiento efectivo para Covid-19.

Tenemos que usar máscarillas dentro de los espacios públicos (y tiendas) en todo momento y al aire libre a menos que se pueda garantizar una distancia segura de 1.5 metros. Existen normas de seguridad con respecto al trabajo y los viajes. Además, cada región autónoma puede establecer sus propias reglas. Ahora se permite viajar entre regiones. Y las restricciones de viaje dentro de la Unión Europea y los países Schengen se han levantado; aunque, la frontera con Portugal no se volverá a abrir hasta el 1 de julio.

Los viajes desde otras partes del mundo, después de la evaluación, comenzarán a ocurrir también el 1 de julio. Abrir de nuevo nos pone un poco nerviosos. Solo salimos a cenar unas pocas veces en la Fase 3 y, cuando llegue el 1 de julio, probablemente lavaré más platos y tal vez incluso “cocine” más tazas de té por la mañana. Tal vez sea hora de pedir esa cafetera con el accesorio de leche al vapor.

MI EXPEDICIÓN DE COMPRAS A Plaza Mayor salió bien ayer, aunque no fue tan relajante como esperaba. El centro comercial estaba ocupado pero no estaba lleno, y la gente mantenía sus máscaras puestas, principalmente. Había flechas direccionales en el pavimento en todo el centro comercial. No sirvieron para nada.

Había estado esperando un regalo de Starbucks, simplemente porque está en un lugar encantador ideal para observar a la gente. Pero los asientos interiores estaban fuera de los límites, y los asientos al aire libre son muy limitados y estaban ocupados. Aunque hay muchos asientos públicos en la plaza redonda, todo estaba bajo el cálido sol. ¡Entonces, llegué a casa con mi Bleu Byzantin de Rituals y huelo bien!

Las fotos lo llevan en mi viaje desde la estación de trenes de Los Boliches hasta la Plaza Mayor y de regreso, finalmente, a Bleu Byzantin. ¡La máscarilla realmente ensucia mi barba!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “The New Normal and Bleu Byzantin / La Nueva Normalidad y Bleu Byzantin”

    1. David:
      I broke the ice with that first train ride. Don’t know how soon I’ll return to the mall. Even with it being outdoors, there were cluster moments that I didn’t like.

    1. anne marie:
      Yes, it’s wonderful to feel that freedom again, although once the borders open in July, I probably won’t be expressing my freedom as often!

  1. I was getting gas yesterday and went inside to pay, wearing a mask. A lady behind me said:
    “You know that mask doesn’t protect you from getting the virus.”
    I turned, smiled from behind my mask, and said, “No, but it protects you from me if I have the virus so you should say Thank you because I care more about you than you care about anyone else.”
    I then pointed the other five people in the store all wearing masks:
    “And thank them while you’re at it.”
    Americans are dumb.

    1. Bob:
      Excellent response! Not just Americans are dumb, unfortunately, although many have shown themselves to be especially so in recent years. We now have fashionista masks made for us by our friend Judyshannon. Can’t wait to show them off.

  2. Must admit, given the level of none-too-bright around here, I’ll be drinking my tea at home for the foreseeable future. Hoping for the best with Spain’s reopening (??). Heard they are even letting folks come from UK without quarantine (but not the reverse), which does not fill me with joy for you guys considering they haven’t done much better about Covid than the US. But at least you are looking good! Stay safe.

    1. Mary:
      We’re already finding ourselves wanting to stay home for meals and coffee/tea. We hadn’t been all that relaxed when we went out, but at least there were few people and more space. We seriously miss our UK friends who would normally have been here for visits (and long stays) in recent months. But, we’re not thrilled that there’s no reciprocal quarantine required. It’s been sad to see how the UK and USA governments have managed the crisis. Other countries have been awful, too, but those two were “supposed to be” world leaders (and not in the bad ways they have been in recent years). I will keep good thoughts for you, your tea, and us all!

  3. The new normal. This is a good term viz. it has the realization things are not merely how they were but with new elements. I hope most see things this way.

    1. Urspo:
      So, far it’s not bad here. The locals have been exceptional through the crisis. Over the weekend, out of towners were arriving and you could already see a difference in behaviors. (We always have our share of holiday home-owners with attitude.) But most people are still fairly aware and respectful. July, with the opening of the borders, will be more stressful.

    1. Deedles:
      I like the theme from “The Lone Ranger.” Never did get (when i was a kid) why my mother always talked about William Tell when I watched The Lone Ranger. Wait until you see our new masks! Judyshannon custom-made 6 for each of us… and not from her old bras either!

