Another Day Older / Otra Día Más Viejo

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IN THE PAST, San Geraldo would argue that he wouldn’t be “over” 71 until his 72nd birthday. This discussion began more than 20 years ago, the day after his 50th birthday, when our neighborhood bank posted a sign offering special savings accounts for customers over 50. SG snapped, “Well, what does THAT mean? Do you have to be 51?” I said, “No, YOU’RE over 50 now.” What followed was an “Am-not, Are-too,” argument that went nowhere. The bank should have simply written “50 and Over” and saved us the trouble.

After SG’s first birthday celebration in Fuengirola (in 2014), we shared this disagreement with an acquaintance — a very clever woman named Heather. Heather looked at San Geraldo and asked, “So, before your first birthday, were you nought?”

Today, San Geraldo is over 71. But I don’t think he cares. Yesterday morning he was feted and loved at Mesón Salvador — where he surprised them with an earlier-than-expected entrance and was made to turn back and wait in the wings until they could coordinate the candles and the music (the first video). Cheese cake topped with berries and so much love.

And last night we had a joyful dinner at Primavera with Tynan and Elena — where Miguel (second video) perfectly coordinated the candles (I brought the candelabra), although the song was acapella. Tiramisu; slices of chocolate cake; and fresh ice cream — turón, straciattela, and vanilla. Plus exquisite natural cava. Today just might be sugar free.


EN EL PASADO, San Geraldo argumentaba que no estaría mayor de 71 hasta su 72 cumpleaños. Esta discusión comenzó hace más de 20 años, el día después de su 50 cumpleaños, cuando nuestro banco del vecindario publicó un letrero que ofrecía cuentas de ahorro especiales para clientes mayores de 50 años. SG respondió: “Bueno, ¿qué significa ESO? ¿Tiene que tener 51 años?”. Dije: “No, ahora tienes más de 50 años”. Lo que siguió fue un argumento de “No soy; sí eres”, que no llegó a ningún lado. El banco simplemente debería haber escrito “50 y más” y nos ahorró el problema.

Luego, después de la celebración del primer cumpleaños de SG en Fuengirola (en 2014), compartimos este desacuerdo con una conocids, una mujer muy inteligente llamada Heather. Heather miró a San Geraldo y preguntó: “Entonces, antes de tu primer cumpleaños, ¿no eras nada?”

Hoy, San Geraldo tiene más de 71 años. Pero no creo que le importe. Ayer por la mañana fue festejado y amado en Mesón Salvador, donde los sorprendió con una entrada antes de lo esperado y lo obligaron a retroceder y esperar en las alas hasta que pudieran coordinar las velas y la música (el primer video). Tarta de queso con frutas de bosque… ¡y nata!

Y anoche tuvimos una cena alegre en Primavera con Tynan y Elena, donde Miguel (segundo video) coordinó perfectamente las velas (traje el candelabro), aunque la canción era acapella. Tiramisu; rebanadas de pastel de chocolate; y helado fresco: turón, straciattela y vainilla. Más exquisito cava natural. Hoy podría ser sin azúcar.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Another Day Older / Otra Día Más Viejo”

    1. Ron,
      Besides, on most surveys, no one really cares. 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-64, 65 AND OVER!

  1. Now that SG is moving into the beginning of his 72nd year…….I am certain that he will be sustained by all that sumptuous cake!!
    Looks like a marvelous time was had! And deservedly so! Happy Birthday, SG!!

  2. Looks like a great celebration! (Or two celebrations, I guess.) I hope someone someday provides ME with a candelabra on my birthday!

    1. Steve,
      We’ve had a couple of those candelabras. Very chic. SG calls this his birthday month.

  3. “Page 71” (and the number itself) is a long time inside-family joke meaning a disappointment. I am glad to see his 71st was far from disappointing !

    1. Urspo,
      Would love to learn the history of Page 71. Is that how far you all get before you give up on a book?

  4. how wonderful! and those fabu desserts! and the booze! and did you steal that candelabra from liberace? what a way to start SG’s 72nd year!

    1. Anne Marie,
      Isn’t that candelabra great? It really was a perfect day and the cava was shockingly good.

  5. I saw the title of this post and added “and deeper in debt” in my mind. Perused through the pictures of all the goodies (including SG), got to the end and couldn’t figure out why you included Sixteen Tons. DUH! I hope I’ll look that yummy at 71! Heck, I wish I looked that yummy now. By the way, I thought the Sixteen Tons reference was to the weight y’all probably gained from eating all of the diabetic coma inducing treats 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      SG liked the post and of course asked me what made me think of that song! I’ve walked about 30 miles this week. Fit as a fiddle… and diabetic!

    1. John:
      SG says: Diolch yn fawr iawn! (OK, I lie, he didn’t say it, I looked it up… but it’s what he meant.)

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