Light my morning sky / Iluminas el cielo de mi mañana

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I SNUCK OUT OF BED this morning while San Geraldo slept, stepped into slippers, grabbed a fleece sweatshirt, and stood bare-assed in the cold on the terrace (12C/54F) to watch the sunrise. (I saw myself in the large terrace mirror and thought I looked kind of hot; of course my reflection was in almost complete darkness.)

I was there a long time — not looking in the mirror, but watching the sunrise. It wasn’t much at first. After a half hour and 94 photos, I decided it was well worth it. It was a sunrise that made me feel hopeful, like we’re all one great big phoenix rising from the ashes.

I could have warmed my buns by that same fire when I came back inside, but a pair of flannel pants did the trick. San Geraldo was long up and taking caring of the cats by that time. We had our breakfast. San Geraldo cut up slices of his banana bread for dessert.

I made the cats wait until 10:30 for their treats. Dudo was, as usual, fairly cooperative. Moose was, as usual, a pain in my recently bare and cold ass. But he’s a sweetheart.


SALÍ DE LA CAMA ESTA esta mañana mientras San Geraldo dormía, me puse las zapatillas de casa, agarré una sudadera de lana, y me quedé con un culo desnudo en el frío en la terraza (12C/54F) para ver el amanecer. (Me vi en el gran espejo de la terraza y pensé que me veía un poco caliente; por supuesto, mi reflejo estaba casi en completa oscuridad).

Estuve allí mucho tiempo, no mirándome en el espejo, sino viendo el amanecer. No fue mucho al principio. Después de media hora y 94 fotos, decidí que valía la pena. Fue un amanecer que me hizo sentir esperanzado, como si todos fuéramos un gran fénix resurgiendo de las cenizas.

Podría haber calentado mis moños junto al mismo fuego cuando volví a entrar, pero un par de pantalones de franela funcionó. San Geraldo llevaba mucho tiempo despierto y cuidando a los gatos para entonces. Desayunamos. San Geraldo cortó rebanadas de su pan de plátano de postre.

Hice que los gatos esperaran hasta las 10:30 para recibir sus aperitivos. Dudo fue, como de costumbre, bastante cooperativo. Moose fue, como de costumbre, un dolor en mi culo recientemente desnudo y frío. Pero es un amor.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “Light my morning sky / Iluminas el cielo de mi mañana”

  1. I second bob; no moon pix? the sun looks like it’s on fire. and fat drug-addicted elvis, ew (reminds me of donald dump).

    1. wickedhamster:
      It was a spectacular morning. Sorry I couldn’t see the moon from my vantage point.

  2. The power of a visual!! You have a lot of us under your control!! lol
    BEAUTIFUL photos of this spectacular sunrise!
    Would make any day better!

  3. Nothing like “letting it all hang out Jerry!” as we constantly flip back and forth to each other when we traipse around the garden pant-less and underwear-less ! LOL Sunrises can be quite reverential at most times. I haven’t taken in a bloody red/orange one in a couple years.

      1. Mary:
        Commenting on the blogs is driving me crazy. I don’t know why WordPress, Blogger, and the different browsers are so inconsistent.

  4. Ia “limned” the word to describe how the light outlines those clouds? At any rate, your photos are amazing. Good call to forego the pants in order to catch the light.

    1. Wilma:
      I wondered how those outlines would be described (other than as outlines). Limned is perfect. Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t forego the slippers. That tile is cold!

  5. That sunrise WAS worth it. This may be the first time I’ve seen pictures taken by a naked photographer.

    Then again, probably not…

    1. Steve:
      I was going to qualify your statement with: “that you know of.” But you did it yourself. Anyway, I’ve been naked before, so I can confirm, definitely not.

  6. Doesn’t it feel good to walk around “bare ass” sometimes. In the privacy of you own home of course. The sunrise was beautiful!

    1. Ron:
      I do like walking around bare ass. And, yes, the sunrise was beautiful. They’re often beautiful but some days are so surprising.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG woke me up again this morning. Worth getting out of bed early… and going back to bed on days like today.

    1. Frances:
      The clouds this time of year make for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. But yesterday’s was one of the most magical I’ve seen.

    1. Urspo:
      They’re nerdy slippers and I don’t like them; all I could find of decent quality in a nearby shop. I should get bunny slippers; Dudo would love them.

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