From Clove! / ¡De Clavo!

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THE SUN CAME OUT YESTERDAY afternoon and teams were hard at work collecting the flotsam (I’m sure there’s jetsam, too). This morning, they finished piling it all up for hauling. I saw some beautiful driftwood — tree trunks. I left them (because I would have been dragging them along the beach for nearly a mile).

I mentioned yesterday that San Geraldo would make the apple cake more often if it weren’t for having to grind the cloves in a mortar and pestle. I looked online and saw that the superstore, Carrefour, had ground clove. Carrefour is a supermarket, fish market, electronics, automotive, cosmetics, liquor, butcher shop, and more. It’s 1.9 miles (3.1 km) from home. But, since I rarely take a direct route, for me it was about 2.5 miles (4 km) each way, plus a lot of shopping. It was no walk on the beach. Well, there was a little walk on the beach.

Ground clove was on sale — three for the price of two, and they don’t expire until Nov 2023. San Geraldo baked another apple cake last night and marvelled at how easy it was. We both thought it tasted even better (we didn’t think that was possible). He said he usually short-changes the clove in the recipe because he gets tired of mortar-and-pestling (my word not his).

I usually avoid Carrefour because their fish market smells (like fish) and it permeates the electronics and home decor departments. They’ve got a decent reputation, but I was told to never buy fish (or bed linens) from a market that smells fishy.

SG’s sister Linda is not known for her singing voice. I’m not giving my opinion; I’m just telling you what others less kind have said. Despite that, every year Linda would call and sing to us on our birthdays. As time passed she would end with something like “from Barbra Streisand” or “from Whitney Houston” (because she sounds so much like them). Around 1996, she finished with “From Clove!” We asked, “Who’s Clove?” She replied, “I’m one of the Spice Girls!”


AYER POR LA TARDE SALIÓ el sol y los equipos estaban trabajando duro para recoger los restos (estoy seguro de que también hay desechos). Esta mañana, terminaron de apilarlo todo para transportarlo. Vi una hermosa madera flotante: troncos de árboles. Los dejé (porque los habría estado arrastrando por la playa durante un kilometro).

Ayer mencioné que San Geraldo haría la tarta de manzana con más frecuencia si no fuera por tener que moler los clavos en un mortero. Busqué en Internet y vi que el hipermercado, Carrefour, tenía clavo molido. Carrefour es supermercado, lonja, electrónica, automotriz, cosmética, licores, carnicería, y más. Está a 3,1 km de casa. Pero, como rara vez tomo una ruta directa, para mí eran aproximadamente 4 km en cada sentido, más muchas compras. No fue un paseo por la playa. Bueno, hubo un pequeño paseo por la playa.

El clavo molido estaba de oferta: tres por el precio de dos, y no caducan hasta noviembre de 2023. San Geraldo horneó otra tarta de manzana anoche y se maravilló de lo fácil que era. Ambos pensamos que sabía aún mejor (no pensamos que fuera posible). Dijo que por lo general cambia los clavos en las recetas porque se cansa de moler-y-machacar (mis palabras no las suyas).

Normalmente evito Carrefour porque su mercado de pescado huele (de pescado) e impregna los departamentos de electrónica y decoración del hogar. Tienen una reputación decente, pero me dijeron que nunca comprara pescado (ni sábanas) en un mercado que huele a pescado.

Linda, una de las dos hermana de SG, no es conocida por su voz de señas. No doy mi opinión; Solo les estoy contando lo que han dicho otros menos amables. A pesar de eso, todos los años Linda nos llamaba y nos cantaba en nuestros cumpleaños.A medida que pasaba el tiempo, terminaba con algo como “de Barbra Streisand” o “de Whitney Houston” (porque se parece mucho a ellas). Alrededor de 1996, terminó con “From Clove!” [de Clavo]. Preguntamos: “¿Quién es Clove?” Ella respondió: “¡Soy una de las Spice Girls!

One of the swimmers from Sunday’s post. Back for another romp.
Uno de los nadadores del post del domingo. De vuelta para otro jugueteo.
Plaza de la Hispanidad.
• That’s Torrequebrada Casino in the city of Benalmádena at right. The building aglow is a hotel.
Ese es el Casino Torrequebrada en la ciudad de Benalmádena a la derecha. El edificio resplandeciente es un hotel.
• I love these two (from Finland; although they may live here year-round). Next time I might even ask them if they would pose for a photo. The colours up front were even more joyful. Click here.
• Me encantan estos dos (de Finlandia, aunque pueden vivir aquí todo el año). La próxima vez podría incluso preguntarles si posarían para una foto. Los colores al frente eran aún más alegres. Haz clic aquí.


