Side effects / Efectos secundarios

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I BET YOU THINK THE first photo shows some horrific side effect I’ve experienced from my first AstraZeneca jab. Read on and you’ll learn.

While I was with Tynan and Elena early yesterday afternoon, I began to feel a bit achy. I didn’t think much of it, but once I was home the achiness progressed and by early evening I ached all over. My joints ached. My fingers. My head. Even my hair hurt. The only place that didn’t hurt was the injection point. It was an unpleasant, mostly sleepless night. The achiness is mostly gone. But now that shoulder that didn’t hurt is finally sore. After my annual flu shot, it’s not unusual for me to be unable to move my arm at all without pain. So this isn’t bad.

San Geraldo spent the afternoon preparing pulled pork, mashed sweet potatos, and broccoli for dinner. I managed to enjoy a small serving of everything, including a piece of apple cake. And then I was off to bed.

Other than being tired now, I’m doing well. I’m doing so well, as a matter of fact, that I decided to SuperGlue cushioned insoles into my slippers (for my still tender foot). I’m always careful with Super Glue. I’ve heard so many stories. As I was applying the glue, I realized it had a leak and was pouring out all over my hands. Part of the green insole even stuck to my fingers. I immediately washed with soap to keep my fingers from sticking together. I shaved the top of my hand where glue had stuck the hair to my skin (ouch) and I managed to shave most of the green insole off my fingertips.

San Geraldo, the kind soul (no pun intended) tried to do the dinner dishes last night, but when he ran the dish towel over the first clean pan, he realized he hadn’t actually cleaned it. At that point, he gave up and left it all for morning. After a half hour of work, the only thing done was the Le Creuset pot. When SG says he’ll do the dishes and then leaves them for morning, that usually means I’ll be doing them, but not this time. I felt like such crap when I got out of bed during the night that I didn’t even react to what I saw in the kitchen (except of course to grab my camera — I somehow was well enough to do that).


APUESTO A QUE PIENSAS QUE la primera foto muestra algunos efectos secundarios horribles que he experimentado desde mi primer jab de AstraZeneca. Siga leyendo y aprenderá.

Mientras estaba con Tynan y Elena a primera hora de la tarde de ayer, comencé a sentir un poco de dolor. No pensé mucho en eso, pero una vez que llegué a casa, el dolor progresó y temprano en la noche me dolía todo. Me dolían las articulaciones. Mis dedos. Mi cabeza. Incluso me duele el pelo. El único lugar que no dolió fue el punto de inyección. El dolor prácticamente se ha ido. Así que ahora ese hombro finalmente está dolorido. Después de mi vacuna anual contra la gripe, no es inusual que no pueda mover mi brazo sin sentir dolor. Entonces esto no está mal.

San Geraldo pasó la tarde preparando cerdo desmenuzado, puré de camote y brócoli para la cena. Me las arreglé para disfrutar de una pequeña porción de todo, incluido un trozo de tarta de manzana. Y luego me fui a la cama.

Aparte de estar cansado ahora, lo estoy haciendo bien. De hecho, lo estoy haciendo tan bien que decidí usar Super Glue para colocar plantillas acolchadas en mis pantuflas (para mi pie todavía sensible). Siempre tengo cuidado con Super Glue. He escuchado tantas historias. Mientras aplicaba el pegamento, me di cuenta de que tenía una fuga y se derramaba por todas mis manos. Parte de la plantilla verde incluso se me pegó a los dedos. Inmediatamente me lavé con jabón para evitar que mis dedos se pegaran. Me afeité la parte superior de la mano donde el pegamento había pegado el cabello a mi piel (ay) y logré afeitarme la mayor parte de la plantilla verde de las yemas de los dedos.

San Geraldo, el alma amable (sin juego de palabras) trató de lavar los platos de la cena anoche, pero cuando pasó el trapo de cocina sobre la primera sartén limpia, se dio cuenta de que en realidad no la había limpiado. En ese momento, se rindió y lo dejó todo por la mañana. Después de media hora de trabajo, lo único que se hizo fue la olla Le Creuset. Cuando SG dice que lavará los platos y luego los deja para la mañana, eso generalmente significa que los estaré lavando, pero no esta vez. Me sentí como una mierda cuando me levanté de la cama durante la noche que ni siquiera reaccioné a lo que vi en la cocina (excepto, por supuesto, para agarrar mi cámara, de alguna manera estaba lo suficientemente bien para hacer eso).

• Good morning!
• ¡Buenos dias!
• The remainder of our tamarind trees were hauled away today. New palm trees coming soon!
• El resto de nuestros árboles de tamarindo fueron retirados hoy. ¡Próximamente nuevas palmeras!
• I almost forgot. Before the Super Glue incident, I showered and dressed. I’m glad I decided to put on an ill-fitting pair of sweats I would never wear in public. They’ve been Super Glued. (And no one would believe me.)
• Casi lo olvido. Antes del incidente de Super Glue, me duché y me vestí. Me alegro de haber decidido ponerme un par de sudaderas que no me quedan nunca en público. Han sido superpegados. (Y nadie me creería).

