Streetwalking / Caminar por la calle

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I had a surprisingly good and uplifting workout at the gym today. I feel 10 years younger (or maybe 8, but I’ll take it). Today’s photos are from my walk to and from the gym. This is what I see if I don’t walk along the beach. Most of it is still very pleasant.

I picked up the mail when I got home and the check that officially closed my mother’s estate account arrived! That account was required while the estate was being settled. It’s where any payments still in my mother’s name had to go. There wasn’t much. We probably paid more to maintain a post office box in her name, and to send checks back to New York for deposit. Six months or so, we were told. After 6 years and 1 month, we’re done. I can’t believe it.

At least that check will pay for our new iMacs. We are so excited. I want to go shopping. Now.


Tuve un entrenamiento sorprendentemente bueno y estimulante en el gimnasio hoy. Me siento 10 años más joven (o tal vez 8, pero lo acepto). Las fotos de hoy son de mi caminata hacia y desde el gimnasio. Esto es lo que veo si no camino por la playa. La mayor parte sigue siendo muy agradable.

¡Recogí el correo cuando llegué a casa y llegó el cheque que cerró oficialmente la cuenta patrimonial de mi madre! Esa cuenta fue requerida mientras se liquidaba la sucesión. Es a donde tenían que ir todos los pagos que aún estaban a nombre de mi madre. No había mucho. Probablemente pagamos más para mantener un apartado de correos a su nombre y para enviar cheques a Nueva York para su depósito. Seis meses más o menos, nos dijeron. Después de 6 años y 1 mes, hemos terminado. no puedo creerlo.

Al menos ese cheque pagará por nuestros nuevos iMacs. Estamos muy emocionados. Quiero ir de compras. Ahora.

• Trimming the jacarandas.
• Recorte de las jacarandas.
• Casa Simon. Where my nuts come from.
• Casa Simón. De donde vienen mis nueces.
• Most people wear shirts when they walk through town.
• La mayoría de las personas usan camisas cuando caminan por la ciudad.
• Putting an English spin on the Costa del Sol. Can we unspin it?
• Dando un giro inglés a la Costa del Sol. ¿Lo podemos desenredar?

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20 thoughts on “Streetwalking / Caminar por la calle”

  1. As if the English ‘spin’ of a gaudy shirt and mismatched shorts wasn’t bad enough, the guy’s half-buttoned shirt highlighting not only his expansive stomach, but the tawdry gold neck chain and gold bracelet (his mother’s?) is beyond the pale. Yikes, enough to put one off one’s dinner.

  2. Banks still issue cheques?! I thought they disappeared years ago, along with the Filofax and the Walkman…

    How do you know that man in the ghastly Hawaiian shirt was English? We Brits usually associate that kind of thing with the Yanks. Hideous, whatever nationality! Jx

    1. Jon:
      Banks in Spain don’t use cheques, but banks in the USA still do. It’s a pain. As for the fashionable Englishman, I heard him speak as he walked by. I haven’t seen Americans wearing that around here. I think the trend died a while back. For some reason, it’s popular with English visitors — who probably picked it up later.

    1. David:
      Our iMacs are 7 or 8 years old and can’t keep up with us. Can’t wait for the new ones.

  3. I’m so happy that your estate ordeal is finally over! I love the trees. I also like the red Magnum P.I. (Tom Selleck version) shirt. The shorts, not so much. Dude’s legs are beyond the pale, literally! Glow in the dark appendages. Wow!

    1. Deedles:
      The shirts can be so much fun… but why the shirts AND the shorts?!? It is so funny to see the glow in the dark legs. Sometimes, they flash out in the sun when I take a picture.

    1. Jim:
      We cannot believe it’s over! And, oh, that combo. He was coming right at me and I managed to get a photo without him even noticing.

  4. Well, thank goodness the estate is finally settled! iMacs to celebrate makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

    1. Steve:
      When we started with the lawyer (a nightmare it turned out), he said it was complicated and could take more than a year and half. Then, he was incompetent and a liar. And then there was the pandemic. So relieved.

    1. Sassybear:
      The estate was a ridiculous headache. I ordered the new iMacs. They’ll be here in about a week.

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