Squarepants, stripes, and plaid / Pantalónes cuadrados, rayas, y tartán

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I haven’t injured myself in two entire days. But the day isn’t over. There’s still a basic workout and yoga this afternoon. And probably some more walking — and stairs. The surf picked up last night and the sound is heavenly. It almost cancels out the jackhammers working on the small street behind our building.

Our friend Judyshannon (click here if you haven’t met) has been traveling around France for a bit. She made her way to London and is flying home to Seattle from there today. She’s been sending us stunning photos along the way and I had to share the one from her Paris Hotel. She had the SpongeBob SquarePants Suite (known in France as La Suite Bob l’éponge) I don’t know about you, but I think I would fall in.

Below are photos of another renovated chiringuito (beach bar). This one maintained its old name and mural. The first three photos are from today’s walk.


No me he lastimado en dos días enteros. Pero el día no ha terminado. Todavía hay un entrenamiento básico y yoga esta tarde. Y probablemente un poco más de caminata y escaleras. El oleaje aumentó anoche y el sonido es celestial. Casi anula los martillos neumáticos que trabajan en la pequeña calle detrás de nuestro edificio.

Nuestra amiga Judyshannonstreetwhat (haz clic aquí si no la conoces) ha estado viajando un poco por Francia. Hizo su camino a Londres y hoy volará de regreso a Seattle desde allí. Nos ha estado enviando fotos impresionantes en el camino y tuve que compartir la de su hotel en París. Tenía la Suite de Bob Esponja (con los pantalones cuadrados), conocido en Francia como La Suite Bob l’éponge.

No se tu, pero creo que me caería. A continuación os dejo fotos de otro chiringuito reformado. Éste mantuvo su antiguo nombre y mural. Las tres primeras fotos son de la caminata de hoy.

• During today’s walk.
• Durante el paseo de hoy.
• The shorter shorts never go out of style.
• Los shorts más cortos nunca pasan de moda.
• What it used to look like.
• Cómo era antes.
• During demolition.
• Durante la demolición.
• And now.
• Y hoy.
• And look in this chiringuito window. It’s me in 2014. It’s time to retire those shorts (and reflatten the belly).
• Y mira en esta ventana del chiringuito. Soy yo en 2014. Es hora de retirar esos shorts (y volver a aplanar la barriga).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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28 thoughts on “Squarepants, stripes, and plaid / Pantalónes cuadrados, rayas, y tartán”

    1. Jon:
      They did a great job. I wondered how they were going to incorporate the mural into the new building without having the same look.

      And, yes, that “young thing” is really me.

    1. Bob:
      I started off naming that photo ”the terlet” but realized I’d never find it in a search (if I ever have a reason to search for it).

  1. Orange shoe guy has gorgeous legs! I’d put the longer one up to match the short one. One man’s wedgie is another salacious woman’s eye candy!

    1. Deedles:
      Orange shoe guy had a lot of “nice.” I’d tuck the other leg, too (just to be helpful).

  2. What’s that I spy in the reflection?!?!?!?!?!?! And I can’t lie, I kind of like the sqaure terlet.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I remember seeing that half-naked “guy” in the reflection and checking him out… until I realized it was me. I can’t believe that’s already 8 years ago.

      I kind of like the square terlet, too. I just can’t imagine it being very comfortable.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I guess I missed an opportunity. But I don’t think I was so aware of the style 8 years ago.

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