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La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

POTENTIAL DISRUPTION DUE TO EXTREME heat. That’s what the weather forecast warns, as it has every day this week. This is another time it pays to live right on the beach. Although it’s hazy, hot, and humid here, it’s not brutally hot. Still, it’s hotter than, and as humid as, yesterday so I’m going to work out at home.

We met Maria and family for coffee yesterday at the nearby hotel, and for breakfast today at Mesón Salvador; San Geraldo and I even lingered for lunch. SG got his haircut this afternoon — always a bit overdue. I took out my trimmers and gave myself a buzz cut yesterday. A great benefit of not having enough hair to style.

The other night there was a concert on the plaza. The music sounded great but I was not in the mood to go out and join the crowd. My loss. Last night was what sounded like a play. I was having another “mood” and I missed it.

We lost power in the neighborhood (maybe the entire city), but the show went on without microphones until power was restored about 15 minutes later. Power went out at least two more times during the night. I know only because I had to reset the alarm clock. We had no internet connection when we got out of bed this morning. So I did everything I could and then spent the next 2 hours working with Movistar/Telefónica getting it restored. More on that comedy of errors another day. I don’t feel like reliving it.

The books I bought Maria at the book sale on the plaza have been a hit. I have one more (of four) to give her before she goes home. Three of the books are a series about a little boy named Manu (written by Lucía Moreno Velo, illustrations by Javier Termenón Delgado). I had no idea when I bought the books that Manu has two mothers. I simply bought the books that were in both English and Spanish. I was delighted. The book I gave Maria today was a large book about zoo animals. Maria’s English is already impressive. Perfect pronunciation, as demonstrated when I made tissue paper jewelry yesterday and, after asking me in Spanish “¿Qué hace?” [What are you doing?] she said to Cristina , in English, “He’s funny!”


POTENCIAL INTERRUPCIÓN DEBIDO AL CALOR extremo. Eso es lo que advierte el pronóstico del tiempo, como todos los días de esta semana. Este es otro momento en el que vale la pena vivir en la playa. Aunque es brumoso, caluroso y húmedo aquí, no hace un calor brutal. Aún así, hace más calor y más humedad que ayer, así que voy a hacer ejercicio en casa.

Nos reunimos con María y su familia para tomar un café ayer en el hotel cercano, y para desayunar hoy en Mesón Salvador; San Geraldo y yo incluso nos quedamos a almorzar. SG se cortó el pelo esta tarde, siempre un poco retrasado. Saqué mis recortadoras y me hice un corte de pelo ayer. Un gran beneficio de no tener suficiente cabello para peinar.

La otra noche hubo un concierto en la plaza. La música sonaba genial, pero no estaba de humor para salir y unirme a la multitud. Mi perdida. Anoche fue lo que sonó como una obra de teatro. Estaba tenido otro “estado de ánimo” y me lo perdí.

Perdimos la luz en el vecindario (tal vez en toda la ciudad), pero el espectáculo continuó sin micrófonos hasta que se restableció la luz unos 15 minutos después. Se cortó la luz al menos dos veces más durante la noche. Lo sé solo porque tuve que reiniciar el despertador. No teníamos conexión a Internet cuando nos levantamos de la cama esta mañana. Así que hice todo lo que pude y luego pasé las siguientes 2 horas trabajando con Movistar/Telefónica para restaurarlo. Más sobre esa comedia de errores otro día. No tengo ganas de revivirlo.

Los libros que le compré a María en la venta de libros en la plaza han sido un éxito. Tengo uno más (de cuatro) para darle antes de que se vaya a casa. Tres de los libros son una serie sobre un niño llamado Manu, (texto Lucía Moreno Velo, illustraciones Javier Termenón Delgado). Cuando compré los libros, no tenía idea de que Manu tiene dos madres. Estaba encantado. El libro que les di hoy era un libro grande sobre animales del zoológico y todos los libros están en inglés y español. El inglés de María ya es impresionante. Pronunciación perfecta, como se demostró cuando ayer yo hice joyas de papel de seda y, después de preguntarme en español “¿Qué hace?” le dijo a Cristina en inglés: “He’s funny!” [¡Él es gracioso].”

• Moose is still manspreading.
• El despatarre masculino de Moose continúa.
• Dudo was manspreading until he saw the camera. His motto, “Dignity. Always dignity.”
• Dudo hizo el despatarre masculino hasta que vio la cámara. Su lema, “Dignidad. Siempre dignidad.”
• The concert.
• El concierto.
• The book sale.
• La venta de los libros.
• A view from the hotel yesterday morning.
• Una vista del hotel ayer por la mañana.
• And during my walk yesterday afternoon.
• Y de mi caminata ayer por la tarde.
• Moose waits for birds this morning.
• Moose espera pájaros esta mañana.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Funny / Divertido”

  1. That Maria is a cutie pie! I know how much you enjoy your time with her. Very cool about the books; and even better that she’s bilingual. How I wish I’d had the opportunity to learn a second language as a young child because it just comes naturally then. It’s so much harder to learn a new language as an adult.

    By the way, I sent Chuck a card last week. I hope he’s doing okay! 🙂

    1. Jennifer:
      Thanks so much for thinking of Chuck. We had to have the “I´m not coming right now” conversation all over again, but it went well… again. Maria and family leave tomorrow, so we’re having dinner together tonight and I’ve got one more book!

  2. It is going to be a hot one here today, too, although not as hot as where you live. We, too, would be miserable if we were not by the sea.
    Maria does not look impressed with your tissue paper earring – she is quite expressive!

    1. Wilma:
      Maria has facial expressions like her father. It’s hilarious. Just got back from a wet walk. Around 86F and 80% humidity!

