Lockdown Day 35: About Boobs / Encierro Día 35: Sobre Tetas

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

CALL THIS VARIATIONS ON A theme. Or reliving my adolescence. Better yet, I’ll simply admit I’ve never really outgrown my adolescence — because I was kind of a holier-than-thou kid and, therefore, got a late start.

I had nothing very adolescent to talk about after SG’s wiener yesterday and my balls the day before. No new body parts to explore. No new double entendres. But then I went to the supermarket in the afternoon to restock my cooking supplies. I made another batch of Susan’s Overnight Oatmeal (click here). It was such a matter of fact process that I didn’t even take pictures this time. Yes, this lockdown is having its effect. While at the supermarket I spotted some cheese that’s very specific to Spain. So, today I’ve moved on to the female anatomy.

Queso Tetilla (“Little Tit Cheese”) comes from Galicia in northwestern Spain. It’s made with the milk of three different breeds of cattle: Friesian, Parda, and Rubia Gallega. I don’t know why it’s called tettila (small breast) as opposed to simply tetta (breast), because the cheese to me usually looks like about a C cup — or at least a B. Nothing small about that. The cheese is described as a cone topped by a nipple. It’s also sometimes called “perilla,” which means a half pear, but that name is of no interest to me.

So, here’s a shot of the titty cheese (and my apologies). I’ll try to be more mature tomorrow (although I’m not making any promises.) But today wouldn’t be complete without a couple of cheesecake shots of Moose.


LLAME A ESTO VARIACIONES SOBRE un tema. O revivir mi adolescencia. Mejor aún, simplemente admitiré que nunca superé mi adolescencia, porque era un niño “más santos que tú” y, por lo tanto, tuve un comienzo tardío.

No tuve nada muy adolescente de lo que hablar después del día de ayer de SG y su salchicha, y mis pelotas el día antes. No hay nuevas partes del cuerpo para explorar. No hay nuevos dobles sentidos. Pero luego fui al supermercado por la tarde para reponer mis suministros de cocina. Hice otro lote de “avena de noche” de Susan (haz clic aquí). Fue un proceso tan real que ni siquiera tomé fotos esta vez. Sí, este bloqueo está teniendo su efecto. Mientras estaba en el supermercado vi un queso muy específico de España. Entonces, hoy me pasé a la anatomía femenina.

Queso Tetilla proviene de Galicia. Este es un nombre que nunca podría usarse en los Estados Unidos puritanos (y “más santos que tú”). Habría protestas. Y es por eso que incluso estoy hablando de eso hoy. Está hecho con la leche de tres razas diferentes de ganado: Friesian, Parda, y Rubia Gallega. No sé por qué se llama tettila en lugar de simplemente tetta, porque el queso para mí generalmente se parece a una copa C, o al menos a una B. Nada de pequeña en esa. El queso se describe como un cono coronado por un pezón. A veces también se le llama “perilla”, pero ese nombre no me interesa.

Entonces, aquí hay una foto del queso tetilla (y mis disculpas). Trataré de ser más maduro mañana (aunque no estoy haciendo ninguna promesa). Pero el día no estaría completo sin unas pocas fotos “tarta de queso” de Moose. NOTA: En inglés, “tarta de queso” también significa imágenes de mujeres desnuda.

Cheese is queso in Spanish and queixo in Old Galician.
Queso es queixo en Gallega Antigua.


Our friend Judy shared the following video with me. You may have already seen it yourselves, but, just in case, I can’t resist sharing it.

Nuestra amiga Judy compartió el siguiente video conmigo. Posiblemente ya lo hayáis visto vosotros mismos, pero, por si acaso, no puedo resistirme a compartirlo. Es una mujer estadounidense que demuestra su primer intento de crear una máscara facial con un sujetador viejo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

46 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 35: About Boobs / Encierro Día 35: Sobre Tetas”

  1. the video is too funny!
    cute lil titty cheese though.
    duchess deedles and my jahoobies could take up an entire city block! (ask maddie about that)
    don’t tell me, tomorrow is all about vajayjay’s, amirite?

      1. Mistress Maddie:
        I thought about them both (and you) when I watched that video. Oh the things you could design with their bras.

