Unblown / No soplado

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

BEFORE MY ONLINE ENGLISH CLASS with Jesica this morning, I told San Geraldo I was going for a short walk. He didn’t really believe me because I only had 20 minutes. He was right. Instead, I ran over to our nearest flower kiosk to buy him a bunch of spring flowers. While the vendor was wrapping the flowers, I noticed a spectacular orchid. So, San Geraldo got two things.

San Geraldo went out to schedule a hair cut (he tried to get sympathy from me for having a mop that needs cutting while I gave my 17 hairs a buzz cut this morning). On his way out the door, he met Pedro, Kathleen, and the kids, who were here to drop off a birthday gift bag filled with love, a Lindor chocolate truffle, original (independently drawn and written, you will see) artwork from Luke, a Lindor chocolate truffle, a birthday card with heartwarming notes from both Kathleen and Pedro, and a Lindor chocolate truffle. Did I mention the Lindor chocolate truffles?

After English class, I insisted on taking San Geraldo out for lunch. I told him we had to try Joe’s Tacos. He even opted to walk the 15 minutes instead of getting in the car. But we arrived at Joe’s Tacos to find it closed. I had checked the hours and confirmed online. Maybe I should have phoned, but maybe he should have his online info correct. One of our pet peeves. We walked away muttering. On our way to Joe’s, we had passed our favorite Greek restaurant, Santorini, so I suggested we stop there for lunch. We hadn’t been to Santorini since the start of the pandemic. It was even better than we remembered. Plus, there was a surprise slice of birthday cheese cake.

Oh, about today’s title:
Attached to the envelope containing Luke’s artwork were two party noisemakers. Pedro and Kathleen are very aware of Coronavirus safety measures and made a point of noting on the envelope that the noisemakers were “unblown.” At least I think the note refers to the newsmakers.


ANTES DE MI CLASE DE inglés en línea con Jesica esta mañana, le dije a San Geraldo que iba a dar un paseo. Realmente no me creyó porque solo tenía 20 minutos. Él estaba en lo correcto. En cambio, corrí a nuestro quiosco de flores más cercano para comprarle un ramo de flores de primavera. Encontré gerberas atrevidas y de aspecto alegre. Mientras el vendedor envolvía las flores, noté una orquídea espectacular. Entonces, San Geraldo tiene dos cosas.

San Geraldo salió a hacer una cita para un corte de cabello (trató de obtener mi simpatía por tener una fregona que hay que cortar mientras yo le corté el pelo a mis 17 cabellos esta mañana). Al salir por la puerta, se encontró con Pedro, Kathleen, y los niños, que estaban aquí para dejar una bolsa de regalo de cumpleaños llena de amor, una trufa de chocolate Lindor, obra de arte original (dibujada y escrita de forma independiente, verás) de Luke, una trufa de chocolate Lindor, una tarjeta de cumpleaños con notas conmovedoras de Kathleen y Pedro, y una trufa de chocolate Lindor. ¿He mencionado las trufas de chocolate Lindor?

Después de la clase de inglés, insistí en llevar a San Geraldo a almorzar. Le dije que teníamos que probar Joe’s Tacos. Incluso optó por caminar los 15 minutos en lugar de subir al auto. Pero llegamos a Joe’s Tacos y lo encontramos cerrado. Había comprobado las horas y confirmado online. Tal vez yo debería haber telefoneado, pero tal vez él debería tener su información en línea correcta. Uno de nuestros temas favoritos. Nos alejamos murmurando. De camino a Joe’s, habíamos pasado por nuestro restaurante griego favorito, Santorini, así que sugerí que nos detuviéramos allí para almorzar. No habíamos estado en Santorini desde el comienzo de la pandemia. Fue incluso mejor de lo que recordamos. Además, había una porción sorpresa de tarta de queso de cumpleaños.

Oh, sobre el título de hoy:
Adjunto al sobre que contiene la obra de arte de Luke había dos matracas de fiesta. Pedro y Kathleen son muy conscientes de las medidas de seguridad del coronavirus y señalaron en el sobre que los matracas no estaban “soplados”. Al menos creo que la nota se refiere a los matracas.

The sign said GONE SURFING, BACK AT NOON. The sea was as smooth as glass and it was 2:15.
El letrero decía FUI A SURFEAR, DE VUELTA AL MEDIODÍA. El mar estaba liso como el cristal y eran las 14:15.

