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THE SUPER BOWL is coming up Monday Sunday. That’s the annual championship game of American football. I know it’s coming up because The Kid Brother told me during our Tuesday phone call. Unlike me, he’s a fan.

He said, “Super Bowl’s comin’! I got San Francisco, wise guy!”

I asked, “Who are they playing?”

“What do you mean WHO? Who’s on First!” he snapped. (You’ll understand if you watch the video at the bottom).

I knew my friend Mary (in Kansas City) had been very excited about how well her team was doing this year. So I took a shot in the dark and asked, “Is San Francisco playing Kansas City?”

“That’s right, smart guy. I’ll bet you forty bucks! Forty buckaroos! Forty smackers, buddy!”

“Forty bucks?!? Who am I, Rockefeller?” I snorted. “I’m not betting you forty bucks! Make it a dollar and you’ve got a deal.”

“It’s a bet! And whoever wins … Is gonna win!”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself!”

“No, you couldn’t!” he agreed.

I wouldn’t bet him $40 because he can’t afford it. Although, I don’t know why I worry. He has never ever paid off a losing bet in his life. And he loves to bet. I, on the other hand, always pay. Besides, win or lose, I always end up giving him cash when I see him.

When I told him Kansas City was Mary’s team, he responded, “Well, I can’t do nuttin’ about dat!”

Today’s photos are from an American baseball game in 2011 when we lived 15 minutes from Anaheim Stadium — the Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim) against the Seattle Mariners (our friend Judy’s team). Judy bought the Kid Brother an official baseball and got him down to the dugout for autographs from the players and coaches. It’s possibly his most treasured possession.


EL SUPER BOWL se acerca el lunes domingo. Ese es el campeonato anual de fútbol americano. Sé que se acerca porque El Hermanito me lo dijo durante nuestra llamada telefónica del martes. A diferencia de mí, él es un fanático.

Él dijo: “¡Viene el Super Bowl!” ¡Tengo San Francisco, sabio!”

Pregunté: “¿A quién juegan?”

“¿Qué quieres decir con QUIEN? ¡‘Quién’ está primero!” espetó. (Lo entenderás si miras el video en la parte inferior).

Yo sabía que mi amiga Mary (en Kansas City) había estado muy entusiasmada con lo bien que le estaba yendo a su equipo este año. Entonces tomé un tiro en la oscuridad y pregunté: “¿San Francisco está jugando a Kansas City?”

“Así es, bobo. ¡Te apuesto cuarenta dólares! Cuarenta buckaroos, amigo!”

“Cuarenta dólares?!? ¿Quién soy yo, Rockefeller?” resoplé. “¡No te apuesto cuarenta dólares! Hazlo un dólar y tendrás un trato”.

“¡Es una apuesta!” me dijo. “Y quien gane … ¡Va a ganar!”

“¡No podría haberlo dicho mejor!”

“¡Yo sé que no podrías!”

No le apostaría $40 porque no puede pagarlo. Aunque, no sé por qué me preocupo. Nunca ha pagado una apuesta perdedora en su vida. Y le encanta apostar. Yo, por otro lado, siempre pago. Además, gane o pierda, siempre termino dándole efectivo cuando lo veo.

Cuando le dije que Kansas City era el equipo de Mary, él respondió: “Bueno, ¡no puedo volverme loco con eso!”. Qué tipo.

Las fotos de hoy son de un juego de béisbol estadounidense en 2011 cuando vivíamos a 15 minutos del estadio de Anaheim, the Los Ángeles Angels contra the Seattle Mariners (el equipo de nuestra amiga Judy). Judy le compró a El Hermanito una pelota de béisbol oficial y lo llevó al refugio para obtener autógrafos de los jugadores y entrenadores. Es posiblemente su posesión más preciada.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “Whoever Wins / Quien Gane”

  1. betcha chuck would be a helluva baseball player. look how he holds the ball. SF gonna win over KC. and I don’t give two shits about football. baseball season starts for me on 2/11/20!

    1. anne marie:
      He’s an excellent baseball player. Plays teams every Sunday in Central Park during spring and summer. Fall and winter is bowling every Saturday. He bowled a 165 last week and has bowled over 200, and also 98 the same day! He loves all sports. He didn’t drop the ball once when he was tossing it back and forth for autographs. MUCH better than me. Yeah, I HATE American football.

  2. I thought that was the back of the kid brother’s head in the first picture. How fun. I don’t pay attention to who is playing, I am looking forward to the advertising –

  3. Oh, Mitchell, you’re like Carlos …the Superbowl is Sunday!

    Then the Gay Superbowl AKA The Oscars is the following Sunday.

    Guess which one will have me glued to the set!

      1. I said something to Carlos about the Superbowl being on this weekend and he said,”Again!”

  4. I personally don’t give a flying fig about any sport! From the scores over the years, the Super Bowl seems to be the most boring of the football games. I look forward to the ads, online, after the game 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      The multimillionaire athletes and owners sicken me, although I can sometims enjoy European football.

  5. You should have bet a hot dog, that way your brother might be more likely to pay up? Likely not lol.

    1. Cheapchick,
      You clearly don’t know CHEAP, despite your moniker. 😁 Those Nathan’s hot dogs are expensive and I don’t think he’s ever paid for one. By the time he was 5, our sister had nicknamed him Ebeneezer Scrooge.

    1. John,
      That’s the Kid Brother in a Seattle Mariners baseball cap. It’s the only non New York Yankees baseball cap he has ever worn. Judy bought it for him and he wore it to that one game. I was amazed he did even that.

    1. Anne Marie,
      This is great. I have gotten so used to this incredible ham that, when good, DOES melt in your mouth.

  6. But wait! The men’s final of the Australian Open is on Sunday! Grand Slam Tennis! I’m already picking out the food!

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Meh. A lot better than American football, but I’d be eating all your food.

    1. Jennifer:
      When I’m a real wise guy — like when the wind was blowing and I asked him if my hair was a mess (no hair) — he says, “You jerk!”

  7. I used to follow football, but lost interest after the original Browns left Cleveland. And the new Browns aren’t enough to rekindle my interest. When I heard San Francisco was in the Super Bowl this year, I momentarily thought Joe Montana and Bill Walsh, the latter no longer even alive.

  8. You say Super Bowl? I say “it’s spinach1”. You’re a good brother. Next call tell me I said “two dollars to a donut” it’s Kansas City! Though he’d probably expect me to pay up!

    1. Willym:
      Oh, he’ll definitely expect you to pay up. Although he never pays up himself, he never lets anyone else slide.

    1. Urspo,
      I’m honored. But then you might not know that I won. Chuck owes me $1, which I’ll never see.

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