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Update On the Residency Cards:

I went through a box of miscellaneous stuff in my office and found our old passports! I have no idea why the US Embassy mailed them directly to that box. OK, I apologize for saying we never received them. Anyway, San Geraldo will make copies of our old passports and we can head back this week to complete the process. What a relief! Coming up with other documentation was turning into a major problem.

Hot Style at the Beach
I was walking on the beach the other day when I spotted someone in the distance who was exposing so much of his hind quarters that he needn’t have bothered wearing a bathing suit.

Major plumber’s crack (commonly referred to as builder’s bum in parts of Great Britain). It’s also called “hucha” in Spanish, which is the word for the slot in a piggy bank or vending machine.

Since, as you might remember, I enjoy sharing collected images of huchas (click here and here), I began snapping away. But when I zoomed in I was even more surprised by what I saw.


Truth be told, this is just a pocket belt to hold all the loot he finds while metal-detecting. But I’m much more entertained by my own version of reality.

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