    1. anne marie:
      Knowing what Maddie (and you) have said about your “jahoobies,” I did have some thoughts about what use your old bras could be put to. (And I only hinted at vajayjays today.)

  2. LOL! Think maybe we’ll stick to the more conventional kind of masks…..thank you none the less….

  3. Growing older just happens, growing up is optional, stay forever young and crazy. What body part tommorow?

  4. OMG. Had not seen that video. Still laughing.

    Think you have covered most of the pertinent anatomy in your posts these past few days. But I live to be surprised.

    1. Mary:
      I laugh every time I watch that video. Her delivery is pitch perfect. As for body parts, I seriously tried to restrain myself today. I think I managed to squeak by.

  5. There’s a geographical feature about 5 or 6 miles from us called “Tetilla Peak” ….now I know what it means. Liked the bra mask, she reminds me of one of our neighbors, the look, the accent, the mannerisms. I recently saw a video about making face masks from jock straps…I haven’t had one since high school gym class.

    1. Frank:
      Some of those jockstrap masks look great. Like you, I haven’t had a jockstrap in years though.

  6. Moose sure fills up that chair. He is a beauty. Saw a video showing how to use thong panties as masks. The models were the young woman herself, her male partner, and her mother. It actually looked pretty functional.

    1. Wilma:
      Moose and Dudo are both big cats, even though Dudo is slender. Jockstrap masks are entertaining… as are thongs.

  7. Bring on the rolling laughter! First kitty cheese, then titty cheese, and then the kicker: that video! Oh my, her face, accent and delivery made that thing! I was taking her seriously (cabin fever lite) until the coup de grace 🙂 At least Balder Half used one of my prettier bras for some pizzazz! It also got him a little, uh never mind. I think between Anne Marie and I, we can probably use ours for makeshift medical tents 🙂 This was too funny. Please don’t go into vajayjay territory. I really don’t want to see a post about oysters, tacos or clams.

      1. False rumors, Mads! It took several years after the babies were born to grow these things! They just put the process in motion, food did the rest 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      I agree with you about that video. I still watch it and laugh. I replied to Anne Marie that based on what she and Mistress Maddie have said, I wondered what your (and her) bras could be used for. Medical tents would be perfect! I tried to avoid, and think I did fairly well, going into vajayjay territory today. Although I did have thoughts of telling about the Pink Taco (restaurant and bar in Las Vegas).

      1. Deedles:
        Had you ever heard the term. It’s an actual thing and the company had the nerve (balls) to use that name for their chain of restaurants. The one in Vegas was housed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

      2. Scoot, I’d never heard of “taco” as a euphemism until it was used on an episode of Glee (who says t.v. isn’t educational?) let alone a pink one. I didn’t even know nipples could be pink until my best friend’s robe opened up while she was dusting. Threw me into a state of shock I tell you! I’m going to shut up now 🙂

      3. Deedles:
        I never knew about tacos… well, you know, the euphemism “taco” until I was working in Vegas and went to that Pink Taco. As for nipples, I’ve seen them in a number of shades.

  8. What in the world is going on around here!!!!!!! The quarantine is getting to us all!!!! I made a nice braided bread last night with four cheeses in it. It rather resembled a long horse cock. Sort of obnoxious looking actually. I have to post it.

  9. You disappoint me, young man, with your juvenile sense of humour.
    P.S. That video is hilarious!

    1. Debra:
      My mother would repeatedly be saying, “Mitchell!” I’ve got to keep us entertained.

    1. Steve:
      SG and I immediately said the same thing about America when we first saw those cheeses. It was actually in a public market and there must have been a few dozen lined up in rows. Quite a picture.

    1. Patty:
      I’m sorry to get so personal, but YOU brought it up. So, does this mean you have small breasts?

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        I never knew that! And I had completely forgotten about them. We drove up there all the time. I think I even have some pictures of us at the top. Will have to dig them out.

  10. I am mad for cheese and have yet had any Spanish types. This was both entertaining and educational. Oh to have some of this !

    1. Urspo:
      Well, one of the first things you should do when you get to Spain is go to a good cafe or restaurant and try a cheese board.

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