Cool girls and a-holes / Guay chicas y gilipollas

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TODAY’S FIRST PHOTO BELOW IS what Moose requires of me throughout the day. He, very obviously, eats when I’m not around. However, if I’m home, he commands me to join him in the kitchen, kneel next to him, and maintain gentle physical contact. Dudo rarely eats if either San Geraldo or I is in the kitchen. He waits outside the door for us to leave.

The photo above is yours truly with a cool girl (read her mask) I met on the Paseo today — outside the Ale-Hop shop. When we passed Ale-Hop yesterday, I saw the mask the cow was wearing and decided to go back today with my own.

I need to avoid the Paseo on weekends. Most people — the vast majority — follow the COVID rules with respect for others. Some people are jerks. By the time I finish a weekend walk, I’m so furious, the benefits of the exercise and fresh air are significantly reduced. And don’t get me started on the mouth-breathers. The Province of Málaga has issued more than 220,000 fines to people going without masks. And still they persist.


LA PRIMERA FOTO DE HOY a continuación es lo que Moose me pide a lo largo del día. Él, muy obviamente, come cuando no estoy cerca. Sin embargo, si estoy en casa, me ordena que me una a él en la cocina, me arrodille junto a él y mantenga un contacto físico suave. Dudo raramente coma si San Geraldo o yo estamos en la cocina. Espera fuera de la puerta a que nos vayamos. 

En la foto de arriba soy yo con una “cool girl’ [guay chica] (lee su máscarilla) que conocí en el Paseo hoy, afuera de la tienda Ale-Hop. Cuando pasamos ayer por Ale-Hop, vi la máscarilla que llevaba la vaca y decidí volver hoy con la mía. 

Necesito evitar el Paseo los fines de semana. La mayoría de las personas — la gran mayoría — siguen las reglas de COVID con respeto por los demás. Algunas personas son idiotas. Para cuando termino una caminata de fin de semana, estoy tan furioso que los beneficios del ejercicio y el aire fresco se reducen significativamente. Y no me hagas empezar con los que respiran solamente por la boca. La provincia de Málaga ha dictado más de 220.000 multas a las personas que van sin máscaras. Y aún persisten.

• Dudo says, “Sucker!”
• Dudo dice: “¡Tonto!”
• Yes, this asshole is permitted to exercise without mask on the beach (at a safe distance from others), but he also uses the low wall between the beach and the pavement to run circuits (from wall to pavement to wall, repeatedly) within inches of others on the Paseo. The other day, I saw the police stop him, lecture him, and send him home. He was back today doing the exact same thing (and that’s why I call him an asshole).
• Sí, a este gilipollas se le permite hacer ejercicio sin máscarilla en la playa (a una distancia segura de los demás), pero él también usa la pared baja entre la playa y el pavimento para correr circuitos (de pared a pavimento a pared, repetidamente) dentro pulgadas de otros en el Paseo. El otro día, vi a la policía detenerlo, sermonearlo, y enviarlo a casa. Volvió hoy haciendo exactamente lo mismo (y por eso lo llamo gilipollas).
• Children over the age of 6 (Note: I originally stated incorrectly that the age was 4) are supposed to wear masks — as, obviously, are their parents. Wearing a mask below the chin, like the woman, or on one’s arm, like the man, doesn’t count. They made no space accomodation for others.
• Se supone que los niños mayores de 6 años (Nota: originalmente dije incorrectamente que la edad era 4) deben usar máscarillas, como, obviamente, sus padres. Llevar una máscarilla debajo de la barbilla, como la mujer, o en el brazo, como el hombre, no cuenta. No hicieron alojamiento para otros.
• This simply struck me as interesting — and not aggravating.
• Esto simplemente me pareció interesante — y no agravante.
• What I wore with the mask. I thought they went really well with cow.
• Lo que me puse con la máscarilla. Pensé que iban muy bien con la vaca.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “Cool girls and a-holes / Guay chicas y gilipollas”

  1. The world is the same everywhere Mitch! Those people who wear masks and those who don’t or think they are but really aren’t. Definitely aggravating to say the least. How about people walking in your direction side by side then NOT making the effort to go in single file, while we go into single file all the time.

  2. Sounds like the cats have you well trained, it is good to be needed. I avoid mid day on weekends for my walk, to many a-holes, and not as pretty as the one there. Apple cake coming out of the oven soon.

