Deserted desert rose / Desierto rosa del desierto

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I HOPE YOU ALL MISSED me terribly yesterday. Well, I hope you at least noticed I was gone. It was simply a bad day in my head and I didn’t want to share it with you. I’m a bit better today, at least for the moment.

I had an appointment with my new orthodontist and am about to have fixed what my old orthodontist screwed up. Just new retainers to replace the ones I have, and then I’ll move on. I am at least finished with wearing braces and have been for a while, and I’m very happy to have a new orthodontist (and dentist). I’ll tell you about the experience (in brief) one of these days.

There’s no more apple cake (that’s my last slice shown below). San Geraldo made egg salad for lunch today. One of the eggs broke while coming to a boil. The boiled egg white reminded me of meringue. I wonder what SG will be baking next.

I’ve shared a photo of an after-dinner mess in the kitchen. I had already cleaned up most of it before I snapped the photo that’s followed by the one after clean-up. As my friend Susan told me, “A man who cooks is attractive. A man who does the dishes is irresistible.”

Elena’s second-degree burn is healing beautifully. I guess it pays to be a goddess. Then there are a couple of photos of the main shopping street in our neighborhood, before siesta. Most people were on the beach, but you can see there’s a bit more life.

We had thunder and lightning most of Monday night and into Tuesday morning. It all ended with about 30 seconds of rain, which left some of the pavement damp. Oh, how I would love a good rainstorm. But I will not complain about the heat and humidity. Temperatures have been in the high 80sF (above 27C) at most here, with a real feel of perhaps 93F (34C) and high humidity of 77 percent. We don’t find it pleasant but we’re spoiled I suppose. I got no sympathy from an old friend in Virginia who’s been experiencing temps in the high 90sF (above 32C) with real feel of 110F (43C). She thought 77 percent humidity was low. I remember those days when we lived north of there in Washington D.C. Humidity could be 100 percent and it still wouldn’t rain.

Oh, sadly, our desert rose dropped its buds. Maybe it has the same bugs as the hibiscus. Mr. Greenjeans (aka San Geraldo) will have to get busy.

*Mr. Greenjeans was a character on an American children’s television show called “Captain Kangaroo.”


ESPERO QUE TODOS ME HAYAN extrañado terriblemente ayer. Bueno, espero que al menos hayas notado que me fui. Simplemente fue un mal día en mi cabeza y no quería compartirlo contigo. Hoy estoy un poco mejor, al menos por el momento.

Tenía una cita con mi nueva ortodoncista y estoy a punto de arreglar lo que arruinó la primera ortodoncista. Solo nuevos retenedores para reemplazar los que tengo, y luego seguiré adelante. Al menos he terminado de usar aparatos ortopédicos y lo he estado por un tiempo, y estoy muy feliz de tener una nueva ortodoncista (y dentista). Te contaré sobre la experiencia (en breve) uno de estos días.

No hay más tarta de manzana (esa es mi última rebanada que se muestra a continuación). San Geraldo hizo hoy una ensalada de huevo para el almuerzo. Uno de los huevos se rompió al hervir. La clara de huevo hervida me recordó al merengue. Me pregunto qué SG estará horneando a continuación.

He compartido una foto de un desastre después de la cena en la cocina. Ya había limpiado la mayor parte antes de tomar la primera foto, que es seguida por la foto después de la limpieza. Como mi amiga Susan me dijo: “Un hombre que cocina es atractivo. Un hombre que lava los platos es irresistible.”

La quemadura de segundo grado de Elena se está curando maravillosamente. Supongo que vale la pena ser una diosa. Luego hay un par de fotos de la principal calle comercial de nuestro vecindario, antes de la siesta. La mayoría de la gente estaba en la playa, pero puedes ver que hay un poco más de vida.

Tuvimos truenos y relámpagos la mayor parte del lunes por la noche y hasta el martes por la mañana. Todo terminó con unos 30 segundos de lluvia, que dejaron algo del pavimento húmedo. Oh, cómo me encantaría una buena tormenta. Pero no me quejaré del calor y la humedad. Las temperaturas han estado más de 27C (80F) grados como máximo aquí, con una sensación real de quizás 34 (93F), y una alta humedad del 77 por ciento. No nos parece agradable, pero supongo que estamos mimados. No recibí simpatía de una vieja amiga en Virginia que ha estado experimentando temperaturas superiores a 32 grados (90F) con una sensación real de 43C (110F). Ella pensó que el 77 por ciento de humedad era baja. Recuerdo aquellos días en que vivíamos al norte de allí en Washington D.C. La humedad podía ser del 100 por ciento y todavía no llovería.

Oh, tristemente, nuestra rosa del desierto dejó caer sus capullos. Tal vez tiene los mismos errores que los hibiscos. El Sr. Greenjeans* (también conocido como San Geraldo) tendrá que ponerse a trabajar.

*El Sr. Greenjeans era un personaje de un programa de televisión infantil estadounidense llamado “Captain Kangaroo” (Capitán Canguro).

Note the small, decorative trash and recycling chutes between the white cars at left. So much better than above-ground dumpsters (tips).
Tenga en cuenta las pequeñas basuras/reciclajes decorativas entre los autos blancos a la izquierda. Mucho mejor que los grandes contenedores de tierra.
This is how far it got in June.
Así de lejos llegó en junio.
And in July.
Y en julio.

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From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

36 thoughts on “Deserted desert rose / Desierto rosa del desierto”

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. It has been a grinding week. High 90’s and matching humidity here in DC the last few days. Just before 11:00 AM and it is 95.

    1. David,
      Oh i hojas forgotten how difficult those summer in DC were. We lived in Georgetown. A neighbor (dowager) was quoted in the Post one year, “Well no civilized person remains in Georgetown in summer.”

