Fuengirola Fashion Fountain/ Fuente de Fashionistas

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THE CONSTRUCTION OF the fountain across the street continues at a decent pace. Maybe it will even be completed before the end of the season. A vertical metal post appeared this week, which at first had me relieved that something interesting might be coming. Then, given the statuary around town, it had me concerned that something “interesting” might be coming. I wish they’d ask for my input. My first idea is an homage to Fuengirola Fashion. It could be done in resin to capture all the colors. Otherwise, I’ve seen some guys on the beach lately practicing their volleyball returns. One, originally from Argentina, used to run a volley ball camp on the beach and he’s clearly a serious competitor. A bronze statue of this Argentinian god might be nice to see from our terrace. I’ve created mock-ups for my presentation, although I still haven’t decided where the water jets should be. Voting begins now.


LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE la fuente al otro lado de la calle continúa a un ritmo decente. Tal vez incluso se completará antes del final de la temporada. Una poste vertical de metal apareció esta semana, que al principio me hizo sentir aliviado de que algo interesante pudiera estar llegando. Luego, pensando en las estatuas de la ciudad, me preocupaba que algo” pudiera estar llegando. Ojalá me pidieran mi opinión. Mi primera idea es un homenaje a las fashionistas de fuengirola. Se podría hacer en resina para capturar todos los colores. De lo contrario, he visto a algunos hombres en la playa últimamente practicando sus devoluciones de voleibol. Uno, originario de Argentina, solía dirigir un campamento de voleibol en la playa y es claramente un serio competidor. Una estatua de bronce de este dios argentino puede ser agradable de ver desde nuestra terraza. He creado maquetas para mi presentación, aunque todavía no he decidido dónde deberían estar los chorros de agua espumosos. La votación comienza ahora.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Fuengirola Fashion Fountain/ Fuente de Fashionistas”

    1. David,
      I had a thought. The water could come fro hunter his hat and just stream down his entire body. Like sweat.

    1. Jim,
      I know. I do have some other poses … of both the god and the fashion, if that would help.

    1. Debra,
      I KNOW. Given what they’ve paid for in the past, I’d love the opportunity to produce something, too!

  1. Aw, go with the first one! It is more of a representation of your area. Besides, maybe it’s my eyes, the “bronze” god looks like he’s been rolling in a soiled baby’s diaper. The first one would be more of a conversation piece. 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      Oh boy. I thought I had done a good job with the bronze. Now all I see is baby diarrhea!

      1. Ooops! What do I know from bronze? Muscular manly man statues are everywhere. That first guy would be unique, an ode to the Fuengirola tourist if you will.

  2. I would definitely vote for the Argentinian god naked! Simply for reasons of classical aesthetics.

    1. Kirk,
      If they won’t let me do the statue, is it ok if I just send him?

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