    1. David:
      Isn’t that apple cake wonderful and easy to make? SG thinks even I could do it. Staying in today!

  3. It’s interesting that the spots on both masks are in exactly the same position. Apparently they’re very specific about how the fabric should be cut and the masks sewn.

    Moose is so funny! Why would he require that contact to eat? Is he that insecure?

    Many, many people here in England go without masks outdoors. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever been instructed to wear them outdoors — just in shops and other enclosed spaces.

    1. Steve:
      I hadn’t noticed the spot positions on the masks! That’s what happens when you purchase only the best quality clothing. I paid 3 euros for that!

      Fascinating how different the mask regs are around the world. Here, they’re required for most outdoor activities.

  4. That a-hole is obviously in need of a lot of attention…….couldn’t he work out/if that is what he is doing in a less crowded area?
    Some people just don’t ‘get it’. And they never will……till covid gets them.
    dudo and Moose are so much different from each other, eh? Sure they are from the same parents?

    1. Jim:
      The beach is a perfect place for a workout and that’s where he should stay. Arrogant and selfish. I have a photo somewhere of Dudo and Moose as newborn kittens with their mother and 3 sisters. Yep, same parents. Our first two cats in California were also littermates and couldn’t have been more different.

  5. Don’t you wish you were carrying a can of Ly$ol that you could spray at the aholes as they got close to you? Te he. Pretty sure they’d avoid you in the future.

    Poor Moose. He brings new meaning to comfort food–or should I say comfort eating.

    1. Mary:
      I had so many fantasies about what I wanted to do yesterday. I hadn’t thought of Lysol!

      I just returned from a kitchen run with Moose. Sometimes I make him tough it out, but other times he’s so insistent that I just have to cave.

  6. Our cats do have us trained.
    And I, too, loathe the anti-masking mouth-breathing loons.
    But I love you and the cow matching and you matching your shows and mask.
    I really need to up my mask game!

    1. Bob:
      Even SG takes some time to select a mask that matches his outfit. We have too much time on our hands.

  7. I’d love to punch/pepper spray the maskholes!
    and don’t you and the cowntess (pee wee’s playhouse reference) look cute and matchy-matchy!
    our cats don’t like us to be near them when they eat. so we give them their space.

    1. anne marie:
      Mostly miserably selfish individuals.

      Dudo usually sits outside the kitchen door until we leave. If he’s desperate (like when he’s spent the previous 5 hours sleeping on the terrace), he’ll come in to eat (or poop) while we’re there.

  8. You have runners to match your mask lol. Buddy won’t eat unless I am beside him….he is getting a little OCD as he gets older. There are assholes everywhere unfortunately 🙁

    1. Cheapchick:
      I would be in heaven if I had sneakers to match every mask! Moose drives me crazy, but there’s something so endearing about his need for me (and Buddy’s for you).

      The Kid Brother calls them jerks.

  9. And unfortunately those nor wearing the masks are spreading the germs …where they land and contaminate surfaces….touched by people.who do follow guidelines..who later unwittingly then touch there face or rub eyes later not knowing they are now infected. Just one reason I don’t go anywhere now except for my daily walks…and my bi weekly food shopping. Germs can live on surfaces depending what the texture is for up to nine days.

    With our rates. Through the roof…im sure a lot are getting it like this.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      It’s infuriating. It’s Sunday and I don’t plan to leave the house. Thank goddess for our terrace!

  10. polka dots and spots are cool! The photo of the mirror brought to mind the paintings by Magritte, but not exactly. It’s like a hole in the sky (or maybe a whole in the sky).

    1. Wilma:
      I pass that mirror all the time. For some reason, maybe the vividness of the colors yesterday, it finally seemed worth shooting. I’ll have to check out other angles. And you’re right! It does remind me of Magritte.

    1. Jennifer:
      Some I know are simply idiots who don’t believe the science. I can understand that — you can’t argue with dumb. But others are simply selfish. They think they’re healthy or somehow immune (like that guy on the beach) and don’t give a crap about anyone else.

  11. Cool that you were able to take that mirror picture without capturing your own reflection. You must have been standing at just the right angle.

    1. Kirk:
      I got just a bit of myself in. I wanted even less but then I lost too much of the palm tree. My first shot had me in the image.

    1. Urspo:
      Fortunately, the Spanish government took better control than Trump’s government. But, yeah, we’ve got our share of idiots, too.

  12. I’ve seen children who are probably two or three years old wearing masks, so it’s not as if it’s impossible to teach a child that it must be done. Some adults never learn, though, and won’t teach.


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