Peanut butter, pumpkin, palm oil / Crema de cacahuete y calabaza

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I CONTINUE TO DO VERY well living my healthy life. As you’ve seen, I haven’t been suffering from a lack of great food and the occasional sweet (in addition to my daily dose of San Geraldo).

In Mijas Pueblo, I treated myself to delectables from Sabor a España. I bought myself marzipan and chocolate nougat with almonds. Both sugar-free and both surprisingly delicious.

I thought I should have had sorbet instead of ice cream at Mayan Monkey Mijas, but although sorbet has less calories, fat, and cholesterol, it has more carbs and sugar. So, maybe I did the right thing — although I won’t do it often.

I’ve also been cooking a bit more lately. I’ve added peanut butter and sliced apples to my repertoire. And it’s healthier peanut butter, which has to be stirred before each use. So I now slice apples with a knife and stir peanut butter. I’m becoming a gourmet.

In the first photo above is a sculpture of a torero I found in Tamisa, a great art gallery in Mijas Pueblo. I was tempted to buy it. But when I showed the photo to San Geraldo and he asked the price, he was not tempted. And he was probably right. That’s a lifetime supply of nougat, marzipan, and ice cream. Maybe I’ll sculpt my own rotund torero.

Meanwhile, the cats are happy, the local fish are ugly and delicious, and there’s a Halloween pumpkin (bat) sitting atop one of our trash cans that the portero doesn’t have the heart to toss.

I keep forgetting to share my fitness and nutrition information. I haven’t lost my momentum. I’ll start fresh with the news for this week.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Twice Monday and Tuesday, and once so far today.
Walking: 7 km / 4.5 miles Tuesday.
Gym: I just returned from today’s great chest and back workout.
Notes: A slice of SG’s apple cake Monday and Tuesday.


SIGO HACIENDO MUY BIEN VIVIENDO mi vida sana. Como has visto, no he estado sufriendo por la falta de buena comida y el dulce ocasional (además de mi dosis diaria de San Geraldo).

En Mijas Pueblo, me obsequié con delicias de Sabor a España. Me compré mazapán y turrón de chocolate con almendras. Ambos sin azúcar y sorprendentemente deliciosos.

Pensé que debería haber tomado sorbete en lugar de helado en Mayan Monkey Mijas, pero aunque el sorbete tiene menos calorías, grasa y colesterol, tiene más carbohidratos y azúcar. Entonces, tal vez hice lo correcto, aunque no lo haré a menudo.

También he estado cocinando un poco más últimamente. He agregado crema de cacahuete y manzanas en rodajas a mi repertorio. Y es la crema de cacahuete más saludable, que debe revolver antes de cada uso. Así que ahora corto manzanas con un cuchillo y revuelvo la crema de cacahuete. Me estoy convirtiendo en un gourmet.

En la primera foto de arriba hay una escultura de un torero que encontré en Tamisa, una gran galería de arte en Mijas Pueblo. Estuve tentado a comprarlo. Pero cuando le mostré la foto a San Geraldo y me preguntó el precio, no se sintió tentado. Y probablemente tenía razón. Es un suministro de por vida de turrón, mazapán y helado. Tal vez pueda esculpir mi propio torero rotundo.

Mientras tanto, los gatos están felices, el pescado local es feo y delicioso, y hay una calabaza de Halloween (murciélago) encima de uno de nuestros botes de basura que el portero no tiene el corazón para tirar.

Sigo olvidándome de compartir mi información de fitness y nutrición. No he perdido el impulso. Empezaré de cero con las noticias de esta semana.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Dos veces el lunes, el martes, y una vez hasta ahora hoy.
Caminando: 6.5 km / 4 millas el martes.

Gimnasio: Acabo de regresar del gran entrenamiento de pecho y espalda de hoy.
Notas: Una rebanada de tarta de manzana de SG los lunes y martes.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Peanut butter, pumpkin, palm oil / Crema de cacahuete y calabaza”

  1. So many things, where to start. The fish look like they would grill nicely. You are being so good, we should all be so healthy

    1. David,
      The fish is often exceptional. I’m better if I don’t see it beforehand I think!

      1. wickedhamster:
        You and SG both. I tend to overthink, as well, but never in the wrong direction.

