Learning to walk / Aprendiendo a andar

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I JUST SHUT DOWN AND restarted my computer and, still, PhotoShop will not open. This is not a good day for this. Yesterday, I was unable to open Microsoft Excel. I finally gave up. It’s not the end of the world, but the inside of my head hasn’t been great recently and everything seems like a big deal. A siesta is definitely in order.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in recent years. Genetics. The specialty nurse at the health center can be a bit alarmist. I have calluses on my feet. Nothing awful. And, although everything was fine she was very concerned and told me I must see a podiatrist. I did, finally, this morning. He told me my feet were perfect. The two spots with calluses on my left foot, he said, are a result of the way I walk. He asked if I had lower back pain on the left side. I told him about my sciatica. No surprise, he said. He feels it can be resolved without shots and without medication. All I have to do is learn how to walk. I’ll be going back for evaluation … and lessons.

So, despite wanting to throw my iMac off the terrace, I’m very pleased to be old enough to no longer have braces on my teeth. And, soon, I might even know how to walk correctly. Ah, the wonders of growing up.

The cats had their own trauma the other day. I don’t have air-conditioning in my office. I finally figured out that if the AC is on in the living room, all I have to do is set a fan by my door blowing in and the room is comfortable. The fan in that new position threw the cats for a loop. They see the fan all the time. It’s just never been in that particular spot blowing in that particular direction. Dudo stopped short and watched it for a half hour before entering. Moose watched the fan and then watched Dudo watch the fan. They adjusted. Oh, to be one of our cats.


ACABO DE APAGAR Y REINICIÉ mi ordenador y, aún así, PhotoShop no se abrirá. Este no es un buen día para esto. Ayer no pude abrir Microsoft Excel. Finalmente me di por vencido. No es el fin del mundo, pero el interior de mi cabeza no ha sido excelente recientemente y todo parece un gran problema. Una siesta está definitivamente en orden.

Me diagnosticaron diabetes tipo 2 en los últimos años. Genética. La enfermera especializada en el centro de salud puede ser un poco alarmista. Tengo callos en mis pies. Nada horrible. Y, aunque todo estaba bien, estaba muy preocupada y ella y mi doctora me dijeron que debía ver a un podólogo. Lo hice, finalmente, esta mañana. Me he dicho que mis pies eran perfectos. Los dos puntos con callosidades en mi pie izquierdo, dijo, son el resultado de mi forma de caminar. Le pregunté si tenía dolor de espalda baja en el lado izquierdo. Le conté sobre mi ciática. No es de extrañar, dije. Él siente que se puede resolver sin vacunas y sin medicamentos. Todo lo que tengo que hacer es aprender a caminar. Regresaré para evaluación … y lecciones.

Entonces, a pesar de querer tirar mi iMac de la terraza, estoy muy contento de ser lo suficientemente mayor como para no tener más frenos en mis dientes. Y, pronto, incluso podría saber cómo caminar correctamente. Ah, las maravillas de crecer.

Los gatos tuvieron su propio trauma el otro día. No tengo aire acondicionado en mi oficina. Finalmente descubrí que si el aire acondicionado está encendido en el salón, todo lo que tengo que hacer es encender un ventilador junto a mi puerta y la habitación es cómoda. El ventilador en esa nueva posición lanzó a los gatos a dar una vuelta. Ven al ventilador todo el tiempo. Simplemente nunca ha estado en ese lugar en particular que sopla en esa dirección en particular. Dudo se detuvo en seco y lo observó durante media hora antes de entrar. Moose miró al ventilador y luego vio a Dudo mirar al ventilador. Se ajustaron. Oh, ser uno de nuestros gatos.

Moose waiting for us to finish dinner.
Moose esperando que terminemos la cena.
Dudo on the terrace.
Dudo en la terraza.
Dudo in his favorite spot in my office.
Dudo en su lugar favorito en mi oficina.
Dudo in his favorite spot in life — on my lap, in bed, being petted. Until he falls asleep (usually next to San Geraldo).
Dudo en su lugar favorito de la vida: en mi regazo, en la cama, siendo acariciado. Hasta que se duerme (generalmente al lado de San Geraldo).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

37 thoughts on “Learning to walk / Aprendiendo a andar”

  1. pussies do NOT like anything to be out of its normal place. I love moose and dudo.

    1. anne marie:
      They are a riot. Our California cats were not as involved in the day-to-day, but then we were both working most of the time. These 2 are so used to having us around (and even more so now) and having everything the way it’s supposed to be. I’m now teaching Dudo that he gets his treat when my mantle clock chimes 11. I think he’s already figured it out!

