Pig, Pony, y pähkinäsuklaa / Cerdo, sirenas, y suklaa

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

IN THE ENGLISH AND SPANISH titles of this post, I finished with Finnish, which is exactly what I’ve done with the Finnish chocolates from Lulu. They were delicious. San Geraldo was a saint, which means I ate them all. Thanks, Lulu!

Although we had a great time with great company and great food Saturday night, we’ve both found ourselves very stressed in the days that have followed. I read in the news today that we could expect to be vaccinated in April. Great news, if it turns out to be true. If we do dine out again, we’ll stick to open-air terraces until at least that time.

I had a series of bizarre “failure dreams” last night that set my mood for the morning. I told San Geraldo and that solicited a pep talk. I grunted in response, but he’s right. As my friend’s granddaughter recently said, “I’m fierce.”

Behind our Toyota dealership the portable summer kiosks are stored in winter. When we were there last week, we noticed there were only two remaining and we watched as one was lifted onto the back of a truck. Maybe that’s the one I saw getting ready for business near the double-decker carousel across the street from the Port of Fuengirola. The carousel was being buffed and polished and readied for season.


EN LOS TÍTULOS EN INGLÉS y español de esta entrada, terminé con el finlandés. En inglés, “terminar” es “finish” y “Finlandes” es “Finnish,” con la misma pronunciación. Entonces, “finish” es exactamente lo que he hecho con los chocolates finlandeses de Lulu. Estaban deliciosos. San Geraldo era un santo, lo que significa que me los comí todos. ¡Gracias, Lulu!

Aunque lo pasamos muy bien con buena compañía y buena comida el sábado por la noche, ambos nos hemos encontrado muy estresados ​​en los días siguientes. Hoy leí en las noticias que podríamos esperar ser vacunados en abril. Buenas noticias, si resulta que es cierto. Si volvemos a cenar fuera, nos quedaremos en las terrazas al aire libre hasta al menos esa hora.

Anoche tuve una serie de extraños “sueños de fracaso” que me pusieron de humor para la mañana. Le dije a San Geraldo y eso solicitó una charla de ánimo. Gruñí en respuesta, pero tiene razón. Como dijo recientemente la nieta de mi amiga: “Soy feroz”.

Detrás de nuestro concesionario Toyota, los quioscos portátiles de verano se almacenan en invierno. Cuando estuvimos allí la semana pasada, nos dimos cuenta de que solo quedaban dos y vimos como uno era subido a la parte trasera de un camión. Tal vez ese sea el que vi preparándose para el negocio cerca del carrusel de dos pisos al otro lado de la calle del Puerto de Fuengirola. El carrusel se estaba preparando para la temporada.

• That’s ours at left, shiny and blue.
• Ese es nuestro a la izquierda, brillante y azul.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

27 thoughts on “Pig, Pony, y pähkinäsuklaa / Cerdo, sirenas, y suklaa”

  1. What a bright and colourful carousel! A kid’s dream!
    Gearing up for summer……hope it all goes well there.
    We get our vaccine in April as well…..for the 70 to 74 year olds. I guess we will still be expected to observe all the ‘safety rules’ for covid for at least a year I hear. We will see…….
    I am 40% Finnish, at least according to a DNA test I had done a few years ago. I am content with sticking to English especially when I look at the Finnish word!! Phew!

    1. Jim:
      The double-carousel is here year-round but closed in winter. We usually have a similiar but single level carousel on the plaza near our house that is removed for winter. It looks like it’s not coming back this year. 40% Finnish! Did you have any idea before the DNA test? It’s a language that doesn’t tend to look like any other.

      1. I had no clue I was 40% Finnish. I thought French/Scottish/and Irish. Who knew! Oh….and I am 34% Greek! Seriously. That explains my LOVE for Greek food and culture…….actually this was not a surprise as I always suspected it had Mediterranean blood from my mother’s side of family………MacIsaac….which was originally Isaac way back earlier on.

  2. That carousel is so great…all the colors and shapes.

    I certainly understand your feelings about going to restaurants, especially while still awaiting your jabs. Have had both my jabs and am past the two week mark. My SiL and two of my nieces came in from out west over the weekend–haven’t seen them for two years–and we drove up the road a couple of hours to see them (all of us still wearing masks/no hugging). SiL is a nurse so she has had both her jabs. DH has only had his first one. Sadly, it was a miserable weather day so we couldn’t walk about or sit outside. Went to a restaurant on the water for lunch–again wearing our masks except when eating (quickly). We were the only ones there at first and the tables were very widely spaced. Still, it was first time I’ve been in a restaurant in more than a year and I was uncomfortable, as was my SiL. The whole day was unsettling even though I was happy to see them. The traffic on the road was awful. Too many people about. Frankly, I don’t see myself going much of anywhere in the near future. Just made me even more reticent to be out and about.

