I am not throwin’ away my shot / No desperdiciare mi oportunidad

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I HAD MY FIRST ASTRAZENECA vaccine this morning. The process was excellent and we now know what to expect tomorrow afternoon when San Geraldo is “Pfizered.” The vaccine is being administered at the Palacio de la Paz [Palace of Peace], an exhibit and performance hall at the far end of the fairgrounds. After the shot, I was told to sit in the auditorium for 15 minutes. I joined only about 20 others. It wasn’t at all busy. Perhaps because it’s Sunday of a holiday weekend — International Workers Day and Mother’s Day.

The best part is that I’ve been scheduled for the second vaccine at the end of July, which gives me plenty of time before my hoped-for visit to The Kid Brother. I can’t wait to tell him.

Not long after we returned home, I received a text to meet Tynan and Elena for a drink at the café alongside the nearby Roman ruins. It’s a great place to meet because, in addition to a terrace and indoor tables, there are tables completely in the open air. We feel very comfortable.

I video-chatted with Susan in Oregon late yesterday, which filled me with enough love to hold me until at least next weekend. Then the vaccine. Then Tynan and Elena. And always San Geraldo. Today’s neighborhood flowers are simply a bonus. The first photo is the roadway median outside the fairgrounds.


TENÍ MI PRIMERA VACUNA ASTRAZENECA esta mañana. El proceso fue excelente y ahora sabemos qué esperar mañana por la tarde cuando San Geraldo esté “Pfizered”. La vacuna se administra en el Palacio de la Paz, una sala de exposiciones y espectáculos en el extremo más alejado del recinto ferial. Después de la toma, me dijeron que me sentara en el auditorio durante 15 minutos. Me uní a solo unas 20 personas más. No estaba en absoluto ocupado. Quizás porque es domingo de un fin de semana festivo: el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores y el Día de la Madre.

La mejor parte es que tengo programada la segunda vacuna para fines de julio, lo que me da mucho tiempo antes de mi esperada visita a El Hermanito. No puedo esperar para decírselo.

Poco después de regresar a casa, recibí un mensaje de texto de Tynan y Elena para tomar una copa en el café junto a las ruinas romanas cercanas. Es un gran lugar para reunirse porque, además de una terraza y mesas interiores, hay mesas completamente al aire libre. Nos sentimos muy a gusto.

Conversé por video con Susan en Oregon ayer por la noche, lo que me llena de suficiente amor para abrazarme por un tiempo. Luego la vacuna. Luego Tynan y Elena. Y siempre San Geraldo. Las flores de hoy son simplemente un bono. La primera foto es la mediana de la calzada fuera del recinto ferial.

En inglés, “a shot” puede significar una oportunidad. También puede significar una inyección. Entonces, el título en inglés es un juego de palabras (y una línea de la canción en el video de hoy).

• Where I sat for 15 minutes while San Geraldo waited outside (note the idiot with the mask down around his chin; I didn’t until I downloaded the photo).
• Donde me senté durante 15 minutos mientras San Geraldo esperaba afuera (fíjente en el idiota con la máscarilla alrededor de la barbilla; no lo hice hasta que descargué la foto.).
• Giant bird of paradise.
• Ave del paraíso gigante.
• Roman Ruin roses.
• Rosas de ruinas romana.
• The orchid I bought nearly three months ago (click here).
• La orquídea que compré hace casi tres meses (haz clic aquí).
• Happy cactus on the terrace.
• Cactus feliz en la terraza.


• From the musical “Hamilton,” first with Spanish subtiles and then with English.
• Del musical “Hamilton,” primero con subtítulos en español y luego en inglés.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “I am not throwin’ away my shot / No desperdiciare mi oportunidad”

  1. Puts a new outlook on life, doesn’t it? I’m so happy the timing works out for your trip.

    Are those roses in the median? They seem to like it there.

  2. Congrats! The hardest part for us [me] getting “Pfizered” was listening to Carlos whine about how it MIGHT hurt! Oy!

    1. Bob,
      Yes, oy! I was able to tell SG that it didn’t hurt at all. He goes this evening. More about the rest of my day later. I’m back in bed!

    1. Anne Marie,
      I had wanted to buy flowers yesterday for SG but there was a line at the kiosk and only live plants left. Mother’s Day!

    1. Debra,
      A bad night but improving now. I’m really happy. Already have my flights booked for The Kid Brother.

  3. Excellent news on your shot! I just scheduled my second one for early June, perfect timing for my trip to Florida on July 1! I love that bird-of-paradise and the happy cactus.

    1. Steve,
      I’m so glad the timing works for you, too. That cactus never stops blooming.

  4. All right, dude! Have you ever been happier to have a needle stuck in you (not permanently)? I’m sure a visit to Chuck will produce many great blog posts filled with love and frustration.


    1. Janie,
      I can’t wait to share the conversations. Flights have been booked.

    1. Kirk,
      I have a long wait for the second but it sure is nice to have one done and to know when the next will be.

  5. One down and one to go…….it’s a good feeling, eh? Like we accomplished something finally after this past year.
    I remember the first Bird of Paradise I ever saw up close…..in San Francisco. I was thrilled!

    1. Jim,
      We always thought Bird of Paradise was so exotic. They’re like weeds in Southern California. So common, but still so beautiful. This is a giant bird of paradise and we’ve also got banana palms, which look very similar… except for the bananas!

    1. John,
      We are at least in much of the world on the right road now! What a relief.

  6. Your orchids are stunning! And so is that Bird of Paradise — I had no idea that flower could grow so large, LOL! Congrats on getting a vaccine shot — people are starting to dust off their vacation dreams in earnest now. I’m hoping to get “Pfizered” soon myself.

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      That’s the giant bird of paradise. A tree with huge prehistoric-looking flowers. We’ve also got banana palms all around town. Very similar flowers. Different leaves. And bananas.

  7. Yes, I had mild side effects from Pfizer. Mostly fatigue and a sore arm, but they went away within 24 hours.

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