Click the images if you want to be blown… away.
Haz clic en los imagenes para el factor “wow.”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

28 thoughts on “Unblown / No soplado”

  1. Happy Birthday, SG! Glad the Greek restaurant didn’t disappoint. The meal looked yummy. Flowers were a good touch and the orchid is terrific–amazing color. Sweet notes from the tots.

    1. Mary:
      We love that Luke did the card all on his own. Santorini is always good, and it’s been so long that it tasted even better. And, thanks from SG!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love that the gift bag contained party horns!!!!! And you know, flowers are always a nice pleasure. San Geraldo will have a nice day for his birthday I can tell. Give him a little peck on the cheek from the Mistress would you?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Kathleen and Pedro are really fun and creative when it comes to celebrations. I don’t know if you remember my Van Gogh Experience birthday a couple of years ago and SG’s dishtowel (i.e. do-rag) themed party where they had Jerryisms custom-printed on IKEA dishtowels (like Fuck a Royal Duck). SG enjoyed his day. We’re having a light dinner in about a half hour at 9:15 or so. I’m trying to stay a walk for it. (I had a small beer with lunch. Lightweight!)

  3. The front says ‘Happy Birthday Jerry’… I don’t know if you got that lol. He was excited to give you all of that content! I’m glad it was a nice day! Joe’s tacos sounds interesting!!! I wonder if they deliver.

    1. Kathleen:
      We got everything Luke wrote and loved it! And, yeah, Joe’s Tacos SOUNDS interesting. He’s on his own there and I didn’t see any delivery signs, but I don’t know how quick we’ll be to try again given it being closed when he said it was open. Also, Jerry wasn’t really relaxed about being out for a meal, even though it was very pleasant at Santorini.

  4. Lovely flowers, lovely gifts, lovely lunch! Happy Birthday, SG! And I’m staying away from any wordplay.

    1. Many happy returns to the fine fellow!

      Mitchell – by the way: have you ever made/had espinacas con garbanzos (Andalusian spinach and chickpeas)?

      1. Urspo:
        Espinacas con garbanzos is one of my favorite dishes. It’s rarely found down here in Málaga but we could find everywhere in Sevilla. SG has made it (perfectly), too. There’s a cookbook called The New Spanish Table that has all the recipes we’ve come to love and everyone is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

      2. I just read about it in this months Cooks Illustrated. I’ve not heard of it. The laid it as scrumptious and of course they have the best recipe for it.

  5. Luke’s card to Jerry was very readable and thoughtful! Was the stripey thing (on the card) a monster? As for the other stripy thing – SG rocks that striped shirt; he is not a monster.
    Happy Birthday, Jerry!

    1. Wilma:
      If you look closely at the drawings, you can see that Luke labeled them. The stripey thing is a BUTRFLI. The other is a LION. You should have seen that shirt that Jerry rocked… after lunch! Fortunately, he was chilled and could cover the damages with his sweatshirt. He said it was all snacks for later.

  6. What a great birthday for San Geraldo!!!

    Many, many happy returns and cheers to many more fabulous tales and great meals and wonderful friends!

  7. Wow! The weather must be really warm. First time I’ve seen SG without a parka since last fall. He’s definitely rockin’ the stripped shirt. You still got it man!!!

    1. Susan,
      Around 70 degrees. We did finally get a bit chilled once the sun moved around. He put on his sweatshirt to walk home… and that was good because it covered all the food he spilled on his shirt.


    my spouse was drooling over the grape leaves in the first pix. what a nice birthday package from dear friends, and that opulent orchid!

  9. Happy Birthday to SG, looks like a wonderful day. Sometimes the closed, leads the unexpected pleasure.

    1. David,
      It worked out well. We had a much more substantial meal. And a light dinner at home last night. And we were warmly welcomed back.

  10. What sweet friends you have!
    Are those ‘dolmades’ in the header/first pic? LOVE them. Love Greek food as well.
    Sounds like you two had a good day…..Happy Birthday, SG!

  11. That is a lovely orchid. And the dolmates look just yummy. We haven’t had Greek in ages, and there is a lovely place on King St. in Alex. with a delicious taramasalata.

    1. Wickedhamster,
      We love this place. The owner trained as a chef at an upscale place in London. He’s been here for years with his wife and son. We have never once had a disappointing meal… or even a single disappointing dish.

    1. Steve:
      It DOES look very similar. They’re phalaenopsis, I think, but there are so many variations. Ours has yellow in it as well. I’ve heard our other orchid in the background, also I think phalaenopsis, called Kaleidoscope.

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