  2. Yes, cats hate change.
    Yes, I’mm like you; any computer issue and I wanna hurl the thing into the street.
    And look at you all grown up and learning to walk and getting your braces off!

    1. Bob:
      I went for my walk this morning and tried to figure out how to walk so that I DON’T roll first on the outside and then on the inside of my left foot and I DO share the weight with the rest of the ball of my foot. But, I couldn’t even tell I was doing it. So, I guess I’ll wait!

  3. And I’m sure the doctors have told you to never wear sandals or open shoes but only fully enclosed shoes, especially on the beach where sand can cut like glass. Cuts on the feet are very dangerous for diabetics because they can take forever to heal and can turn septic. I know a diabetic who just lost half his foot and all the toes on it to that issue.

    1. Debra:
      Actually, she told me not to worry about that (i wonder why). For the diabetes, currently, I only take one pill in the morning. I do wear sandals all the time, but they’re ECCO hiking sandals. Lots of support. Lots of protection. She approved of those.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Well, you’ll have to come here. They don’t like to leave the house… except to climb our terrace wall and visit next door.

  4. Oh yeah. Yesterday my iMac was having trouble as well. Must have been the phase of the moon, or solar flares, or something. I shut down and restarted (that’s sometimes more effective that “restart”) and all was well. I was diagnosed with Type 2 like 15 years ago. It forced me to eat healthier, and I shed a bunch of nasty weight and have kept it off (ca. 50 lbs!) I’ve had my ups and downs. My wonderful doctor in Lexington was strict but understanding, and quickly learned that disappointing her was a great motivator for me. I’ve suffered no real side effects from the disease thus far. Callouses are the great bane of men over the age of 25. I developed bunions a couple years ago; inherited from my mother. Drat! My teeth I just left crooked. Cheers!

    1. wickedhamster:
      Although we splurge on sweets at times, for the most part my diet is excellent. My diabetes appears to be entirely genetic. Both grandmothers were diabetic. I’m active. No weight to lose. Not much to change really. I think I frustrated the diabetes nurse who wanted to lecture me. You’re right about the calluses. I’ve had them since my early 20s. My mother said it was because I went barefoot all the time (damned hippies) and had she known I was going to do that, she wouldn’t have wasted her money on expensive shoes when I was a kid. Ditto my sister. Oh, the cockeyed reasoning. My insecurities overwhelm me sometimes (often) and I finally got tired of being insecure about my teeth. Now I can move on to something else!

  5. Look at you, learning to walk and tossing the braces! I’m so proud of you Scoot! I’ve gone back to diapers. Reverting is all apart of growing ol..er, up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s amazing how many things can be brought back to one’s feet.
    Always good to see the kitties. Even when they’re a bit confused. As for the computer stuff, I still can’t figure out why I don’t receive notices about your posts anymore. Could be a blogger thing I suppose. I enjoy people’s comments so much that I don’t mind popping in regularly to read them 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      Remember that horrible song from the Cerebral Palsy telethon? Oh, you can also sign up for notifications on my current blog site (which is wordpress and not blogger… although the blogger notification should still be working). Upper right corner. You just provide your email.

  6. PS: Pic of cats staring at fan is priceless. Looks on their faces are perfect: “What’s that doing there? I dunno. Should we be afraid of it or ignore it? Hmmm… lemme take a closer look and I’ll tell you.”

    1. wickedhamster:
      And it started with Moose saying to Dudo, “Hey, what are you looking at?”

  7. For cats, everything has to be ‘just so’ – i.e. as it was the last time they saw it. Any variation engenders confusion suspicion or, if you’re lucky, just plain curiosity. Their world is not supposed to be subject to alteration! But a tickle under the chin does tend to calm them down, I find – and then they forget what they were so concerned about..

    1. Raybeard:
      Moose tends to miss a lot of the changes (the whirring fan not withstanding). Dudo doesn’t miss anything. If I carry something into the house, he needs to inspect it… even a bottle of wine. Rearrange the furniture? Dudo does his review. He even checks on me when I’m in the kitchen and I have to lean down and show him what I’ve done.

      1. Raybeard:
        And he is SO curious (and so nosy). And did I mention bossy? I hate open closet doors. Dudo hates them closed. He was just here, scratched against the closed sliding door and meowed at me. I gave up and slid it open. He walked to the other end and yowled. I slid that one open. He looked inside and left the room. And here I sit with open closet doors. The little shit.

  8. My macbook pro is out for repair. I hope it can be fixed. Since that’s my biggest problem, life is indeed grand. I have known other adults who had to change the way they walked in order to address back and hip problems. The changes worked for them, so there is hope for you, too!
    Just yesterday we added a new doggie barrier to keep the dogs off part of the veranda. The dogs didn’t even sniff twice! That’s dogs for you; it would have been major trauma for cats, even if totally ineffectual as a barrier!