  2. Ah…..peanut butter! What would I do without it! My fav is peanut butter, banana and honey.
    Will try apple with it as apples are a staple around here.
    Quite the range of teeth in those fish!
    Moose and Dudo are forever being cute.

    1. Jim,
      I love peanut butter. PB&J topped by Fritos! Dudo and Moose have been hilarious lately. Wish I could catch them in action, but they stop when they see the camera. I think they’re worried about being caught on social media.

    1. Mistress Borghese,
      Well, if you do end up looking like that torero, remember, I was willing to pay €2,200 for you!

  3. My doctor always says one should add a bit of protein when eating a carb, so the peanut butter with the apple is a good choice. I like PB with celery sticks, too. Good when you want a crunchy–low cal option with at least some flavor. As for the fish…the one on the left could use some orthodontia work.

    1. Mary,
      Good advice from the doc. I also love celery sticks with peanut butter. And dark chocolate!!!

  4. Apples with peanut butter…just doesn’t thrill me. The problem with some “healthy diets” is that the substitutes are just not satisfying (to me). But more power to you for sticking with it.

    1. Frank,
      I love apples and peanut butter, even though it requires me to “cook.” A great treat.

  5. First… ice cream always a better choice… it has calcium, vitamin D and protein.
    Second…simplify your cooking… just cut the apple in half, core it and fill hole with peanut butter

    1. Jssw,
      That’s not a bad idea. Although I’d have to shove half an apple in my mouth at a time to get peanut butter in every bite.

  6. That is an impressive bat pumpkin! I couldn’t throw it away either. (If it’s anything like my brother’s front porch pumpkin you’ll still have it hanging around a year from now.) Bravo on the healthier eating!

    Whenever I see fish laid out on ice like that I worry that no one will buy them and they will have died for nothing. But I guess someone must buy them because the shop is still in business, right?!

    1. Steve,
      I’ve never thought about the fish not being sold. I’m sure that must happen. I wonder what they do with it. I wonder how long the pumpkin will last before rotting.

  7. The teeth on the bat pumpkin are similar to those on the fish. Somehow they are cuter on the pumpkin. Wish I could find some sugar-free marzipan. Actually, I would take any marzipan!

    1. Wilma,
      Those fish need a dentist. This time of year, marzipan is all around town for Christmas. I’ve had sugar free before, but never as good as this.

  8. Fabulous on the newish eating program ! Love the pumpkin bat !
    Love the fish with the scarrrrrrrrrrry teeth and as always the Kitties are adorable.
    oh my goodness I should just say love this post.

  9. Dudo and Moose are in fine form today — I love seeing what mischief they’re up to! Kudos to you for keeping up with your fitness and dietary plans. I’ve made a few small changes this year too, finally conquering my potato chip habit!

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      I love that I know where your name came from! Anyway, I wish I could get video of the cats latest antics. They have been hilarious. I enjoy and even crave potato chips every so often, but I’ve never been hooked… well, maybe Fritos.

  10. Mmmmm, peanut butter! I used to like a brand called Adams in SF. Just ground peanuts. It also had to be stirred if you didn’t keep it in the refrigerator.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Never had Adams. I love these good peanut butters, but I hate the stirring. And I’ve found them too hard to spread from the fridge. THIS is why I hate cooking.

  11. So you buy those fish and pluck out the teeth and eyeballs yourself? I don’t know. I might just stick with the filet at McDonald’s.

    1. Kirk:
      I can guarantee, I don’t pluck out teeth and eyeballs. But these fish were displayed in the case at a nearby chiringuito. You select the one you want and they do all the dirty work for you… including the cooking. (Same thing at seafood markets and supermarkets… except, usually, the cooking.)

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