A space odyssey / Un odisea en el espacio

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WHEN THE YEAR 2001 BEGAN, San Geraldo called it Two-Oh-Oh-One, as opposed to Two-Thousand-One or Two-Thousand-and-One. I pointed it out to him and even mentioned the film (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) to help him remember, but he never caught on.

I was relieved when we reached 2010 (yes, it took that long), because he called that Twenty-Ten. I was seriously expecting to progress (painfully) through the century: Two-Oh-One-Oh, Two-Oh-One-One, Two-Oh-One-Two… you get the idea. The years since have been easily understood.

Still, it’s no surprise that, yesterday, when SG said “I have this photo from Twenty-Eight,” I wasn’t sure what he meant. “You mean Two-Thousand-Eight?” I asked.

“No,” he replied a bit condescendingly, “Nineteen-Twenty-Seven.”



“But you said Twenty-Eight.”


“I thought you meant Two-Thousand-Eight, because you said Twenty-Eight. Now you’re saying Twenty-Seven.”


“I thought we were back to that ‘Two-Oh-Oh-One’ thing you used to do, only with a new twist. So, is it 1927 or 1928?”

“I forgot I did that. I can understand your confusion.”

It’s like talking to The Kid Brother. And I still don’t know if he meant 27 or 28!

The pictures of clouds seem appropriate. The final two are from the terrace this morning at 8:30. The rest are from yesterday’s drizzly walk on the beach, including the video of the surf.


CUANDO EMPEZÓ EL AÑO 2001, San Geraldo lo llamó Dos-Oh-Oh-Uno, en oposición a Dos-Mil-Uno. Se lo señalé e incluso mencioné la película (“2001: Una Odisea en el Espacio”) para ayudarlo a recordar, pero nunca se dio cuenta.

Me sentí aliviado cuando llegamos al 2010 (sí, tomó tanto tiempo), porque él lo llamó Twenty-Ten (Veinte-Diez, que es correcto en inglés). En serio esperaba progresar (dolorosamente) a lo largo del siglo: Dos-Oh-Uno-Oh, Dos-Oh-Uno-Uno, Dos-Oh-Uno-Dos … ya entiendes la idea. Los años transcurridos desde entonces se han entendido fácilmente.

Aún así, no es de extrañar que, ayer, cuando SG dijo “Tengo esta foto de Twenty-Eight (Veinte-Ocho)”, no estaba seguro de lo que quería decir. “¿Te refieres a dos mil ocho?” yo pregunté.

“No”, respondió un poco condescendiente, “mil novecientos veintisiete”.


“Mil novecientos veintisiete”.

Pero dijiste veintiocho.”


“Pensé que te referías a Dos Mil Ocho, porque dijiste Veintiocho. Ahora estás diciendo veintisiete”.


“Pensé que habíamos vuelto a esa cosa de ‘Dos-Oh-Oh-Uno’ que solías hacer, solo que con un nuevo giro. Entonces, ¿es 1927 o 1928?”

“Olvidé que hice eso. Puedo entender tu confusión”.

Es como hablar con El Hermanito. ¡Y todavía no sé si se refería a 27 o 28!

Las imágenes de nubes parecen apropiadas hoy. Las dos últimas son desde la terraza esta mañana a las 8:30. El resto son del paseo lluvioso de ayer por la playa, incluido el video de las olas.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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39 thoughts on “A space odyssey / Un odisea en el espacio”

  1. Love the clouds and the fog(?) around the hill/mountain.
    And who doesn’t love the sound of the surf.
    Have a great day!

    1. Jennifer:
      At least with SG I can eventually get the answer I’m looking for. Genius can be quirky… and so entertaining.

  2. I love how the clouds settle inside the ridge. Sometimes the brighter they are, the harder they are to understand.

  3. Well, clearly when someone says 28,they don’t mean 2008 they mean 1927.
    I put on my Carlos ears and that makes perfect sense,

    1. anne marie:
      Stunning clouds today with lots of blue sky right now. More rain on the way tonight. I love it. (SG does not.)

