Sweet shaft / Eje dulce

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ALTHOUGH THE RULE FOR BIRTHDAY dinners we host for ourselves is No Gifts, Lulu doesn’t consider Finnish sweets gifts. So, once again, I received a bagful. The first item is a box of Doris (“cocoa biscuits with truffle flavoured filling”). I don’t know exactly what’s meant by “truffle flavoured” but I had no idea Doris could be so irresistable.

Next is a bag of Omar kermatoffee (cream candies). Impossible to eat only one or even two. The flavor is very familiar. San Geraldo remembered Polish Cows as being similar. I had a vague memory of those candies, so I looked them up. The real name is Korovka, which means Little Cow. Polish fudge, semi-soft milk toffee candies. We’ll keep eating Omar until we figure it out for sure. You’re welcome.

The final goodies in my gift bag are two cans of Hartwall Original Long Drink, Gin and Grapefruit. At 5.5 percent alcohol, I might be able to handle one after dinner tonight. So that covers the sweets (and booze, too).

As for the shaft, check out what I saw from the terrace yesterday. I don’t know what the guy was doing but he looked like he was having fun. Dudo thinks it’s time for me to grow up.


AUNQUE LA REGLA PARA LAS cenas de cumpleaños que organizamos para nosotros es Sin regalos, Lulu no considera regalos de dulces finlandeses. Entonces, una vez más, recibí una bolsa llena. El primer artículo es una caja de Doris (“galletas de cacao con relleno de sabor a trufa”). No sé exactamente qué se quiere decir con “sabor a trufa”, pero no tenía idea de que Doris pudiera ser tan irresistible.

Lo siguiente es una bolsa de Kermatoffee (caramelos de crema). Imposible comer solo uno o incluso dos. El sabor es muy familiar. San Geraldo recordaba que las vacas polacas eran similares. Tenía un vago recuerdo de esos dulces, así que los busqué. El nombre real es Korovka, que significa Little Cow. Dulce de azúcar polaco, caramelos de toffee de leche semiblando. Seguiremos probándolos hasta que lo averigüemos con certeza. Eres bienvenido.

Las delicias sabrosas finales en mi bolsa de regalo son dos latas de Hartwall Original Long Drink [Trago Largo Original], Gin y Grapefruit [toronja]. Con un 5,5 por ciento de alcohol, podría soportar uno esta noche después de la cena. Eso cubre los dulces (y el alcohol también).

En cuanto al eje, mira lo que vi ayer desde la terraza. No sé qué estaba haciendo el tipo, pero parecía que se estaba divirtiendo. Dudo (el gato) cree que es hora de que crezca yo.

• Last night, looking south around sunset.
• Anoche, mirando hacia el sur al atardecer.
• He also pounded it, which seemed to help.
• Él también lo golpeó, lo que pareció ayudar.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Sweet shaft / Eje dulce”

  1. LOL — what the heck IS that guy doing?! Those canned beverages look and sound kind of interesting…tell us how they taste!

    1. Steve:
      Will keep you posted on the gin and grapefruit. I have NO clue what that guy was doing.

    1. Willym:
      Yes, I’m proud that I too always overcome my juvenile instincts. That’s why I didn’t make a GIF of my photos although I really wanted to.

    1. Jennifer:
      My first thought was fishing rod, but it definitely wasn’t. I have no idea. Still, he WAS flicking his rod.

    1. Debra:
      Not my type (although I don’t have a type) but I wish I knew what it was he was playing with.

    1. Bob:
      I fall in love every time I look at Dudo’s face. I wish I knew what kind of rod that was.

  2. It would be one thing if the guy was getting ready to go fly fishing in Idaho…but looks like he might be using that shaft for something else. What…well, I won’t speculate. Plenty of others on here will step up to that plate. 🙂

    Yum…creamy toffees. When I go to London, I always buy a small bag of toffees. I resist them stateside.

    1. Mary:
      Yep, English toffee! Finnish is good, too, and we simply can’t eat just one.

      I couldn’t figure out WHAT that extension pole was.

  3. Testing the wifi coverage with his new antenna?

    And I’ve never been a Playboy Bunny, met Hef or been a performance artist of any kind on stage (sorry, Maddie!). Interesting guess though, Mitchell, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of. Although I don’t know how useful a huge metal antenna with a rubber tip would be. And until you tell us the truth, we just might have to create a completely imaginary back-story for you.

  4. Never grow up, we don’t stop having fun because we get old, we get old because we stop having fun.

    1. David:
      I don’t think at this point there’s much risk of my ever completely growing up. Even Chuck rolls his eyes at me.

    1. Urspo:
      The question of the century (well, my century so far). I have tried explaining smart ass to Spanish friends (who are smart asses) and we couldn’t find the word. But after years here, I THINK the word that would be used is sabelotodo.

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