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This may be the last desert rose photo I share. But I’m not making any promises. They seem to get more spectacular with each bloom. It has now been more than 6 months since they started blooming. I don’t see any buds on either plant after this set that still has some more to open. But one never knows. Do one?

After taking the photo of the desert rose Sunday I passed two of our yuccas and was delighted to see a flower stem about to open. I check the yuccas daily. It’s amazing how quickly this appeared. The yucca photos are from this morning. Although I stayed in bed too late to catch Saturday’s sunrise, thanks to some dramatic clouds I did manage to capture it’s beauty a couple of hours later.

And speaking of beauty, I can’t resist taking pictures of Dudo and Moose. Today it’s all about Dudo, who was slightly bent out of shape when I hovered above him as he slept soundly in his hammock in the living room.

I have another flashy fashion photo from Málaga followed by another flowery outfit I saw here in town. And that seemed like a perfect reason to end with a video I shot outside the pharmacy.

Esta puede ser la última foto de rosa del desierto que comparta. Pero no haré ninguna promesa. Parecen volverse más espectaculares con cada floración. Han pasado más de 6 meses desde que empezaron a florecer. No veo ningún cogollo en ninguna de las plantas después de este conjunto que todavía tenga algunos más por abrir. Pero nunca se sabe. ¿Has uno?

Después de hacer la foto de la rosa del desierto el domingo, pasé por dos de nuestras yucas y me encantó ver el tallo de una flor a punto de abrirse. Reviso las yucas a diario. Es sorprendente lo rápido que apareció esto. Las fotos de la yuca son de esta mañana. Aunque me quedé en la cama demasiado tarde para ver el amanecer del sábado, gracias a algunas nubes dramáticas logré capturar su belleza un par de horas después.

Y hablando de belleza, no puedo resistirme a tomar fotografías de Dudo y Moose. Hoy todo se trata de Dudo, quien estaba ligeramente encorvado cuando me cerní sobre él mientras dormía profundamente en su hamaca en la sala de estar.

Tengo otra foto de moda llamativa de Málaga seguida de otro conjunto de flores que vi aquí en la ciudad. Y esa me pareció una razón perfecta para terminar con un vídeo que grabé fuera de la farmacia.

• Saturday morning.
• Sábado mañana.
• Dudo: “Will you stop following me?!?”
• Dudo: “¡¿Podrías dejar de seguirme?!?”

I saved the best flowers for last.

Dejé las mejores flores para el final.

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30 thoughts on “Feline, flora, fashion / Felino, flora, fashionistas”

  1. The desert rose is calling me! If I may, I would like to use it for my morning coffee edit session. If it works I will show you on FB! Now, as I uncross my eyes de floral, squeeze out a long kitty stretch I thank you once again!

  2. WOW to that Desert Rose blossom!
    I have to find one here in the north Atlantic……and I will!
    With your ‘fashion statements’ I always scroll down very slowly and these two surprised me! Almost made me dizzy!

    1. Jim:
      I hope you find one. Just remember they like heat and sun. These have thrived since we moved them to all-day sun. And our glassed in terrace is like a greenhouse in that enclosed corner.

  3. The twisted kitty always makes me smile.
    That woman? No. Just no.
    The man? It looked almost like the patterns matched so I thought it was a onesie.

  4. OK, that video was quite interesting! Of course, you know I’m fascinated by solid waste disposal. LOL

    The desert rose is still looking amazing! I wonder why it’s having such a successful year when it’s been so challenging in the past?

    1. Steve (solid waste disposal):
      I love how the sanitation system works here. They do a good job. It’s not easy to keep up in an unpredictable tourist town. We moved the desert rose to the corner of the terrace where it gets sun from sun-up to sun-down and heat. That seemed to do the trick. (And I attack the systemic bugs every week.)

  5. I think you might be right Mitchell, every time you share a picture of the Desert Rose they do seem to be more spectacular. I’m thinking both cats would look smashing with a pop of red behind each ear.

    1. Maddie:
      I’m wowed by the desert rose every time I see it. I’ll have to give adorning the cats a try. Dudo now lets me place toys on his back and head and doesn’t move.

  6. I’ll take the live flowers and if the man wearing the flower prints has a cute face, I’ll take him too.

    1. Anon (damned browser):
      The man in flowers did have a cute face. I’ll head out and pick one up for you.

  7. Those fashions are utterly bizarre! Remedied, of course, by the cats and that fantabulosa desert rose… Jx

    PS Bin-collections in Spain (and they have a similar set-up in Amsterdam outside of the Old Town) are remarkable to watch, I agree – it makes so much sense to bury the rubbish, caddy and all, under the street. Shame no-one ever thought to do similar in London, given the amount of overflowing street bins we seem to have!

      1. Jon:
        I figured it out from the Amsterdam reference. I wish I knew what the problem was with the browsers.

    1. Jon (Amsterdam reference):
      Shame trash collection isn’t also done that way in NYC. The standard is to pile up the trash bags on the pavement to wait for pick-up. Dozens of huge bags can sit for days. This is so much more pleasant.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      That pattern mash-up is done by so many designers now. It makes me dizzy and sometimes nauseated.

  8. I love love your garbage system. I wish we had it in New York instead of …I don’t even know how to describe the mess in Queens

    1. claudia:
      I’m always disappointed in the mess I find in Brooklyn when I’m there. Either a mess of unbagged trash or piles of bags sitting on the sidewalk for days.

  9. The yucca is amazing! Not wanting to be outdone by the desert rose, it sends up a flower spike. I love your terrace. Mine, lacking glass windows, collects all manner of detritus from the neighboring trees. I have to sweep every day. Not that I actually do…

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Before we installed the glass curtain, life was very different out there. Now it’s like another room (a big room) added to the house. It also helps that Isabel cleans it every week.

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