Tastes like more(ish) / Sabe a más

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO EARNED ANOTHER PAIR of Saint stripes (or is that another ring for his halo?) yesterday afternoon. He made Moorish chicken and nut pie, one of my favourite recipes from the cookbook The New Spanish Table. It’s a lot of work and, in my opinion, worth every minute. Of course, all I did was wash up after the chef.

The first time SG prepared this dish was less than two months after we returned to Irvine, California, from our three-week visit to Sevilla and Málaga in early 2011 to decide where we might live. I’ve updated that original blog post to include the Spanish translation; click here if you’re interested. It was written the day we drove to the Spanish consulate in Los Angeles to apply for residency. Three months later, we arrived in Málaga before quickly heading up to Sevilla. What memories. So much has happened in less than 10 years.


SAN GERALDO GANÓ OTRO PAR de rayas de santo (¿o es ese otro anillo para su halo?) ayer por la tarde. Hizo empanada murciana de pollo y nueces, una de mis recetas favoritas del libro de cocina The New Spanish Table. Es mucho trabajo y, en mi opinión, cada minuto vale la pena. Por supuesto, todo lo que hice fue lavarme después del chef. 

La primera vez que SG preparó este plato fue menos de dos meses después de que regresáramos a Irvine, California, de nuestra visita de tres semanas a Sevilla y Málaga a principios de 2011 para decidir dónde podríamos vivir. Actualicé esa publicación de blog original para incluir la traducción al español; haz clic aquí si está interesado. Fue escrito el día que conducimos al consulado español en Los Ángeles para solicitar la residencia. Tres meses después, llegamos a Málaga antes de dirigirnos rápidamente a Sevilla. Qué recuerdos. Han pasado tantas cosas en menos de 10 años.

We forgot to buy a new basting brush. San Geraldo apologizes for the poor quality of the baste. It tasted just fine.
Olvidamos comprar un nuevo cepillo para hilvanar. San Geraldo se disculpa por la mala calidad del hilvanado. Sabía muy bien.

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Update On the Residency Cards:

I went through a box of miscellaneous stuff in my office and found our old passports! I have no idea why the US Embassy mailed them directly to that box. OK, I apologize for saying we never received them. Anyway, San Geraldo will make copies of our old passports and we can head back this week to complete the process. What a relief! Coming up with other documentation was turning into a major problem.

Hot Style at the Beach
I was walking on the beach the other day when I spotted someone in the distance who was exposing so much of his hind quarters that he needn’t have bothered wearing a bathing suit.

Major plumber’s crack (commonly referred to as builder’s bum in parts of Great Britain). It’s also called “hucha” in Spanish, which is the word for the slot in a piggy bank or vending machine.

Since, as you might remember, I enjoy sharing collected images of huchas (click here and here), I began snapping away. But when I zoomed in I was even more surprised by what I saw.


Truth be told, this is just a pocket belt to hold all the loot he finds while metal-detecting. But I’m much more entertained by my own version of reality.