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34 thoughts on “Side effects / Efectos secundarios”

  1. I’m right there with you for having had a leak in the super glue and had to wear it off my fingers. Hope you are soon “mended” from the shot effects – we were lucky and had none although I kept checking for some through the second day. I needn’t have bothered.

    1. sillygirl:
      Thanks! I feel fine now except for a slightly sore arm. SO worth it. My insoles are holdng. My fingers are clear, although a couple of the nails look like a 3-year-old tried to polish them. Might have to just let those grow out.

    1. anne marie:
      The dinner and leftovers were delicious. And I’m fine! Thanks.

  2. The super glue incident could have been worse…we’ve all heard stories.
    We had Phizer…no side effects, no super glue either. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Frank:
      Already back to normal (ahem). Our friend’s son phoned him at work a few years ago. The son was 17 at the time. He was in a panic because he had glued his fingers together with Super Glue. “What should I DO?!?” He was told to wash them with soap. When asked later what he had been doing with the Super Glue, he said, “I wanted to see if it really would glue my fingers together.”

  3. Finger nail polish remover, should dissolve the superglue residue. I know, I don’t have that around the house either. Good thing it didn’t soak through the sweat pants and glue the fabric to what is below.

    1. David:
      Your nail polish remover follow up was perfect. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me to just use that for other clean-ups because of course we always have bottles of it around the house (maybe we should). You’re right about it not soaking throught the sweat pants. I hadn’t even thought of that.

  4. I hate when I’m being all careful and then the very thing I’m trying to avoid happens even worse! Like this morning when I was pouring the part-way-done tomato sauce into the pan to cook down more, I was so careful not to splash and then the container spun out of my hands, sending sauce flying out like a spiral water sprinkler. I feel your pain. Well, the pain of the superglue incident, not the pain of the after effects of the shot. Ouch to that, too. Hope it all passes soon!

    1. Wilma:
      I’m now fine. Recovered from the shot and the Super Glue. All that’s left is a sore arm. I wish you had a video of the partway-done-tomato-sauce incident!

  5. When I used to get super glue on my fingers at work, one trick we used was to take a fine course of sandpaper, or a nail file, and file it off. Voila! It’s gone.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      After shaving the insole from my fingertips, that’s exactly what I did. I took an emery board to the rest. All is well.

  6. What is it about Super Glue?! Every time I use it I wind up gluing myself too! I think we’ve already talked about this, actually.

    Sorry about the achiness. That’s a drag. I had some mild aches and tiredness after my shot but nothing major.

    Do you have a dishwasher? (A machine, I mean! LOL) When I first moved in with Dave I told him I didn’t need one, but he insisted and we’ve never been without it, and now I am SO glad — because when Dave cooks he uses every dish in the kitchen.

    1. Steve:
      The achiness is gone. Just a very slightly sore shoulder and a whole lot of relief. We have a dishwasher (machine) with racks to short to fit our dinner plates. So, I use it for cleaning supply storage. We could have replaced it when we replaced all the other appliances, but we (I) had gotten so used to doing the dishes myself that we didn’t bother. We needed the storage space! And, SG uses every dish in the kitchen as well. The joke was he learned that from his grandmother.

  7. Ugh, sorry you had a bad night. Samantha and Brian both had that achy and sleepless reaction to their vaccines. Todd and I didn’t, fortunately. Maybe it’s because we had a mild form of Covid back in February of 2020. Glad you’re feeling better. ❤️

  8. Okay, Scoot, another thing to add to your “don’t go near” list: Super glue. Put it up there with knives, cupboard doors and curbs. The list grows longer.
    I’m beginning to wonder if my vaccine is working. As I mentioned before, I had the one-shot Johnson. No site soreness, just a little fatigue and light nausea. I don’t go bopping down my street without my mask, though. Okay I don’t go bopping down my street, period.
    To add to my TMI list, I do seem to be suffering from a shallow, painful, dry cough and a sore side boob that hurts more when I cough. Okay, not side boob, underarm fat extending from the left jahoobie. Also, my left elbow seems to have turned black. Coinky-dinky? I’m thinking allergies (cough) and leaning left while reading blogs and such. I sprained my left booby fat by leaning to long on it.. The list grows longer.
    My mood (just in case you’re waiting with bated breath) ? I started my morning with laundry and Silence of the Lambs.
    I ‘ve never used Super glue, and now I never will. Thanks. I do hope you feel better, Scoot. Have fun doing the dishes.

