Friendship, Thai tapas, and loafers / Amistad, tapas tailandesas, y mocasines

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

San Geraldo took the car in for its major service this morning. We taxied there at 12:30 to pick it up. The service manager commented that the car had such low mileage (18,000 km / 11,000 miles in 7 years) and is in excellent condition, except for the exterior which looks like it has spent those years in Norway. We found it funny he chose Norway. I told him we live on the beach and don’t have a garage. He understood. But we were surprised he didn’t think of that first. Once we had the car, we continued up the hill to Mijas Pueblo for lunch. The photo above is a view of the Sierras de Mijas through a fun piece of art. The first photo below is the view of Mijas Pueblo from the Toyota dealership and that’s followed by a view of our neighborhood on the beach after we had lunch.

I had a huge pick-me-up this morning while having breakfast. Tere, our first-and-fast-friend in Sevilla, phoned. We haven’t spoken in months. What a joy. She has been back living in her hometown of Conil de la Frontera (next to Cádiz) for several years now. I hope we can get there for a visit very soon. The first time Tere phoned me, in Sevilla more than 11 years ago, she was on the plaza outside our building. My Spanish was so bad that talking on the phone put me into a tailspin. I told her I would come downstairs. This time, we spoke for 15 minutes. I didn’t always make perfect sense I’m sure, but we conversed. (Click here for our last in-person visit.)

Tere’s 6-year-old daughter, Nora, is musically gifted (as is Tere). Tere sent me a video of Nora singing in the car. She told me Nora sings songs in English. She then qualified that with “Nora English.” I didn’t recognize any of the words and asked if it was an English song. Tere said, yes, and explained it was by “a singer named Pink.” Yes, we do know who Pink is. It turns out it was the song “Just Give Me A Reason.” I listened again to Nora, and I got it.

We were back at Tapa y Tai last night for dinner. Always so good. Always so warm and welcoming. Today’s lunch in Mijas Pueblo didn’t compare. More about that another time.

Remember the guy with the nice “shoes” from the other day (click here)? Well, I saw another guy with nice “shoes” and that inspired me to buy three pairs — of shoes. Check them, and him, out below.


San Geraldo llevó el coche a su revisión principal esta mañana. Rodamos allí a las 12:30 para recogerlo. El gerente de servicio comentó que el coche tenía un kilometraje tan bajo (18.000 km / 11.000 millas en 7 años) y está en excelentes condiciones, excepto por el exterior que parece haber pasado esos años en Noruega. Nos pareció gracioso que eligiera Noruega. Le dije que vivimos en la playa y no tenemos garaje. Él entendió. Pero nos sorprendió que no pensara en eso primero. Una vez que tuvimos el auto, continuamos cuesta arriba hasta Mijas Pueblo para almorzar. La foto de arriba es una vista de las Sierras de Mijas a través de una divertida obra de arte. La primera foto de abajo es la vista de Mijas Pueblo desde el concesionario Toyota y luego sigue una vista de nuestro vecindario en la playa después de almorzar.

Tuve un gran estímulo esta mañana mientras desayunaba. Tere, nuestra primera amiga en Sevilla, llamó por teléfono. No hemos hablado en meses. Que alegria. Hace varios años que vuelve a vivir en su ciudad natal de Conil de la Frontera (junto a Cádiz). Espero que podamos llegar allí para una visita muy pronto. La primera vez que Tere me llamó, en Sevilla hace más de 11 años, estaba en la plaza de nuestro edificio. Mi español era tan malo que hablar por teléfono me puso en picada. Le dije que bajaría. Esta vez, hablamos durante 15 minutos. No siempre tenía mucho sentido, estoy seguro, pero conversamos. (Haz clic aquí para nuestra última visita en persona).

La hija de 6 años de Tere, Nora, tiene talento musical (al igual que Tere). Tere me mandó un video de Nora cantando en el carro. Me dijo que Nora canta canciones en inglés. Luego calificó eso con “Nora English”. No reconocí ninguna de las palabras y pregunté si era una canción en inglés. Tere dijo que sí y explicó que era de “una cantante llamada Pink”. Sí, sabemos quién es Pink. Resulta que era la canción “Just Give Me A Reason”. Volví a escuchar a Nora y lo entendí.

Volvimos a cenar a Tapa y Tai anoche. Siempre tan bueno Siempre tan cálido y acogedor. El almuerzo de hoy en Mijas Pueblo no se compara. Más sobre eso en otro momento.

¿Recuerdas al tipo con los lindos “zapatos” del otro día (haz clic aquí)? Bueno, vi a otro tipo con lindos “zapatos” y eso me inspiró a comprar tres pares de zapatos. Míralos a ellos, y a él, a continuación.

• New roundabout dedicated to the people from Navarre in northern Spain and their close ties to Mijas.
• Nueva rotonda dedicada a los navarros del norte de España.
• Seeing home from less than 9 km / 5 miles away and 430 metres / 1,476 feet above sea level.
• Ver el hogar desde menos de 9 km / 5 millas de distancia y 430 metros / 1476 pies sobre el nivel del mar.
• My dinner.
• Mi cena.
• I don’t have a photo of owner Simon. Here are Chef/Owner Vytas and Chef Madame Thip.
• No tengo una foto del dueño Simon. Aquí son Chef/dueño Vytas y Chef Madame Thip.
• New sandals with removable insoles so I can use my custom ones.
• Nuevas sandalias con plantillas removibles para poder usar mis plantillas personalizadas.
• Super-comfortable sneakers.
• Zapatillas súper cómodo.
• And loafers — for loafing around.
• Y mocasines.
• Another very nice pair of “shoes.” Do you suppose all I need to do is go for laser hair removal?
• Otro par de “zapatos” muy bonitos. ¿Crees que todo lo que tengo que hacer es ir a la depilación láser?

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18 thoughts on “Friendship, Thai tapas, and loafers / Amistad, tapas tailandesas, y mocasines”

    1. Jennifer:
      We met Tere shortly after we moved in. She managed a restaurant downstairs. She spoke no English and somehow we became best of friends anyway. Truly exceptional… and the best Spanish teacher I ever had. I wish we still lived nearby.

  1. Storm clouds looming over Mijas, I see – maybe you’ll get that rain you wanted after all? And that food looks scrummy – I can almost smell the spices! Jx

    1. Jon:
      We had a beautiful rain during the night, but woke up to dry streets. This next week and weekend have a chance of rain. Here’s hoping. The clouds over Mijas were grand. Tapa y Tai is SO good.

  2. I really like the sandals. I prefer today’s eye-candy to last time’s, but still will take Moose and Dudo over hard bodies any day in the week.

    1. Kelly:
      I’ve got SG and the cats. Who wants waxed, buffed, and polished. The hours spent preening would get so boring. It took me years to finally find sandals with removable insoles. I’m so happy.

    1. David:
      Can you imagine going in for a waxing and coming out with a body like that? Frightening.

  3. Oh my God that Tapas looks delicious. And you know maybe, I even noticed the plates, and I even adore them. I wouldn’t mind having a set hint hint hint.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      They have the plates in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Plus unusual condiment trays and jars, usually in white. The service always looks like a mosaic. And the food is so good.

  4. That hunk in the blue shoes is a reminder that a lack of a garage is a small price to pay for living on the beach.

  5. Thai tapas sounds and looks wonderful!
    Yes, living near the ocean/sea can be a challenge for a car.

    1. Jim:
      You certainly know what you’re talking about. I grew up on the Atlantic and my father would never buy the car he really wanted because it had to sit out in a parking lot day and night. (That’s OK though. The car he really wanted was a Cadillac.)

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