  4. If the news of that mysterious metallic obelisk found very recently in the Utah desert doesn’t start S.G. off again with his years, then count yourself lucky.

  5. As I started to read about your conversation with SG, my first thought was, Oh, no, now he’s having the same kinds of convos as he has with Kid Brother…only to see you say the same thing. Sorry…I’m betting you were thinking of banging your head against the wall. Twice in one week. Good thing SG has other redeeming qualities. 🙂

    Thanks for the video of the waves coming ashore…nothing quite like that timeless sound and hypnotic movement.

    1. Mary:
      SG is brilliant and his brain tends to be off another tangent before his mouth has caught up. Isn’t that video wonderful? I need to create a sleep loop. When I had a sound spa, I always set it to the sounds of the sea.

  6. Ah! Beach weather! (You must admit, it is much more interesting than sun.) Never heard “Two-Oh-Oh-One” but “Twenty-Oh-One,” etc., was not uncommon. You simply must get Someone to agree to donate his brain to science.

    1. wickedhamster:
      I love blue skies and sunshine but they’re nearly as interesting as the spectacular clouds and colors. SG would happily donate parts to science!

  7. Ha! That’s hilarious. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has conversations like that with my partner. Sometimes I wonder if I’m speaking a different language.

    1. Steve:
      Well, SG and I DO speak a different language. I group up in NYC and he grew up in South Dakota.

  8. The last 2 photos before the video are so idyllic looking. You caught the light at its best. Perhaps your years of practice with Chuck primed you for SG.

    1. Wilma:
      I happened to look out the window at that moment. I yelled, “Wow,” grabbed my camera, and ran to the terrace with nothing on. The light was gone a moment later. Perfect timing.

    1. Elin,
      We also say Twenty-Twenty (most of the time). At least I THINK that’s what San Geraldo says, too.

  9. We must be patient with the people we love. You are a success in that area, and it makes a funny story.


    1. Janie:
      SG is very entertaining and conversations with him, although sometimes (often) confusing, don’t cause me the same stress as conversations with Chuck.

    1. Parsnip:
      The clouds were amazing yesterday (and they are again today) and I happened to look out the window at just the right moment to get those last two shots. Within seconds, the light had changed.

  10. 2010: the year you made contact. Briefly. In SG’s defense, I’m not sure they knew how we’d say 2001 back in the one-nine-six-aughts.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yeah, but we knew how they’d say 2001 by the time 2003 came around. Not SG, however.

  11. It’s kind of depressing for me to think of the 1920s as being a hundred years ago. After all, when I was a kind there were still plenty of people who could remember the era, and not all of them retirees either.

    You never said. What was this 1927 or ’28 picture of?

    1. Kirk:
      I know what you mean about the 1920s. My parents were born in that decade. SG is in the final stages of his book on family history — following his line back “only” to 1288. As part, of that he’s collecting photos from family members around the world and these came from a distant cousin (one he still hasn’t met) in Norway.

  12. Lovely to see and hear the waves. We live about 25 miles north of London, so not close to the coast. I don’t think I have seen the sea for several years!

    1. Frances:
      When we’ve lived away from the sea, I’ve missed it. This is my happy place, so incredible to be right on the beach as opposed to just nearby.

  13. So your coastal world can look somewhat ‘normal’ with trees and tree stumps strewn all over the place. The 3rd pic of fog floating down over the slopes reminds me of fogbank that I saw a couple years ago which I wanted to photo. Since I was flying along one of our main highway arteries I couldn’t stop. So now with your photo I remember it clearly. Thanks

    1. Ron:
      I remember standing on the Marin Headlands looking across at San Francisco when fog billowed down over our heads and swept across the water. No camera that day. It was other-worldly.

      1. I hear you Mitch ~ this time of year it would appear fog holds us in both our worlds!

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