Quest’s World of Wonder / El Mundo de Maravilla de Quest

La versión en español está después de la versíon en inglés.

NOT ONLY IS FUENGIROLA FEATURED in a CNN travel edition by Richard Quest, but our very own home is front and center in the featured photo. In addition, when Quest strolls the beach in the video he’s directly across the street from us. I wish I had known. I would have video bombed. Here’s the link: The hidden side of Europe’s package holiday hotspot.

My walk on the Paseo today was too warm, but pleasant and uneventful. I was happy to see another excellent example of “shorts and shorter.”

After breakfast, San Geraldo asked if I wanted a slice (or slab) of banana bread. I chose slice while he, as usual, chose slab. You can see in the below photo what he would have preferred.

I showed the CNN feature to Dudo and Moose. Dudo was excited. Moose wouldn’t even pretend.


FUENGIROLA NO SÓLO SE PRESENTA en una edición de viajes de CNN por Richard Quest, sino que nuestra propia casa está al frente y al centro en la foto destacada. Además, cuando Quest pasea por la playa en el video, está justo enfrente de nosotros. Ojalá lo hubiera sabido. Habría bombardeado el video. Aquí está el enlace: The hidden side of Europe’s package holiday hotspot [El lado oculto del “hotspot” de viajes combinados de Europa].

Mi caminata hoy por el Paseo fue demasiado cálido, pero agradable y sin incidentes. Me alegró ver otro excelente ejemplo de “pantalones cortos y más cortos.”

Después del desayuno, San Geraldo me preguntó si quería una rebanada o un trozo de pan de plátano. Elegí rebanada mientras que él, como de costumbre, eligió trozo. Puedes ver en la foto de abajo lo que hubiera preferido.

Les mostré la función de CNN a Dudo y Moose. Dudo estaba emocionado. Moose ni siquiera fingiría.

• The featured photo. We’re the blue awnings. Mijas Pueblo can be seen on the mountainside (the white village).
• La foto destacada. Somos los toldos azules. Mijas Pueblo se puede ver en la ladera de la montaña (el pueblo blanco).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Quest’s World of Wonder / El Mundo de Maravilla de Quest”

  1. Yep. Looks like Moose could give two shits. San Geraldo is right. A slab of anything…is good.

    Now someone tell those high low short wearers to clean up their acts…there on candid camera damn it.

  2. Carlos would slab, while I slice, and Tuxedo would give us Dudo face.

    That shorts-shorter is the oddest yet. I’d have to fight theurge to stop the guy and ask exactly what that is for.

    Lastly, CNN should hire you for a walking tours segment. Just sayin’.

    1. Bob:
      And again, Carlos and SG are brothers. One of these days, there’ll be someone I’ll feel comfortable stopping and asking. I’ve thought of doing video walking tours, but I’d walk into something I’m sure while recording.

  3. Quest must have seen some photos on your blog…”…people letting things hang out that perhaps they shouldn’t.”

    Feeling today like Moose looks. Probably shouldn’t have started listening to an audio book at 1:47 am. Never did go back to sleep. Ah, well. No need to go anywhere.

    1. Mary:
      Yes, I thought that line was hilarious.

      I hope you caught up on some sleep after your exciting night.

  4. Oh, yeah, I’d know your building anywhere! I forgive the shorts/shorter look on this guy, because, nice thighs! I’m assuming that the right one is as nice as the left.
    That slice is just an appetizer, Scoot. I learned long ago that if I’m going to eat three or four slices in a row, I may as well eat the slab to begin with. Of course, I don’t have self-control (hence, pleasingly plump. Okay, fabulously fat), so I’d probably go for two slabs. I make a fantastic banana nut bread.
    Pats and scritches to Moose and Dudo. Okay, you and SG can get on this too. I’m generous that way.

    1. Deedles:
      I think he doesn’t like his right thigh as much as his left. Maybe that’s what this is all about.

      My Aunt Lillie was on Weight Watchers for as long as I knew her. She would sit at the cake table at parties and have a slice, then another slice, and another. I love banana nut bread. SG hates walnuts.

      Thanks for the pats and especially the scritches.

  5. Like Deedles said, the short and shorter fellow has nice legs.
    So cool to see your place from that perspective. The sea and the beach are gorgeous, and with the mountains as a backdrop I can see why chose to live there.

    1. Wilma:
      It IS a novel view. I’ll have to take a boat or ferry somewhere and get better shots for myself.

  6. Dudo’s obviously a team player, while Moose is more of a dream player. There’s a nice symmetry there: a tuxedo cat Yin/Yang!

  7. What is up with these shorts?! Have you ever asked your Spanish friends at the cafe why guys walk around like this? Maybe there really IS a reason. It seems too frequent (and too pronounced, in this case) to be a mere wardrobe mishap.

    Didn’t Richard Quest get busted in Central Park for doing something untoward, many years ago?

    1. Steve:
      My Spanish friends who don’t do it, have no clue. Nor do any other friends. One of these days, I’ll find someone I can ask. I understand both legs up (tanline) and I understand one leg falling down again, but there are so many that carefully and clearly only do one leg (some have tattoos they seem to want to show off). And, yes, Quest got busted in 2008. So embarrassing.

  8. Dudo was chuckling, Google it, everytime I see or hear Richard, I chuckle, but everyone has a personal life. If he was not a TV personality no one would have ever noticed a stoner with a rope tied around his neck and his genitals in Central Park (and a sex toy in his shoe? – his shoe, that is not where you stick it.) An Amazing place, wish I was there.

    1. David:
      I remembered a scandal in Central Park, but forgot the details until I did this post. How embarrassing. Did they specify the sex toy?

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