Fierce Filomena / Feroz Filomena

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

STORM FILOMENA PICKED UP HER pace yesterday afternoon and hasn’t slowed. It’s been raining since Wednesday, and coming down heavily and continuously for about 24 hours. The winds haven’t stopped blowing. The surf has been unusually high and rough. And the storm keeps building.

Today’s photos were shot through the glass curtain on the terrace or in poor light with a lot of zoom. Some are so impressionistic that they remind me of an oil painting my mother reproduced in the ’60s of a rainy day in Paris (or somewhere French). I just happen to have a photo (above) of my sister, Dale, and The Kid Brother attempting a comic pose in front of the painting in 1966. She was 15 and he was 6. We thought we were so clever but risked so much with that open umbrella inside the house (if you believe that crap). I wish I could remember who did the original painting.

The Kid Brother got mail. He started by telling me he had received “A card… just a postcard… just a card… a card … a post… not a… Want me to get it?” And without waiting for a response, he put down the phone and I heard him yell from a distance, “I’ll be right back!” He recognised the name and the city, and was more talkative than last week, so he spelled out the name and address for me after telling me it was from “‘you know’, not that far away.” It was from Mary in Maryland. He continued, “It’s another really nice card. A car.” “Is it an old, vintage car or a new car?” “I’m not quite sure…. But it’s a really nice card!” Thanks again, Mary (aka You Know From Not That Far Away), for sending a really nice card!


BORRASCA FILOMENA ACELERÓ SU RITMO ayer por la tarde y no ha bajado. Ha estado lloviendo desde el miércoles y está cayendo de manera intensa y continua durante aproximadamente 24 horas. Los vientos no han dejado de soplar. El oleaje ha sido inusualmente alto y duro. Y la tormenta sigue creciendo.

Las fotos de hoy se tomaron a través de la cortina de vidrio en la terraza, o con poca luz y con mucho zoom. Algunos son tan impresionistas que me recuerdan a un óleo que reprodujo mi madre en los años 60 de un día lluvioso en París (o en algún lugar francés). Resulta que tengo una foto (arriba) de mi hermana Dale y El Hermanito intentando una pose cómica frente a la pintura en 1966. Ella tenía 15 años y él 6. Pensábamos que éramos muy inteligentes, pero arriesgamos tanto con ese paraguas abierto dentro de la casa (si te crees esa mierda). Ojalá pudiera recordar quién hizo la pintura original.

El Hermanito recibió correo. Comenzó diciéndome que había recibido “Una tarjeta … solo una postal … solo una tarjeta … una tarjeta … una posta… no una … ¿Quieres que la reciba?” Y sin esperar una respuesta, colgó el teléfono y lo escuché gritar desde la distancia: “¡Vuelvo enseguida!”. Reconoció el nombre y la ciudad, y era más hablador que la semana pasada, así que me deletreó el nombre y la dirección después de decirme que era “de ‘ya sabes’, no tan lejos”. Fue de Mary en Maryland. Continuó: “Es otra carta realmente bonita. Un coche.” “¿Es un c0che antiguo o un coche nuevo?” “No estoy muy seguro … ¡Pero es una tarjeta realmente bonita!” Gracias de nuevo, Mary (alias, Ya Sabes No Tan Lejos), por enviar una tarjeta realmente bonita.

• I gave the cats their treats an hour early today. They decided that meant they should receive their treats again at the usual time. Ingrates! They followed me everywhere, even as I took pictures on the terrace. That’ll teach me!
• Hoy les di a los gatos sus aperitivos una hora temprano. Decidieron que eso significaba que deberían recibir sus aperitivos nuevamente a la hora habitual. ¡Ingratos! Me siguieron a todas partes, incluso mientras tomaba fotos en la terraza. ¡Eso me enseñará!


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Fierce Filomena / Feroz Filomena”

    1. Wickedhamster,
      Sun is currently shining but apparently more rain in store Sunday. The beach and streets are a mess.

  1. The last photo could be titled “Spanish Gothic” – just need a pitchfork in someone’s paw.

  2. Now that ought to finish off any remaining Tamarind!
    Really like those blurred photos through the curtains and rain!
    My eyes were immediately drawn to that painting behind Chuck and Dale. It does look familiar.
    Hoping the sun will shine today for you.

