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I DIDN’T GET AROUND TO writing a blog post yesterday. I got a late start, went out for a walk after lunch, came home tired and a bit out of sorts despite the cloudless day, and I didn’t want to add any clouds to yours. Today is another cloudless day and I’m so far cloudless, too.

The winds have died down for now. They’ve been raging for a couple of days, rattling the kitchen door and the glass curtain, and it’s been cold. I know you’ll find it difficult to imagine, but right now in the early afternoon it’s only 54°F, real feel 50°F (12°C, real feel 10°C). I wore a jacket and scarf during my entire walk yesterday. Even more astounding, it went down to 39°F (4°C) overnight. Despite the arctic blast, I’ve had some fun finds on my recent walks.

I bought San Geraldo a little pot of yellow narcissus. The carousel near the port has been re-opened for the holidays. I’m sure it got some use between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it should get some more attention this week leading up to Three Kings Day.

Yesterday, I walked by that little shop I mentioned (click here) that always has such great Christmas goods and displays. I’ve been told the baby Jesus isn’t supposed to appear in the manger until Christmas Eve, but I never knew that, after Christmas, he gets picked up by an angel. Is it a rule? Is it a specific angel or just a garden-variety angel?

Fuengirola light (it’s not much, but it leads the way into the port) has been given a bright red, fresh coat of paint. Despite the “cold,” the cats (especially Dudo) continue to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace. The glass curtain makes it like a green house. I brought San Geraldo his morning coffee and I didn’t even complain about the heat in his office. Neither of us is naked.


AYER NO PUDE ESCRIBIR UNA entrada de mi blog. Comencé tarde, salí a caminar después del almuerzo, llegué a casa cansado y un poco mal a pesar del día despejado, y no quería agregar nubes al tuyo. Hoy es otro día sin nubes y yo también lo estoy hasta ahora.

Los vientos se han calmado por ahora. Han estado furiosos durante un par de días, haciendo sonar la puerta de la cocina y la cortina de vidrio. Y ha hecho frío. Sé que te resultará difícil de imaginar, pero ahora mismo, a primera hora de la tarde, solo hace 12°C, ¡sensación real 10°C!, (54°F, ¡sensación real 50°F). Ayer llevé chaqueta y bufanda durante toda mi caminata. Aún más asombroso, bajó a 4°C (39°F) durante la noche. A pesar de la explosión ártica, he tenido algunos hallazgos divertidos en mis caminatas recientes.

Le compré a San Geraldo una olla de narciso amarillo. El carrusel cerca del puerto se ha reabierto para las vacaciones. Estoy seguro de que tuvo algún uso entre Navidad y Año Nuevo y debería recibir más atención esta semana antes del Día de los Reyes Magos.

Ayer, pasé por esa pequeña tienda que mencioné (haz clic aquí) que siempre tiene excelentes artículos y exhibiciones navideñas. Me han dicho que el niño Jesús no debe aparecer en el pesebre hasta la víspera de Navidad, pero nunca supe que, después de Navidad, un ángel lo recoge. ¿Es una regla? ¿Es un ángel específico o simplemente un ángel de variedad de jardín?

La luz de Fuengirola (no es mucho, pero abre el camino hacia el puerto) ha recibido una capa de pintura roja brillante y fresca. A pesar del “frío”, los gatos (especialmente Dudo) siguen disfrutando del sol en la terraza. La cortina de vidrio lo hace como una casa verde. Le traje a San Geraldo su café de la mañana y ni siquiera me quejo del calor en su oficina. Ninguno de nosotros está desnudo.

• The shoreline was strewn with undamaged shells. This one called out to me.
• La costa estaba sembrada de conchas intactas. Este me llamó.
• I’ve rearranged Marisa’s pub table (click here) twice more since taking this photo.
• He reorganizado la mesa del pub de Marisa (Mesamarisa) (haz clic aquí) dos veces más desde que hice esta foto.
• Dudo on top and Moose below. They’re easily distinguished. Dudo has white hind legs and is always positioned neatly and elegantly. Just look at his tail. Moose sprawls.
• Dudo arriba y Moose abajo. Se distinguen fácilmente. Dudo tiene patas traseras blancas y siempre se coloca de forma ordenada y elegante. Solo mira su cola. Moose se desploma.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

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  1. I’m glad you had a Cloudless Day… so many Emotional Cloudy Days in 2020 myself and some of that did spill into the Ole’ Blog. I’m Thankful for this Wonderful Community in the Land of Blog to always bring some Sunshine even to the Cloudy Days! Happy New Year, came over from Mads Blog and Blog Hopping my way thru The Land this Morning. May 2021 hold much Promise and few Clouds.

  2. Wonderful images, neat shell, the translucence is remarkable. It was near 60 here yesterday, 39 and rain this morning. I am more of a Moose when I nap (and my feet sometimes hang off the edge of the bed.)

    1. David:
      It’s only 52 here right now, but the sun is shining. I’ve actually got the heat on in my office as it faces southwest. Nice and bright but no warming sun in the morning. I’m a mess when I sleep, constantly flipping, pillows on the floor, top sheet twisted at my feet. I’ve never seen myself but I imagine I look sloppier than Moose.

  3. ‘Real feel’ is a new term to me. A lot easier to say than our ‘wind chill factor’.
    4C is COLD here too! No wonder it was warm in SG’s room!!
    That shell is so pretty. At first I thought the first photo was a tea biscuit/pastry!!
    Is that painting one of your mother’s?

  4. I thought your top pix was some sort of biscuit, not a sea shell. the cats look comfy. we had a snow shower go through 1 hour ago; it’s already disappeared. and I LOVE the double deck carousel.

