A rhino in the fridge / Un rinoceronte en el frigo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

TUESDAY HAS ALREADY COME AROUND again and I’m just finally relating last Tuesday’s conversation with The Kid Brother. This is, of course, the abridged version — the part when we talked about the mail. When I asked if he had received any mail Wednesday through Tuesday, he said, “Lemme go get it.”

He had two postcards. The first was from: “You know who, our friend. M-A-R-Y.” “Oh, another color drawing from Mary?” “That’s right.” “Can you tell what it is?” “A rhinoceros. In good color.” We chatted a bit about that (more at the end of the post) and I then asked about the second postcard.

“Who’s it from?” He spelled, “A-R-I-Z-O-N-A.” “That spells Arizona. That’s the state it was sent from. Is there another name, maybe at the bottom of the card?” “Yeah,” he replied, and he spelled some more, “P-H-O-E-N-I-X.” “That spells Phoenix! Can you find even more names?” “No. But it’s got a lot of nice pictures.” “I know who that’s from. His name is Michael.” “Hey, he’s a new guy! Don’t worry. I’m holding onto them all. You’ll see.”

And now back to the rhinoceros. Knowing The Kid Brother can’t read the fun trivia on the fronts of her cards and the jokes on the backs, Mary sent me a copy. She had no idea what a kick The Kid Brother would get out of it. When I told him a group of rhino were called a crash, he loved it. I then told him the joke on the reverse that Mary had shared with me.

How do you know there is a rhinoceros in your refrigerator?
Because you can’t shut the door!

Mary didn’t know that in the 1960s I had the book “101 Elephant Jokes.” I would entertain The Kid Brother for hours (and now years) with those jokes.

How can you tell if an elephant has been in your fridge?
You can see the footprints in the cheesecake.

I’ll stop now. No need to thank me.


EL MARTES YA HA LLEGADO de nuevo y finalmente estoy relatando la conversación del martes pasado con The Kid Brother. Esta es, por supuesto, la versión abreviada, la parte en la que hablamos sobre el correo. Cuando le pregunté si había recibido algún correo de miércoles a martes, dijo: “Déjame ir a buscarlo”.

Tenía dos postales. El primero fue de “Tú sabes quién, nuestro amigo. MARÍA.” “Oh, ¿otro dibujo a color de Mary?” “Así es.” “¿Puedes decir lo que soy?” “Un rinoceronte. De buen color.” Charlamos un poco sobre eso (más al final del post) y luego pregunté sobre la segunda postal.

¿De quién es?” Él deletreó, “A-R-I-Z-O-N-A.” “Eso deletrea Arizona. Ese es el estado desde el que fue enviado. ¿Hay otro nombre, tal vez en la parte inferior de la tarjeta? ” “Sí,” respondió, y deletreó algo más, “P-H-O-E-N-I-X.” “¡Eso hechiza a Phoenix! ¿Puedes encontrar aún más nombres? ” “No. Pero tiene muchas fotos bonitas.” “Sé de quién es eso. Su nombre es Miguel.” “¡Es un tipo nuevo! No te preocupes. Me aferro a todos ellos. Verás.”

Sabiendo que El Hermanito no puede leer las divertidas trivialidades en el anverso de sus tarjetas y los chistes en el reverso, Mary me envió una copia.

No tenía ni idea de la patada que le sacaría a Kid Brother. Cuando le dije que un grupo de rinocerontes se llamaba choque, le encantó. Luego le conté el chiste del reverso que Mary me había contado.

¿Cómo sabe que hay un rinoceronte en su refrigerador?
¡Porque no puedes cerrar la puerta!

Mary no sabía que en la década de 1960 yo tenía el libro 101 Elephant Jokes” [101 chistes de elefantes]. Entretenía a El Hermanito durante horas (y durante años) con esos chistes.

¿Cómo puede saber si un elefante ha estado en su refrigerador?
Encuentra sus huellas en la tarta de queso.

Me detendré ahora. No tienes que agradecerme.