    1. Jim,
      I walked to one end of the Paseo yesterday. So many more trees are damaged and down. Wonder what they’ll do in the spring. If they plant more tamarinds, a lot of locals will be pulling their hair out. I looked and couldn’t find that painting online. It will now drive me nuts. The sun IS shining, but more rain Sunday.

    1. David,
      Sun is out today and it’s glorious. Cats are blissed out. Rain again tomorrow.

  3. I love a good storm when everybody is indoors safe with nowhere to be. That is a really nice picture of the boys! I can really see the difference in their appearances O now. It is a bit harder when they’re not together. I see it then, too, however I always forget which is which. I now have a memory enhancer. MM mask=Moose. Only took me a couple of years.

    1. Deedles,
      You got it re the cats. Moose is also much stockier (which fits the name). As our niece-in-law said, Dudo looks like Kate Moss

  4. Something outside the window has caught D & M’s eyes. Those of the one on the right (can never remember which is which) are as big as saucers!

    1. Raybeard,
      I was outside the window and they were hoping I would come back in and give them a treat. They were focused on me and not the camera lens… even though I told them to look at the red light. So uncooperative. Dudo is on right. More white between his eyes. Less black under his eyes. As I just told Deedles, Moose is built like a moose and Dudo looks like Kate Moss.

  5. Cute photo of your sibs. Did you take that? The impressionistic photos you took today would be great as shower curtains. Not a good day to be out and about. I was surprised by the traffic in your video, although it was probably less than you usually see.

    1. Wilma,
      Yes I can even remember taking that picture. I was 12. I love the first of the photos in the body of the blog. Would be great I think printed on canvas in pseudo oils. Really little traffic. That was an anomaly.

  6. moose & dudo! and yeah, french impressionist paintings for some of the pix; I like that effect. such a storm! glad all you boyz are inside.

    1. Anne Marie,
      Sun is shining this morning and Dudo and Moose were so happy to be out on a warming terrace. I wanted good clear shots of the storm, but then enjoyed the special effects achieved simply by snapping pictures.

  7. That DOES look like some serious wind! And I like your impressionistic photos. Did the Kid Brother ever mention my card arriving? It should surely have been there by now. Maybe it’s gone wandering in our crack postal system. :/

    1. Steve,
      We DO get wind from all directions here, but this might have been some of the worst we’ve had. Glass curtain was pounding and we were afraid it might break. Rain leaked in through the seams. A wild ride.

    2. Steve,
      Didn’t finish my reply! As far as I know Chuck has told me all cards that have arrived. I don’t think he’s held anything back because he’s been so excited. Damn postal services. So many are out floating. I hope yours gets there soon.

  8. Definitely some great impressionistic photos in your group. Funny how they tell the story of the wind and rain in a different way than a focused photo.

    So glad KB got the card and happy he liked it. The post here is beyond erratic. I use USPS informed delivery so I can see what is (supposed) to be coming in the mail each day. But packages that show up and say delivery today, all of a sudden disappear and when you track them they have been sent to other distribution centers and sit there for days at a time. Basically, it is hard to depend on the mail. Waited more than two weeks for a Priority 2-day delivery package from a relative that sat in one place for more than a week and then sat in another place–not moving. Finally had to file a complaint and it was delivered two days later. Can’t really blame to PO because they were financially and administratively screwed over by current administration and are also being ravaged by so many workers coming down with the virus. Will send off a new card to KB next week.

    1. Mary,
      You are so kind. I’m sending a gigantic hug. If KB hugged, he’d give you a huge one, too. I’m waiting for delivery of some dried reeds for a vase in the living room. Ordered 12/24. Supposed to be delivered 12/29. Now, they don’t know where they are. COVID has messed everything up and then there’s the drumpf administration on top of that in the USA.

    1. Debra,
      Thanks. I do too. It made shooting pictures more fun when I realized I wouldn’t get what I planned.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      Yep. Dudo and Moose agreed. They would come and get us after lunch… and sometimes after breakfast.

  9. Anyone else getting a twin girls from The Shining vibe with Dudo and Moose.

    I’d be giving them extra treats just to be on the safe side!

  10. I hope your storm moves to Mar A Lago and destroys it so someone has to live somewhere else far, far, away. I’m not near his resort, but I feel for the people who are. He should be exiled, but I don’t hate any countries enough to wish him on them.


    1. Janiejunebug,
      Russia! Or prison. But he and his family need to be ruined first… well except for all the illegal money they’ve got hidden in offshore accounts m

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