Hopelessly devoted / Completamente enamorado

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WHEN I SPOKE WITH THE Kid Brother Tuesday night, he told me he received one postcard. “From M-A-R-Y.” “That’s Mary,” I said, “You’ve gotten other cards from her.” “I know. I know. She’s a friend.” “What’s the picture on the postcard this time?” “A rabbit.” “Is it a photograph or is it a drawing.” “Well, it’s not real!” “So, a drawing.” “I don’t know, but it’s funny. Really good.” Apparently, Mary sent him a card with a purple rabbit. I don’t know if it’s a real rabbit colored purple or if it’s a drawing (Mary?), but he loves it.

I had a decent walk yesterday under hazy skies and alongside high surf. Today is clear and sunny and the surf is calm. I have plenty of pictures to share in the coming days. But today is all about Dudo and his shadow. And when Moose isn’t shadowing Dudo, he’s shadowing one of us.


CUANDO HABLÉ CON EL HERMANITO el martes por la noche, me dijo que había recibido una postal. “De M-A-R-Y”. “Esa es Mary”, dije, “Has recibido otras tarjetas de ella”. “Yo sé. Yo sé. Ella es una amiga”. “¿Cuál es la foto de la postal esta vez?” “Un conejo.” “¿Es una fotografía o es un dibujo?” “¡No es real!” “Entonces, un dibujo”. “No lo sé. Pero es gracioso. Realmente bueno.” Al parecer, Mary le envió una tarjeta con un conejo morado. No sé si es un conejo real de color morado o si es un dibujo (¿Mary?), pero le encanta.

Ayer tuve una caminata decente bajo un cielo brumoso y junto a un gran oleaje. Hoy está despejado y soleado y el oleaje está tranquilo. Tengo muchas fotos para compartir en los próximos días. Pero hoy se trata de Dudo y su sombra. Y cuando Moose no está siguiendo a Dudo, está siguiendo a uno de nosotros.

Dudo: Is he behind me again? He’s right behind me again, isn’t he?
Dudo: ¿Está detrás de mí otra vez? Está detrás de mí otra vez, ¿no?
Dudo: Oh, come on! Stop watching everything I do! Moose: I’m not!
Dudo: ¡Aye, vamos! ¡Deja de mirar todo lo que hago! Moose: ¡No lo soy!
Dudo: What is so interesting?!?
Dudo: ¿¡¿Qué es tan interesante?!?
Moose: Nothing. I wasn’t even looking at you.
Moose: Nada. Ni siquiera te estaba mirando.


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31 thoughts on “Hopelessly devoted / Completamente enamorado”

    1. David:
      I’ve used it a couple of times. And then there’s was “I Gotta Crow” (Wendy, look my shadow, my very own shadow). So far no ear worm with this one.

  1. Dudo and Moose are great entertainers. Perhaps you could put little tap shoes on them and see if they can dance to David’s suggestion of “Me and My Shadow.” 🙂

    So glad KB received the postcard. As for the purple rabbit, it is part of a set of 25 “Mindfulness Colouring Postcards” I got off Amazon. All different types of animals with tiny patterns overlaid on the outline of the animal’s shape–you choose the colours to fill in with fineliners–hence KB’s purple rabbit. Each card has little comments about the animal–accurate details on the front (small writing) and little jokes written on the bottom of the back. KB’s postcard was actually of a hare–the joke on it: What do you call a line a 100 Hares backing up? A receding hareline. 🙂 Trying to send him one coloured postcard a week–the very psychedelic Camel is in the mail today. The little joke: What do you call a camel without a hump? Humphrey! I know KB won’t understand the info/jokes, but thought he would enjoy the shapes and colours.

    1. Mary:
      Next blog post, Dudo and Moose in taps. Thanks for the “camel card” email. It’s beautiful. That’s what I call a labor of love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. No wonder Chuck liked the purple “rabbit.” I can’t wait to tell him you do them yourself. The puns may over his head, but he might laugh anyway… or he might say, “THAT is NOT funny!”

    1. Jim:
      They are so entertaining. Dudo was just asleep in the sun on the sofa. Moose sat and meowed at him for 10 minutes (he wanted to play). Dudo got up, stretched, and went outside to sleep on the cat tree.



    did the boys get their treats yet?

  3. Who needs rabbit for Easter when you have cute black and white kitties?!?!

    You know I sent two more card to your brother, 5 in total and I don’t think he got any of them. Last week, I also just got nother Christmas card. It was post marked Dec 22th. And yet another one from New York. Maybe it’s just New York? LOL

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      The mail service is appalling. I hope all the missing mail hasn’t simply been tossed.

    1. Wilma:
      He’s like a dog in his need for attention and affection… constantly.

    1. Steve:
      Yes he is. Dudo is more cat-like in his behavior. Very affectionate, but also enjoys his time alone. Moose wants you to sit next to him while he sleeps.

  4. Ah, Moose and Dudo, the Abbot and Costello of the feline world 🙂 They don’t age, do they? I got my vaccine today, so I would love to get that @#$%*$ song out of my head! The slight (so far) nausea is bad enough, okay?

    1. Deedles:
      I’m so happy for you re the vaccine! Hope the nausea passed quickly and you had no other side effects. We were just talking about the fact that the cats will be 10 in July and they still act like kittens.

  5. We received a Christmas Card from Chicago to Switzerland last week dated 20th Dec. Apparently it’s to do with the Trump Administration and postal voting. It’s political.

    C’est la vie.

    1. Karen:
      Well, I’m glad to know the Christmas cards are still arriving. I’ve been worried that all the missing mail will have been tossed in the trash.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Thanks for enjoying Dudo and Moose. I could share a dozen photos every day… but I promise I won’t.

  6. What a pair !
    You touched me, no I didn’t
    Move over you touched me, no I didn’t you move over
    I was here first you move, your in the way
    Move and don’t touch me yayaaa neeer ner

    1. Kirk:
      Oh, Moose is a lot more than slightly bulkier. He’s a husky boy, while Dudo is very slender.

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