    PS – I didn’t really think you should feel better because the six year old and I were miserable yesterday–was just being facetious. My apologies.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, I knew your were joking. Never worry! I do like that carousel. Maybe I’ll go on this year, just to get photos from the upper level. SG’s mother couldn’t pass a carousel without going for a ride. As for going to restaurants, I find myself getting even more stressed about it lately. We’re having dinner out tonight, but at a pizza place with tables on the pavement outside. No terrace, no awnings, lots of space… Hope it’s less stressful since we’re so looking forward to spending time with them.

  3. You have achieved in life, what others only fantasize about. Do you ride on the lower level or the upper level?

    1. David:
      You are a kind soul. Thank you. As for top or bottom, I’m versatile… Actually, I haven’t yet been on that carousel, but I think I might take a ride on the top so I can take pictures.

  4. I’ve never seen such an opulent and beautiful carousel (or merry-go-round as they’re known here) — great photos! Taking some rides on it once summer approaches should brighten your day! Spring weather here on the Canadian prairies certainly affects my moods more noticeably than at any other time of year. It can be sunny and blue sky one day, then overcast or in a complete white-out blizzard with winds literally howling past at 60 – 100 kms per hour! On the latter type, I just pull the quilts over my head and go back to sleep, LOL!

    I hope the rest of your week gets better.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      We called them merry-go-rounds, too. I haven’t been on this one but I’m thinking of trying out the upper level this year — for pictures (although I don’t know how interesting the view will be). The week is up and down as all weeks are. But there are beautiful moments.

    1. anne marie:
      It does look like fun, doesn’t it? Maybe I’ll try it this year.

  5. Gorgeous carousel, though that mermaid is kinda creepy looking.

    We’re due for first shots in 3 weeks, and the second in mid-May. After that, we may actually travel out-of-state [by a few miles anyway] to visit friends in North Carolina. I’m really looking for ward to that.

    I imagine an SG pep talk to be very helpful. And loving.

    1. Bob:
      Those poor mermaids look oddly assembled. The SG pep talk was very helpful… although I didn’t listen very well at the time.

  6. What a fun carousel! I love all the critters, especially the (I think?) ostrich. It’s so encouraging seeing preparations for a normal summer season! (Even if it turns out to be not quite normal.)

    1. Steve:
      There were two and they looked like ostriches to me, except that I know at least had three toes, which makes it an emu. But then, maybe the artist didn’t know (or care).

    1. Urspo:
      From the bit Lulu has taught me, I would say Finnish IS tough. It’s joked that you need to take a breath (or two) mid-word (which is also common in Norwegian) but Lulu can get a long word out with no breath and no hesitation.

  7. That’s the one thing I miss seeing at work at the location where I was the carousel. I featured it on my blog once. To my knowledge it’s still covered up. I liked the pig and the ostrich on this one.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      The pig looked like he was working his ass off to haul himself around that circle.

  8. What a carousel! The animals are such individuals. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    We are sitting tight until we get our second shot in mid-May. Even after that I am thinking our behaviour will be forever changed. I am planning a trip to the US at the end of June for some medical stuff that can’t be taken care of here in Belize. I will most definitely wear a mask while traveling and when out and about in Dallas. In fact, I find wearing a mask to be comfortable most of the time and it will keep my sinuses from drying out on the plane.

    Too bad all your chocolate is gone. I bet you can find more . . . .

    1. Wilma:
      Oh, there’s always more chocolate somewhere. But I’m behaving myself — because SG made chocolate chip banana bread. I’m more stressed now when I’m out than I was months ago. I think I’m just worn down. SO looking forward to this being history. So glad you’ll have your second shot in May!

  9. If I lived were you are I would paint a nicer/happier Pig face ! Pigs are wonderful

    1. Parsnip:
      That poor pig looks like he’s really working to haul someone around that circle.

  10. Carousel pics are just so enjoyable to scan over. Our vaccine shots apparently are going to be available for 70 -74 yr olds in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed. I need some dark chocolate, it’s Easter bunny time so that means “choco-lata time!

    1. Ron:
      Great news about your shots. I’m so looking forward to the day SG gets notified. SG made chocolate banana bread, so that’s keeping the chocolate craving at bay right now. But I might need a chocolate easter bunny for old time’s sake. Dale bought me one every year!

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