    1. Elin,
      And that’s after I had already cleaned up most of the mess… of a simple meal. Timmi, too? Maybe it’s genetic.

  2. I’m glad you’ve got a new orthodontist. That old one was ripping you off.

    1. Debra,
      The old one was not good. Fortunately the braces were a fixed price, so I hadn’t paid a cent in nearly 2 years no matter how many times she had to redo things.

  3. Oh the poor desert rose. But at least you had that last piece of dessert to eat. Did you share any? I also spied your fond of the Barilla products. doctored up of course. I love those for my sauce and pasta…my go to.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      Of course I didn’t share. SG has his own last piece. Sometimes (in our house … never) it just doesn’t seem worth the trouble to make fresh sauce! Did you see my blog post from the 20th? Some special photos just for you.

  4. I’m glad you feel at least good enough to blog today. Apple cake must surely help. Haven’t seen that many cars in your photos in ages, but still not as many people around as there could be. Hope we both get some nice cooling rainstorms!

    1. Wilma,
      I’m still kicking… and walking into doors. Oh how I wish that it would rain!

      1. Deedles:
        Yes! I almost posted the song. My sister taught me to dance and she’d make me practice before every event. Unfortunately, she mostly taught me the moves of back-up dancers. I have some of the moves (but not the best ones) of the Temptations, the Pips, and the Dave Clarke 5!

  5. Couldn’t find the trash but saw i think lots of bin bags on the walkway ?
    I need to look up that special apple pie. Son makes the most fab tomato sauce that only has a few ingredients. Love the kitchen mess ! wahahahaha

    Take Care BeWell.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Parsnip,
      I actually wrote right when I meant left. I’ll get a closer shot to share. I think your bin bags are actually the chutes. It’s German apple pie. I’ll find the recipe and share it again.

  6. So, Scoot, you’ll be sharing your orthodontist experience in briefs? Will there be pictures? Yes my mind went there. Oooh, that kitchen! I am grateful that Balder Half cooks, but how many pans does one need to make a hamburger?! This is my house every other day until I get around to cleaning it. I’m glad you’re feeling better, bud. I did miss you and it feels like you’ve been gone more than a day. I just didn’t want to whine about it 🙂

    1. Deedles,
      Or I might just share my orthodontist problem AND my briefs. SG has improved over the years. In the past, he could use 3 pans to boil peas. His mother said he was exactly like his grandmother (her mother-in-law) who she always washed up after. Hugs

  7. I much prefer doing the dishes to cooking. Dave and I have the perfect separation of responsibilities!

    That’s such a bummer about the desert rose, especially because the flowers seem so close to opening. I wonder what on earth could be going on? Does anyone have any useful hints online? Maybe it needs more sun or drier soil or something…?

    I can certainly understand not being in a good headspace. This is a bad-headspace kind of time.

    1. Steve,
      This split works perfectly for SG and me, too. The desert rose could (and likely is) a bug in the root system/soil. That’s what causes, the problem with hibiscus. We’ll get it sorted.

  8. I was in a bad head-space yesterday myself. Life in general was getting me down, but I, too, am feeling better today. I guess we all have those days. I actually live in central Virginia, and yesterday it got up to 99 degrees. The humidity level was way up there too. It was a sauna.

    1. Mcpersonalspace54,
      My head is still not where it needs to be. And I get clutch when I’m depressed. Just walked (yet again) into our glass doors. Siesta! We’re all complaining here about how hot it is. 82 but feels like 88. We’re a bunch of wimps.

      1. mcpersonalspace54:
        I hope you can find a way to stay cool and comfortable. Right now here it’s 88 but real feel is 94. Argh!

  9. Geez….I must be attractive AND irresistible then!! Actually I am ‘in charge’ of the kitchen…..all of it. They say the messier the kitchen after preparations and cooking the better the cook/chef. It’s true!! lol
    Above 80% humidity here for over a week……not made for this heat here in Atlantic Canada.
    Too bad about that the rose buds deserted the desert rose. Better luck next season.
    Maybe this new dentist will make things better for you.

    1. Anonymous Jim,
      I love this new dental practice. Much more together than my previous. And who are THEY? Obviously no one obsessive-compulsive.

      1. Ron,
        What a team. Now, Ron, get your butt over here and solve my Mac problems.

  10. Carlos cooks and I clean, and then I cook and he cleans. But we both seem to make the same mess, though Carlos uses more pots and pans and utensils.

    Hope this finds you feeling better and I apologize for Deedles suggesting you show us your briefs.

    Unless you wanna show them ….

    1. Bob,
      There was a short time in Connecticut when I was cooking. I cleaned too! Who knows, Deedles might get her wish.


    for the people who do not know about mister greenjeans, play the above video.

    were you gone yesterday? (kidding) sometimes, it’s better to kick back and wait.

    dr. spo just brought one of those large black pots home from his parents house; the pot has never been used.

    how about a lemon meringue pie?

    1. Anne Marie,
      Our it’s actually aren’t block. They’re bronze and modern induction cookware. I love The look of those old black pots. But I’d rather wash these. I was hoping SG would catch my drift re meringue… not so far.

  12. Sorry you weren’t feeling great. Weather doesn’t help (and since I evidently live not far from your friend Virginia, let me say it sucks here–massive storm last night–deluge/60 mph wind/lightning/thunder–added to the storm of the night before and the one due later today, let’s just say my area near the Ches.Bay is not short of water. Squalid DC summers. Loathe them.)

    Glad you have a new (and better) orthodontist and dentist. And happy to see Elena’s arm is healing.

    1. Mary,
      I feel for you. We’ve been spoiled for so long… Southern California and here that we’ve forgotten what real weather feels like.

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