    1. anne marie:
      Funny how most everyone thought the shell was a pastry. I also love that carousel. Most years, it’s removed for winter and reassembled. I don’t know if that will be the case this year; they’re not consistent. There’s a smaller carousel every year on our nearby plaza. That has already been removed for winter.

    1. Deedles:
      You and Anne Marie aren’t the only ones. I hadn’t even thought of it, but I can see what you all mean. Hugs back to you!

    1. Is that you, Frank? Anonymous from New Mexico, so that’s my guess! I like Dudo when I’m awake. I don’t know what I’m like asleep.

  5. A jewel box of a carousel! The pub table tableau is a visual treat – so any possibilities! The yellow narcissus fit right in. Can’t believe the orchids are still so perfect and lovely.

    Like others, I thought that first image of the shell was of a heavily glazed pastry. In a town near us in MN was a bakery that deep fried and then glazed croissants. A single one was deadly and delicious. Lucky for me, we never went to that town – the only times I had one of those pastries was when someone brought them in to work. Light didn’t shine through them like through your gem shell, though.

    Stay warm. Stay bright.

    1. Wilma:
      That’s what we loved about orchids. The flowers last forever. It seems just about everyone thought that first photo was a pastry and not a shell. Deep-fried croissants. As if they weren’t already artery blocking enough! And that sure sounds good! I would imagine, when held up to the light, they look just like a handful of fat removed during liposuction! (And I’ll bet THAT image will make you never want another deep-fried croissant!)

  6. First off, the Boys. Love them.
    Secondly, I, too, thought that first picture was an SG baked good and reread this post twice knowing I’d missed the Tales of Deliciousness.
    And yes, that was AFTER reading and seeing the seashells.

    I am extra slow today!

    1. Bob:
      You’re not alone. It never dawned on my but what I look at the photo now, I can see why everyone went there.

    1. wicked hamster:
      It’s where everyone’s minds were. But I’m sure it’s only because SG is always baking.

  7. That shell looks a bit like pastry, at least in the first photo! What is “Three Kings Day”? I’ve never heard of an angel picking up the baby Jesus either.

      1. Steve:
        Was going to answer the previous comment, but peered above and saw you had your own epiphany! January 6, yes. Usually a parade January 5. Traditionally, the Three Kings bring the presents (there was no Papá Noel); it’s a mixed bag nowadays. Also, traditionally, kids sit in Balthazar’s lap and tell HIM what they want for Christmas.

  8. Love the variety of colors/hues/shapes in the shell. Always wonder about the ‘story’ of how the shells/rocks gain their shapes and colors as they get tossed about by the sea. Sea of life has tossed me about here and there. Can’t say that I’ve fared quite as nicely as your pretty shell. C’est la vie! Or for your blog, perhaps I should say, Así es la vida! 🙂

    1. Mary:
      I’ve been surprised at how many perfect shells have washed up on shore in recent days. I’d be (and am) much worse for wear!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      That’s the rule I remember. It’s still observed by some here but not by most.

  9. It must be a Spanish tradition of the Angel picking up baby Jesus. I never heard of that either. The angels at Christmas are just a multitude none is specifically named. Abraham receives a message from God, but God speaks directly to Moses, other prophets have dreams where angels speak to them. Probably just a messenger angel in this case so that Mary is foretold what is going to happen. You do live in a HOT climate you know, 50F is NOT cold. Though I have to admit that when we lived in Rome we felt the cold because of the marble floors and the humidity of the air. Having no central heat also did not help.

    1. Laurent:
      No Spanish tradition. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it. I think someone in the shop was simply having some fun. As for climate, all these years living in deserts and Mediterranean climates (Palm Springs, San Diego and other parts of Southern California before this) have thinned our blood.

  10. Baby Jesus appears on Christmas Eve. No angel comes and picks him up that I know of. We were raised Polish, so decorations stay up till Epiphany for The Three Kings, to help light their way.

    Since most people want to clean up right away but when the adults go back to work and children to school sometimes it is/was easier to clean up before the 6th. It always seem like I was left cleaning up on the 4th which is my Birthday.
    Today with the covid who knows.

    I always leave my outdoor lights up even the colored ones. Then I shut them off and leave only the white lights on the Palo Verde trees by my front door.

    This year I didn’t decorate very much but as I only put fairy lights on the tree I am keeping it up. I did clean up gifts, paper and boxes.

    1. Parsnip:
      I remember Epiphany being mostly ignored where I grew up, so it’s fun to see it have such importance here… simply because I love the Three Kings Parades.

  11. I am with the ” glazed pastry” people regarding that first photo! The carousel is very pretty. Much more intricate than any old ones I have ever seen . You are lucky to get 10c…..not been above about 6 here lately. I shall be off out with the dog soon and it is only 2c at the moment. I actually prefer it if it is a bit below freezing as the mud in the field is hardened a bit!

    1. Frances:
      And the glazed pastry people are in the majority. 10C for us is COLD. 5C happened some mornings in Sevilla but even more rare here. Right now its 12C but feels like 11C. And the wind is whistling through the buildings. I DO remember the benefit of frozen mud when hiking.

  12. that is sweet you bought him a narcissus. I cannot remember when last Someone bought me anything similar

    About those crazy cats: I can not to this day figure out how which is which. Do you know the poem Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer? They are like them.

    1. Urspo:
      When we first got the cats, we had to seriously think about how to tell them apart. One day we suddenly realised they really do look very different. Dudo has a lot more white (like white hind legs). His black mask doesn’t reach below his eyes and he has two black bars along his nose that look like eye liner. Moose is much larger and squarer, with a full mask, and much more black. We now rarely confuse them. Well, SG never gets their names right but that has nothing to do with their appearance. Dudo ignores him until he calls by his name and not Moose.

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