    1. Deedles:
      To think I worked professionaly using X-acto knives all the time. I only cut myself once at work. It was a beauty. I sliced off the end of my middle finger. Fortunately, I worked in medical illustration at a medical center. Easily and quickly taken care of, and I enjoyed showing everyone the splinted Finger. So sorry for how you’re feeling. But laundry and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS?!? What an uplifting start to the day (the laundry wasn’t a bad idea, the film?!?).

      I feel all better now. Less than 24 hours of aches. The arm is slightly sore now, but less sore than my annual flu shot.

      Thanks for the clarification on the side boob. I thought, “How many ARE there?!?” I didn’t know once could sprain booby fat — left, right, back, or side. Hope it feels better. Have you talked to the doctor about the cough. You can still get covid after the vaccine but it’s just a much milder version. Anyway, hope it’s not that. And hope you feel better quickly! Especially the side boob. (Could you imagine the bras that could be produced to manage front boobs, back boobs, AND side boobs?)

      1. Silence of the Lambs was a mood I woke up with. The film was just icing on the foul cake. I watch it for the fine acting since it has never scared me. I read the book before the movie was even made, and that scared the crap out of me. The movie, not at all.
        As for side, front and back boob bras, there are already enough of those medieval torture devices out there! Until men have to endure those things, I’ll just let my girls fly in the wind! At home. Okay, lay on my front butt since it would take a major hurricane to get these babies to fly!

      2. Deedles:
        Oh, the “winged” images that evoked! I’m imagining all the cartoons I could draw — but I won’t. I never read the book Silence of the Lambs. The film didn’t scare me as much as it sickened me. (I thought it was excellent, but hideous.) I hope today will not be a Silence of the Lambs kind of day for you!

  9. Have always avoided super glue and your tale is doing nothing to change that avoidance. Yowza. And yowza, too, that you reacted so strongly to the first jab. Reactions seem to be as varied as people. I had Moderna–only had a sore arm with the first shot, but the second one knocked me down for about 36-48 hours…slight fever, sore arm, massive fatigue, nausea, etc.. Did get the Covid arm (redness, itching) week later, but went away within 24 hours. Like you, I usually have a strong reaction to the flu shot and had an allergic one to the Pneumonia shot two years ago, but all things considered, I’m just glad to have had this shot (and also glad that I saw Hamilton on stage in London a couple of years ago–it was beyond fabulous).

    Tell SG to drink as much water as possible (before–though probably too late to tell him–and for 24 hours afterward). My DH and DD had the Pfizer and neither had strong reactions to either jab.

    1. Mary:
      Thankfully, the reaction lasted less than 24 hours and it could have been so much worse. Now just a sore arm, minimal. SG has so far had no adverse reaction. Just a slightly sore arm. He always drinks as much water as possible. Maybe that helped (although I do, too). So glad you’ve got both shots behind you!

  10. They, whomever they are, say that the reactions people are getting to the vaccines are proof that it is working and producing antibodies like mad! I believe ‘them’. Feel better and remember it all goes away eventually……..some sooner than others.

    1. Jim:
      A good friend of ours, a teacher, had his first jab early in the process. He had no reaction and a colleague put him into a tailspin when he said “no reaction” meant his immune system wasn’t working. Argh! Yeah, nothing wrong with a reaction because it means your immune system is responding. But had to tell the friend that the opposite did not hold true. Anyway, my reaction lasted less than 24 hours (unless there’s still something else to come)!

  11. I had Astra Zeneca, too. A few days of aches in the shoulders and back, light headaches, but nothing serious. The doctor did warn me not to use super glue for a few days after the first dose.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Apparently I have to wait at least 12 weeks before my next application of Super Glue. I think that gives the skin time to grow back.

  12. Wow, sorry for the reaction to the prick.
    Both Carlos and I had bad night’s sleeps and our arms were sore at the injection site but that was all.
    SG’s kitchen looks like Carlos’ after cooking!

    1. Bob,
      Do you bat clean-up?

      SG has so far, nearly 24 hours later, had no reaction to the vaccine, except for slight soreness at injection site. Here’s hoping. That’s usually the way it goes with us. He rarely has reactions to meds or shots. As for me, if there’s a reaction to be had, I’ll likely have it.

  13. The more I know about SG the more I love the rascal.
    Avoid super glue; we use gorilla glue but I don’t think it is made with real gorillas.

    1. Urspo:
      I’ve looked and can’t find Gorilla Glue here. It’s the best. I could have “insoled” all my fingers.

  14. I’ve guerilla glued myself a couple of times. I guess that’s the same as super glue. I should not be trusted with such items. Side effects suck.


    1. Janie:
      I love Gorrilla Glue. Can’t find it here. With it, I might have finger tips with permanent insoles.

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