  3. Oy, that look Maria was giving you …

    Or was it that man in the midriff or the man in plaids?

    It’s brutal hot here today so we’ve done the lawns and the hedges and the trees. Now it’s inside to AC and Iced Tea,

    1. Bob:
      And brutal hot where you are is a lot worse than here. Good for you guys getting all that work done. Had Maria been with me for the man in the plaids, she probably would have noticed. She’s already insisting on which shoes she needs to wear with which outfit. The other day, she saw the shoes Cristina had set out and she said, “Not those. The butterflies.” Cristina thought the ones she selected went better, but Maria insisted the butterflies were better. (They looked good to me.)

  4. Your comment about Dudo reminds me of the Gene Kelly line in Singing in the Rain where his now famous acting character, Don Lockwood, ironically refers to choice of movie roles (mostly terrible): “Dignity. Always Dignity.” Clearly, Dudo is protecting his reputation.

    Speaking of acting, Maria definitely has the talent. She already has a full quiver of expressions that will carry her far. The photo in this one should be entiltled: Really, Mitchell?? But glad she appreciates your humor.

    1. Mary:
      And that’s exactly where I got the line. And so I’ve watched “Good Morning” several times now as a result. Maria is so expressive. And, yes, I’m glad she thinks I’m funny.

  5. “Dignity, always dignity”. I have a sudden urge to watch Singin’ in the Rain. Love the earring, Scoot! Maria will probably never have a poker face. I’m preparing for three days of triple digits. Still no water heater. My clippers broke right before we moved, so my hair is shag nasty (as my father used to say) right now. I may be hairy (I’m letting my beard grow) and somewhat smelly (sink baths can’t replace a good hot shower) but I’m happy. We just signed the papers that say we sold our house, finally! We’ll be paying off two mortgages with money left over. Yay. Now if I can only get some hot water in this place!

    1. Deedles:
      I keep watching the “Good Morning” video. One of my favorites. Although I’ve heard Moses supposes his toeses are roses. Ugh! Triple digits. So glad we’re not experiencing that here. 80 percent humidity is bad enough. I’m sure you still smell like roses, but i can’t imagine being without hot water for so long. I’d love to see you with a beard. Congrats on NO mortgages!

      1. If roses make up compost, yeah, I smell like roses 🙂 One would think with the heat and all, I would be able to stand a cold shower, but nope. Too much of a shock. My beard (not talking about Balder Half here, heh) is coming in scraggly like my father’s. Also white. I find it funny that I could always grow face hair but never had to shave my legs. At all. Good thing, because I’m too lazy.

  6. Awwww, how great for Maria to be being brought up bi-lingual. All good stuff (except the troubles with the power !).

    1. Judy C:
      Cristina tries hard to speak in English to Maria as much as she can. Maria watches children’s educational programming from the States. So her pronunciation is excellent. Last week she perfected Peek-a-boo I see you!

  7. I’ve always thought that books are the best gifts for children. I wish I had tissue paper jewelry as nice as yours. It’s probably a good thing you missed the concert and the play. Even though you’re vaccinated, staying out of a crowd is best, but I’m sorry you’ve been in a mood. Oy with the poodles already for the man with his belly out and the mismatched guy. I got my hair cut yesterday, too. I now have a reverse bob. I look exactly the same.


    1. Janie:
      I had to look up a “reverse bob.” I had no idea that’s what that was called!

  8. The past week was so busy and exhausting with the humid heat, I decided to treat myself by sleeping in — I hit the snooze button and didn’t wake up until 2 PM! Like Moose, I’ll sleep spread out on my back when I’m exhausted, LOL!

    Maria is a cutie petootie alright! She has such an expressive face. And Janie is right — books are the best gifts for children besides art supplies or building blocks!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I love giving books to kids. I was hoping to bring back some of my favorites from the States this summer. I haven’t slept IN until 2 in forever, but I did go back to bed after breakfast one day last week and slept another 2 hours.

    1. John:
      It really hasn’t been awful. 30ish here on the beach; low 30s away. But right now the humidity is 80% and climbing. I just closed up the apartment and turned on the AC… again.

  9. Close to the show, but I don’t know about that crowd. Books in two languages are a wonderful idea.

    1. David:
      We find ourselves becoming even more anti-social right now. August is the busiest month and, although it’s not as jam-packed as usual, it’s still crowded. Vacationing Spaniards are here in force; not as many international tourists as usual. But too many people!

  10. We love the books!!! As you said, the best gift for children. She is enjoying with Many 😊.
    Tonight she was singing Twikle Star song… And I am very happy when I hear her speaking in English! Hope to live closer and spend much time with you both. We miss you a lot! 🥰

  11. Maria is so cute and smart! Fuengirola never disappoints with the mixed plaids and patterns…or is it that Fuengirola ALWAYS disappoints with the mixed plaids and patterns? I guess it depends on perspective. They always make me smile! 🙂

    1. Michelle D:
      Those fashion statements are not as prevalent this year, but I still find them. I would be very disappointed if I never saw them again. They make me smile, too. Although sometimes I have to quickly look away.

  12. I love the look that Maria is giving you……..” what is he like?”……and maybe tutting just a little!

    1. Frances:
      She does crack me up. She is so expressive. So dramatic. And usually smiling.

  13. LOVE the tissue paper jewelry! I can see why Maria was impressed! It’s great that the books were a hit. I love your continued documentation of dubious fashion choices.

    1. Steve:
      I missed my calling. As for the fashion choices, I‘m disappointed when I don’t see anything worth sharing. An awful lot of tasteful people around these days.

    1. Urspo:
      He becomes more affectionate with each passing year and always has to be in the center of everything.

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