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28 thoughts on “From Clove! / ¡De Clavo!”

    1. Debra:
      Linda and SG were cut from the same cloth… (although she can be a bit quicker than her brother).

  1. Ha! Linda is a hoot and a half! I always associate cloves with dentistry and hams (not necessarily together). I love this version of Wannabe! Strange how just changing the style of the music, and getting people who can actually sing, can make an insipid song more palatable.

    1. Deedles:
      Linda IS that. I adore her. As for Wannabe: I thought it would be funny to include a Spice Girls song, but when I tried to listen to a couple, I though, No Way could I do that to you. Then I thought of Postmodern Jukebox and of course they had a cover.

      1. Speaking just for myself, I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Scoot 🙂 As for the whole stinky fish thing, I figure if it still tastes like fish I’m not eating it! I don’t care how it smells!

  2. Carlos uses a small spice grinder to grind cloves into powder. It works really well.

    But he also uses a mortar and pestle.

    Lastly, I give that couple props for coordinating their looks.

    1. Bob:
      We’ve talked about getting a small spice grinder. It WOULD come in handy. And freshly ground is so much better. That couple were spectators at the opening parade for one of our international fairs; everyone else was trying to figure out what country they represented.

  3. a fish counter should NOT smell like fish!
    ground cloves make life easier. as does ground cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.
    such destruction hopefully will be hauled away soon.
    the sunset pix on the hotel is cool.
    and linda – bwhahahahaha!

    1. anne marie:
      Linda is an angel AND hilarious. I don’t understand the fish counter at Carrefour. It really does stink up part of the huge store and many people have agreed when I’ve mentioned it.

  4. When I was a child my father owned a fish market. He would say that fresh fish should have no smell whatsoever. It has served me well over the years.
    Oh so good to see those clear skies I bet.

    1. Jim:
      That’s what I was always told about fish. Your father sure did have an interesting background. My grandfather worked for a fishmonger in Portsmouth, England, before emigrating to the United States. My brother-in-law grew up on the Isle of Wight and his parents and grandparents shopped at that very same fishmonger. My grandfather would have waited on his grandparents!

  5. Franklin likes those voices. I started the video and he jumped up to look for the singers. Your posts make me hungry. I’ve also heard you shouldn’t buy from a butcher shop that smells like meat. But I don’t know how the odors of fish and red meat can be avoided.


    1. Janie:
      I’m glad to make Franklin happy. Check out Video Jukebox for more of those voices! I’ve been in so many fish markets that don’t have that dead fish smell. We have two in our nearby public market. One smells. One does not. FRESH fish and cleanliness.

      1. Is it also true of red meat that it shouldn’t smell like meat? I think I’ll be more careful about where I buy fish now.

  6. The pellet with the clove is in the mortar with the pestle. The chalice from the palace has the spice that is nice.

    You’re right not to buy fish that smells, whoever sells it. Carrefour is a French company, of course, and we have a small one nearby, but we almost never go there. The store was just not inviting. It’s since been renovated and it’s better, but we still don’t go much. Just not in the habit, I guess.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Carrefour really doesn’t do much for me, although I enjoy browsing electronics. They’ve now opened Carrefour Expresses around town. But I’ve never bothered. And thank you, Danny Kaye! I LOVE that routine!

  7. There was a Carrefour near where we stayed in Normandy, it was fun, where I discovered Bretton Whiskey.

    1. David:
      I think this was my third time in Carrefour. I DID buy a thumb drive there once. Great prices. But oh the fish.

  8. You got me at the mention of the fish market.
    I think the smell of fish would make it all worthwhile to have such an asset nearby.
    No fish markets here alas.

  9. Excellent that you found some ground cloves. That WILL make things much easier! I don’t think I’ve ever shopped at a Carrefour, though I heard about them in French class. LOVE the photo of the hotel — it looks positively ablaze!

    1. Steve:
      I don’t know that Carrefour is anything I would rave about, but it could make a big shop easier given that they have everything in one place. SG marvelled at how easy it was to bake the apple cake last night with already ground cloves. I think he said it was “as easy as pie.”

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