• Saturday evening. Dudo looks for his bird. Moose just looks.
• Sábado por la tarde. Dudo busca a su pájaro. Moose solo busca.
• Monday evening. Brotherly love.
• Lunes por la tarde. Amor fraterno.
• These three spent dreary Monday on the beach. Then it rained, heavily. They stayed another half hour.
• Estas tres pasaron un lunes lúgubre en la playa. Luego llovió a cántaros. Se quedaron otra media hora.
• The view this morning (without dead and dying tamarinds).
• La vista esta mañana (sin tamarindos muertos y moribundos).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “A rhino in the fridge / Un rinoceronte en el frigo”

    1. J:
      I loved that book. I think The Kid Brother was the only one who appreciated it.

  1. As far as I am concerned, you could tell the elephant joke of the day, everyday.

    1. David:
      So glad you’ve got J for that. SG doesn’t quite appreciate the humour.

  2. This post reminds me of my favourite Marx Brothers joke when Groucho says “This morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How it got in my pyjamas I’ll never know.”

      1. Janie:
        So did I. His voice. In pajamas. With his cigar.

    1. Debra:
      Yep. The Kid Brother laughs at that one, too, although I don’t think he really gets it.

  3. I love the boys cuddled up like that.

    And I heard the elephants footprints were in the butter?

    1. Bob:
      I’ve since heard about the butter, but I’m pretty sure in the book they footprints were in the cheesecake. Something much more artful about that. The boys don’t cuddle as much as they used to. They hang out near each other, but it warms my heart when they curl up together.

  4. So happy to hear the joy your brother gets from the postcards. He must have quite a collection by now.
    Dudo and Moose for the most part enjoy each other’s company, right?

    1. Jim:
      He has a dresser drawerful of his cards and letters. Dudo and Moose love each other and mostly enjoy each other’s company. They also loved to fight and they get jealous of our attention at times.

  5. I do love a good crash of chubby unicorns. Ah, Dudo and Moose, the Hostess Suzy-Qs of the furry world. Yum! I remember the elephant in the refrigerator “joke” from my childhood. I was young, and intelligent (sort of) so I didn’t understand why it was supposed to be funny. Such a somberish child.

    1. Deedles:
      I was young but maybe not as intelligent as I thought. I loved that elephant joke book. It didn’t make me laugh outloud, but it did make me grin.

  6. I am glad to see my postcard arrived safe and sound.
    Do you know the shel silverstein poem ‘Bear in there”? it is one of my favorites. go look it up.

    1. Urpso:
      I do know Bear in There. Much more highbrow than elephant jokes.

    1. Wilma:
      It is so kind of Mary to do all that just to send the cards to Chuck. He loves them. I may include some of my favorite elephant jokes in future. When I’ve told them to SG, he just stares at me blankly.

  7. Where does an elephant like to sit? Anywhere he wants!

    There’s a lovely symmetry in your post today about brothers, best illustrated by the sleeping Gatos: Dudo’s butt is shoved into Moose’s face, yet they both look relaxed as they snooze, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny,
      If you look closely at that mass of cat, you’ll see that Dudo’s butt is actually near the edge of the shelf. That’s his tail hanging off at right. Although, they have slept butt-to-face and haven’t been bothered.

  8. Oh, to be as comfortable as the cats. Then I could sleep anywhere, anytime. I think every child (except Deedles) loved elephant jokes.


    1. Janie:
      Oh, I wish I could sleep like a cat. Deedles is simply too sophisticated.

      1. Sophisticated? Pshaww! I just didn’t get it. I’m embarrassed to admit (but I’m going to, anyway) that it took years for me to understand the door joke. You know, “When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar”. Who says ajar? Wasn’t in my frame of reference. I do have a strong sense of whimsy that goes hand in hand with my dark side. Gary Larson rules!

      2. Deedles:
        I know exactly what you mean. Q: How do you get down from a horse? A: You don’t. You get down from a duck. I had no clue!

  9. Love the rhino card! I feel like I’ve seen that elephant book before, but I’m sure it wasn’t mine. I admire the perseverance of those people on the beach! And the photos of the cats curled up together are adorable.

    1. Steve:
      This set that Mary bought (and then completes) just for The Kid Brother is really wonderful. Wait until you (and he) see the next one. It’s usually not locals when they spend a day on the beach no matter the weather. They probably extended their holiday weekend and said, “We’re here for the beach and we’re going to enjoy it, dammit!”

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