    1. Wilma:
      I think it’s time for me to take my iMac in for repair. A bit of a pain since it’s just one huge monitor. At least an Apple store opened last year at Plaza Mayor. Not very far to go.

      Oh, barriers on the terrace and the cats! We put in that wonderful glass curtain that folds back to give us a completely open terrace when the weather is nice. We can’t open it however, because Dudo likes to walk the ledge and visit our neighbors!

  9. There are days I wish Excel would disappear- I don’t think anyone could have made it less intuitive or user friendly. Don’t get me started on Adobe and pdfs. I ran across a WordPerfect user the other day, they still sell that stuff. Gait training is fun and easy, they will have you navigating on two feet before you know it.

    1. David:
      Excel is definitely not intuitive, but I’m actually fairly skilled with it… if I could just get the #%!$ing application to open.

  10. Hmm, this issue of learning how to walk differently/correctly is very interesting. I hope it helps you, Mitchell.
    I’m catching up on three days of posts, and glad to know that you are too old for braces, now 🙂 The kitties are darling to see.

    1. Judy:
      I’m fascinated to see if I end up with a completely different kind of stride as a result of this. I’d better make that appointment.

  11. Happy to hear you may have your solution to the sciatica problem.
    One step at a time…..
    I think we would all like to be one of your cats!!
    Take care.

    1. Jim:
      Dudo now knows when the mantle clock in my office chimes 11, it’s treat time!

  12. Animals are funny about things being out of place. They DO NOT like it. Olga is the same way! I love your animated cat-petting picture.

    That’s a bummer about your computer — wonder what’s going on?! Is it time for a new one?

    1. Steve:
      Moose doesn’t always notice things. Dudo doesn’t miss anything. If a shoe is on the floor where the shoe is not usually on the floor, Dudo will stalk it before entering. SG dropped a handkerchief on the floor near the living room door. Dudo took 5 minutes to come inside.

      Oh, please let it not be time for a new computer. It’s a big 5 or 6-year-old iMac. I know they’re said to be obsolete quickly, but SG’s is fine and we bought them together. I may have to haul it to the Apple Store.

  13. I love computers, but they sure are frustrating when they don’t work right. I don’t know a lot about them, so I am an idiot when it comes to try and resolve issues. Love the kitty pics.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Still no success. I’ve cleaned my Mac. I’ve restarted. I’ve cleaned Photoshop. NOW… I have to reinstall Photoshop. Argh. So I’ll just avoid Photoshop (and Microsoft Excell) and try not to dwell on it.

  14. I wonder if learning to walk differently will be hard? It seems like it would be.

    I just got caught up on some blog reading. I’m sorry you felt bad yesterday. Sending you a hug!

    1. Jennifer:
      It does seem strange to be taught to walk at this stage of my life. Should be interesting.

  15. Oh, don’t get me started about teeth. One of my two front teeth (central incisors) sits at a 45º angle to the rest. I still have a baby tooth (where one of my canines should be). My parents were not into orthodontics, probably for financial reasons. I asked one dentist about correcting it when I was in my early 30s and he said, well, if it’s not bothering you, why mess with it? So I’ve lived with it all my life. I don’t smile in a lot of photos.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      It’s so frustrating. I was self-conscious about my teeth my entire life. At a glance, they weren’t bad (but there were some major problems that weren’t immediately apparent). When I was 12, the dentist told my mother braces weren’t absolutely necessary (he didn’t know what he was talking about, two of my bottom teeth were sideways) but if I wanted braces, they would help. My mother asked ME if I wanted braces. I was 12. I said, “no.” When I was in my 30s and mentioned my unhappiness with my teeth, my mother said, “I asked you if you wanted braces and you said no!” I said, “I was 12!!!” For some reason, my parents were not at all responsible when it came to our dental care. I’m so glad I finally did the braces; I’m not self-conscious about my teeth anymore. I wish I had gone to this new orthodontist in the first place. Tynan uses her and his experience has been so much better than mine. If it still bothers you (i.e., being self-conscious about smiling), I recommend it even at this age. I got mine at the age of 62 and I’m grateful. I also thought about it in my early 30s. The orthodontist wanted to pull 4 teeth and have me in metal for more than 4 years. I decided against it… even though my insurance would have paid half of it at that time!

  16. I had a cat that acted that way at the sudden appearance of a compact TV. She didn’t care whether it was on or off (there was a much bigger set already in the room that she ignored) only that it came from nowhere.

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