  4. You look very fetching in your mask! Add smelling good to that and you must be irresistible!

    1. Debra:
      And our friend Judy sent us each 6 handmade reversible masks (received today). So we’re going to be SO cool now… and I will continue to smell good. Can’t wait to show off the new masks!

  5. What a beautiful day! I hope it will be safe for and you will comfortable going to your favorite restaurants even if it is only for take out. We haven’t been out at all except for shopping and essential errands (paying bills and land taxes, getting a crown fixed at the dentist, getting a driver license). Most folks are wearing masks and hand sanitizer or handwashing stations are available at all places of business. We will probably live like this until there is a vaccine or at least a reliable rapid test. At some point – maybe next year? – I need to go to the US for some non-urgent (at least for now) medical issues. I am not willing to travel at this point. We are so fortunate to live where we can enjoy being outside without risking coming into contact with anyone and can tend to our prolific garden.

    1. Wilma:
      I don’t know when I’ll feel safe or willing to visit my brother again. That’s not easy, but he understands… better than MANY people in the USA and around the world. I’m so glad you’ve been less at risk there. Take-out from our restaurants just isn’t the same for us. Anyway, we do tend to have more dinners at home in summer because we don’t enjoy the crowds everywhere, so maybe it won’t feel so different. But we’re clearly already hesitant about going out and the major tourists haven’t even arrived.

  6. More freedom is good, tourists not so much. People here aren’t wearing masks like they should. We were virus free for a month here on the island but I see we now have 1 case in Victoria…and hubby has to travel to Alberta this week where there are many more cases. Fate does play a bit in this but he is going to be super careful as is freaked out about it as much as I am and certainly doesn’t want to bring the virus home or end up quarantined in Alberta.

    1. Cheapchick:
      The idea of any kind of travel right now is just so stressful. Glad your husband is so rational. I don’t know if people would wear masks here if it were simply a suggestion or recommendation. (And I would understand if they didn’t.) So, I’m very grateful for the country-wide legal requirement.

  7. Good that you are moving into this stage. Now just hope people remain vigilant to prevent a second wave.
    We are starting to loosen up a bit here. But don’t want to venture where there are a lot of people if we can help it.
    Stay safe.

    1. Jim:
      SG and I already find ourselves reversing course and wanting to stay home evenings again. We didn’t even go out for coffee today, although I will find a way to always get my walks in. Was on the beach early this morning… with the wind!

  8. Things are easing up here, but not for me. I just started on a new round of steroids for my still unexplained horrible rash/itch. It will help me but leave me even more immune compromised. I’m a homebody at heart, so as long as I have groceries delivered, library books delivered, audio books from the library to listen to on my phone, a good internet connection, and lots of good shows DVRd to watch, I am good shape. My husband is 17 years older, 87, so he is especially vulnerable. We get by.

    1. bethbfromindiana:
      I’m sorry that rash/itch is still persisting. That must be driving you nuts. Good you’re both OK with staying in and taking care of yourselves. I am finding I don’t mind being anti-social (I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it works for me right now). My only issue is my recurring depression and my need for activity. But, yesterday afternoon I went for a walk and was able to avoid any busy areas. Even if we get a lot of tourists in July and August, I know plenty of places to walk that get me away from here (the beach and paseo) and into quiet areas of town. Glad you have so many services available to you. Hope that rash finally takes a hike!

  9. How nice that you don’t have to title this post “Lockdown Day 99”! You’re free! Well, kind of.

    Your pictures make the day look so sunny and colorful. Bleu Byzantin helps!

    1. Steve:
      I’m now hooked on Rituals products, so Bleu Byzantin does help. The days have been perfect recently. And, yes, what a relief to be able to stop counting. Here’s hoping we don’t have to start again!

  10. With the mask you look like Dr Kildare. Great pictures, though travel I think will be complicated because of regulations. We still cannot leave the Island and other Canadian provinces all have restrictions for entering so no travel and airports are closed anyway. OY Vey! what to do. AND we do not have here in PEI one single case. At least now the weather is sunny and warm. Wearing a mask in Canada is complicated to many people refuse to wear one.

    1. Laurent:
      Ooh, Dr. Kildare. My first crush when I didn’t even have a clue.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I was never there. My first experience of a shopping center that was able to incorporate the outdoors like this was in La Jolla (I think it was called University Town Center). Not something you’d see in the Northeast. Plaza Mayor is stunning now, with its recent additions and renovations (and more greenspaces). I’ll have to Google the Stanford shopping center.

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